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Larry Fitzgerald to the Pro Bowl, while Dez Bryant sits home


I have lost all respect for this process Larry Fitz: 71 rec 798 yd 4 td Dez Bryant: 92 rec 1382 yd 12 td yeah...


Notes from MNF +53 man projection

Our NFL season is approaching rapidly and that means that some tough decisions will be made by JG and our coaching staff. I'm here to give my take, I personally live for the preseason... watching...

Martellus Bennett... 13th best tight end in the league?


yes you read right this "professional scout" labeled (former) cowboy Martellus Bennett as the 13th best tight end in the entire NFL, ahead of the likes of jermaine gresham, jermichael finley, brent celek, owen daniels, and fred davis among others. I know this is bleacher report and that is the least credible site on the web for sports but this just made my day thought id share. They did have Witten 3rd behind graham and Gronk which i think is pretty spot on


Meet Your 2012 Dallas Cowboys Draft Prospects!!!

Bored, sick, not much explanation needed. Personal scouting reports of these potential future Dallas Cowboys.


Fixing our team through free agency

Mock drafts seem to be all the rage around here now that our season is over, but free agency can be just as important to a teams success as the draft. Obviously things need to change around here...


Well... what did you expect

I am not happy by any means right now after watching that pathetic game full of missed opportunities and miserable play by a couple specific players, but honestly coming off a 6-10 season with a...

Cowboys put in claim for Kyle Orton


looks like it was too keep him away from the Bears but it doesnt really matter as he goes to the Chiefs which does not concern us one bit



For those of you who are frequent visitors of like myself you are probably aware of Matthew Berry's 10 lists of 10 series. I've always liked this idea and I have been itching to write a...


Who's up and who's down after Vikings game + 53 man projection PART 3

This will be my third attempt at projecting our final 53 man roster that will be decided on September 3rd. I have done one after every preseason game and will also look at who hurt and helped their...


Who's up and who's down + 53 man projection PART 2

Last week after our first preaseason game against the Broncos I wrote a piece on who I think should make the 53 man roster and who helped and hurt their case after the game and it could be seen h...


Who's up and who's down after last night, PLUS 53 man roster projection... Also Brian Waters PLEASE

Everyone else is doing it... why not me? I have had some problems with some of the projections I've been seeing and I wanted to do a roster projection of my own to share my opinions. For my 90 man...

Cowboys to attend Pryor's pro day


We have the 9th pick in the supplemental draft so it is unlikely we get him but i dont get it anyway. No need at QB and doesnt seem like a RKG. Thoughts?

Dashon Goldson open to the Boys?


With the 49ers signing former vikings safety Madieu Williams, they apparently are no longer interested in bringing back safety Dashon Goldson. Also on his twitter page, when he was asked "How you feel about playing in Dallas? Think of all the picks you can get behind DWare and Rob's scheme! Big fan of yours haha" Goldson responded "wudnt mind at all" I dont know bout anyone else but id be happy to have this kid as our free safety, especially with the play of AOA in camp.

Abram Elam... cowboy by tomorrow?


"@JOCPRPro Just hung up with Rob Ryan he spoke about how good @terencenewman1 and the defense is and can be.. I told him well #CTMFC#" sounds like ryans pushing hard for him... if anybody can tell me what CTMFC means this would be a lot clearer


Our roster after FA comes and goes + Look back on the draft

So obviously this post is assuming (hoping) this lockout mess is all cleaned up and there will be a free agency. Now before we know what positions we will need to target through FA we will have to...


My Madden Experiment

So, I was bored earlier and I decided to try something out. I'll sim through a Madden '11 season and get to the offseason controlling my beloved Cowboys, then ill try to turn them into a contender...


Under the Radar Free Agents We Should Be Targeting + MOCK DRAFT!!!

After our disappointing 6-10 2010 season, Jerry is gonna have to be very crafty to compete for a chance to go to Indy next season (cross your fingers that there is a next season). Sure we have...


Mock Draft based off other SB Nation sites

I have been looking through all the SB sites of the teams that pick before us and now have compiled a mock draft from what I saw.


How the Boys can land Prince

Ok, so like many Cowboys fans my dream draft scenario lands us Prince Amukamara, cornerback out of Nebraska. While I do think there might not be a great chance of him falling to 9th (maybe 40/60 at...


My 2011 Cowboys Roster (hopeful but still realistic)

I will lay out my 2011 Cowboys 53 man roster, including draft picks, FA signings, trades, etc. I will give a little explanation on all new additions and departures so here we go. My first post, so...

Is Tony Romo Trade Bait for Dallas Cowboys


i found this funny, skip to number 1, does anyone agree with this because i sure dont....

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