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Is the NFL fixed for profit? You decide


Ran across this article which tries to explain why the NFL is rigged for profit. As a long time 49er fan my first thought was how it was incredibly hard to fix a sport as popular as the NFL, but once I started reading I couldn’t stop. I fanshot this for one reason, in said piece they mention how the niners are somehow part of this rigging. According to this guy, the niners were somehow given support from the league so they could build the new stadium thus having a great season and even protesting that on MNF supposedly purposely turning off the lights. I’m sure this will have many different opinions but let’s just try and keep it civilized. P.S This is obviously not from a Professional writer, rather a project and research of someone who spent a lot of time researching all this. Please do not complain about the credibility as it is just meant so everyone can see the information that was researched.


Who is the Niners MVP so far?

Hello fellow 49er fans, today i bring an intresting question that i think will have alot of different opinions. After spending almost an hour arguing over at ESPN´s website after Mike Sando...

Upset Special? Adam Schefter predicts Niners loss


Adam Schefter predicts Niners ending their streak against the Redskins. I personally think its gonna be the Chargers over Green Bay this week.

Alex Smith #4 QB on Kurt Warner´s Top 5 Qbs


Alex smith getting more love from NFL Network, or better yet from Kurt Warner.

Goldson Back


One year deal worth 2 mil.

Vernon Davis on Alex Smith


I think we all knew this already but this time might really be his last time.


V.Davis Welcomes back Alex, tips hat off to troy (saying goodbye?)

After speculation that Alex Smith might become the starter days before we know the real outcome. It seems like Vernon Davis already knows who the starter is going to be this sunday. Davis said in a...


NFL making fun of NFC West??

Im not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet, but did you guys know that the NFC west has its four teams in the bottom five list of easiest nfl schedules? What do you guys think of this? It...


Is this his breakout year?? (its not who you think)

While theres been a lot of talk about safety taylor mays and the safety position in general. A lot of us fans have been  focusing the majority of the attention on rookie sensation taylor mays and...

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