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Seattle Offside writer, Sounders supporter, general hool.

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Welcome and farewell!

This is a bittersweet moment. Bitter because I've enjoyed occupying this space and time, sweet because I know that I am handing off the blog to good people. From here on out I am putting down the...

Looking for new owners

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Season's Preview

OK, gosh, I get it. I know, I'm horrible. Yeesh, quit it already. So I haven't been entirely present during the offseason. I know, I've been busy. And yeah, there has been quite a bit going on in...

Why I'm Not Watching This Year's Draft (Sigi, the Barber of Seattle)

Besides the fact that I've been absent most of the this offseason, I haven't really been that eager to follow all of this year's SuperDraft hubbub. The way I see it is like this: there are two...

Exciting moves ahead...

Hey all, I am not dead! I repeat, I am alive (from another holiday season, no less). I've just been very busy. Well, not busy, preoccupied I guess. I just like to pretend like I'm busy doing...

End of the Season Reflection

Sadly, I've been incredibly busy in the last 1/3 of the season, and I haven't been able to share as much as I'd have liked on certain parts. But, with the end of the 2010/2011 season, some...

Kasey Keller Day

Four World Cups. England, Spain, Germany, and now MLS. He's received Player of the Year awards at nearly every single club he's every played at. Millwall, Leicester, Tottenham, Southampton,...


That is all.

Sounders Cohesive and Clinical 3-0 Over United

This was very much a perfect win. Three goals and three points on a rainy Saturday night over DC United helped cement the playoff position of the Sounders. Everyone on the team pulled their shift,...

Seattle Remembers Electron Boy

I'd like to dedicate this spot to Erik Martin, or whom some of you may remember as Electron Boy. Erik Martin was only 14 when he passed earlier today from health problems and an untreatable...

Re-birth: DC United and the OBW we should have signed

The Stanky Leg was born in Seattle, when Charlie Davies and a young US team played in the Gold Cup in what was then called Qwest Field. It's been over 2 years since that goal, and in that time...

Tico Tico: Herediano CCL

The team is in Costa Rica now in preparation for the CONCACAF Champions League to face Herediano, the old club of Leonardo Gonzalez. Not much to tell you about them, other than they are typically...

All of my hate

Only in American soccer. Better yet, only in MLS. No, screw it. I'm going big. Only with the Seattle Sounders can you witness the single greatest performance ever presented and the single worst...


In case you haven't already seen this, it turns out that this craigslist ad that appeared in Portland was actually real. Yup, the Timbers Army have been known to do this before, where they once...

Boom, peep it.

Thanks SKC, for being the best thing to happen to the Seattle Sounders, ever. We are now so close, we can almost taste it.

Enjoy your weekend off

It is Labor Day weekend, and the Sounders have a bye week. Going a weekend without a game is a rarity for this team, but it for once it allows us to sit back and watch. Namely, the league leaders...

Cup Bound 1-0

Freddy Montero and the Sounders curled their way into their third successive US Open Cup Final. It was a closely fought match, but Freddy Montero's beautiful left-footed curler was enough to...

Lazy Monday Preview: My Cup Runneth Over

Monday previews are the best kind, especially when I lazily post M to the G's scouting report. Yup, the Sounders face off in the long-awaited 'Defend the Cup' semi-final fixture against a familiar...

We're so good, it's freakin insane!

After waiting 12 hours, I thought my initial reaction to today's 6-2 win would've changed. At least been slightly subdued as the euphoria wears away. But, nope. It's still just as freaking epic as...

Sounders Sign Sammy Ochoa

Interesting moves by the FO today as they traded up the allocation pecking order to secure the signature of Sammy Ochoa. Prost Amerika has a match report of the one reserve game he featured in for...

The world is slowly flipping upside down

The Sounders waltzed into Monterrey like it was nobody's business, and moonwalked back out with a 1-0 WTF win. Pat Noonan and Nate Jaqua started, Terry Boss recorded a clean sheet, and MLS is now...

Second in the League

Smiles all around. :)

Time Expires, Political Cloud Hangs Over Century Link

You'd think with my attempt to add some drama to today's transfer deadline by putting up a countdown clock that the nation was at risk of defaulting again, or that the not-so-immediate debt crisis...

Transfer Deadline Day

And just cause, if I could choose who we should sign right this moment, this is who I would pick.

Sounders fail to win 2-0, outlook bleak

The headline should have read "Sounders overtake Dallas and move closer in fight for Supporter's Shield". My head is so full of frustration and rage right now. How many times can you possibly just...

Don't Force It

Depending on how prone you are to anxiety attacks or paranoia, right now is either an insane moment or a reassuring one. The Big Boss came out and said this today, via the Times. "We’re working...

Osvaldo Rosales

And Mauro Alonso. Fantastic discovery, I'd say.

Awkward Mid-to-late Season Progress Report

Beep Brrp Beep Brrp. Oh that noise would be the time machine I just stepped out of. It's cooling down. While you all were enjoying the sun, hydroplanes, and Blue Angels of Seafair, I was going...

Dear fans of SKC

Dear fans of Sporting Kansas City, The #ChurchofFucito's newly invested Regent Arch Bishop of Cascadia and Duke of the Lower Lands of Tacoma Lamar Neagle would like to have a word with you. S...

What a Goal, What a Win

Skip over to to the 5:27 mark, and behold true beauty. Just look at that footwork by Mauro Rosales. Sporting Kansas City's streak ended by the foot of Lamar Neagle, but it was Mauro Rosales who...

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