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Notes From My Lying Eyes

I was the recipient of sf drift king's generosity which allowed me to attend my third A's game of the year, so part of this post is to thank him.  Like every other game that I've been to in person...


Thoughts on the Holliday Trades and Baseball Markets

Over at Athletics Nation I had been doing the Possible Trade Partners series leading up to the A's trade of Matt Holliday and I originally posted this piece there, though I thought it would be of...


Concrete Trade Acquisitions: Thoughts on the Holliday Trades and Baseball Markets

Wait the A's traded who?  Since I have been doing the Possible Trade Partners series I thought I would weigh in on the Matt Holliday trade in a little bit longer form than just a comment in one of...


Possible Trade Prospects: Minnesota Twins

The Twinkies are my second favorite team as they have similar circumstances as the A's but chose a completely different way of running their team.  Though, the A's seem like their are constantly...


Possible Trade Assets: Andrew Bailey

I wanted to take a break from looking at the teams we could trade with (Seattle is coming up next) since I was running out of good fits and start looking at some assets we could trade to possibly...


Breaking News: The Braves Aren't Idiots

In breaking news, the Braves deny looking deal Escobar for Holliday and OCab.  From Dan O'Brien at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The Escobar rumor: While the Braves have made it known they are...


Possible Trade Partners: Reds

  This is the fourth in what OptimistPrime once called a "robusty" series on the possible trade partners for our hometown nine.  Before I go any farther I need to thank grover, who graciously...


Possible Trade Partners: Giants

The Giants suck.  I just had to get that out of the way, you know as a matter of procedure.  Now on to the fact that they are 42 and 35 in a good position to make the playoffs this year as, despite...


Possible Trade Partners: St. Louis Cardinals

This is the second in what hopefully be a robust series of fanposts on potential trade partners as the deadline approaches.  The St. Louis Cardinals currently lead the NL central by two games with...


Possible Trade Partners: Mets

This is the first in what hopefully is a series of looks into possible trade partners to asses what trade chips they have and their value.  The New York Metropolitans are 34 and 32 just two games...


Lets Play What If? Trade/3b Edition

In Nico's post about great 3b non-moves, after his best PT impersonation, grover issued this challenge: LCJ is done. Anyone else want to give it a try? The challenge was related to this general...


Donavan Tate, The Oakland A's, and Pick Number 13

Grover (I hope I capitalized correctly at the beginning of a sentence) wrote a great draft post but my comment was getting way way too long so I thought I would move it to its own post.


Josh Outman for the Rotation

With the disappointing news the Duke is going to going under the knife, the rotation has an additional spot open for longer than was anticipated with Duke seemingly on the mend before this week. ...



Since the season has ended I have absolutely nothing to do (if you don't count my thesis) and I have decided to find out more about minor league systems.  Unfortunately, as a college kid I don't...

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