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My dad asked an interesting question ...

I figure the good folks at AN are the smartest fans around and the best place to seek an answer to a question like this. A quick google search did not return any results, so hopefully someone here...


This is the UFC's fault plain and simple ... and Dana What is an unprofessional joke

It is the UFC's responsibility to put together their events. It is Jon Jones' responsibility to 1.) look out for himself; and 2.) fulfill the obligations of his contract. It is not his...


If you really really need to -- Implications of the Crash on the Standings

I don't have anything to say about this ... I just suspect that others might ... and think it's better to have a dedicated thread for discussion of the baseball implications of the Adenhart crash,...

Staturday: Monday Free Agent Edition


What does UZR tell us about the free agents to be for our beloved Oakland A's?


All-Time Greatest MLB Position Players, #7

#7 Lou Gehrig As this series returns from far too long of a vacation, I have to start with this statement: If you have not seen The Pride of the Yankees, you are not a baseball fan. Please leave...

Staturday: Street Signs -- UPDATED!!


Two of the more interesting stories for our beleaguered team this year are closer Huston Street and setup man and AN author Brad Ziegler. Having read the title (and not being an Angels fan), you...


Most Knowledgeable Fan Contest

Okay, so there's no actual contest ... but I need some help on A's knowledge. I'm planning a future Staturday column assessing BB's overall success or failure in trading. I still need some...

Staturday: Jack & Ichiro: Still Two of a Kind?


Back in March I commented on the similarity between the way Ichiro Suzuki and Jack Cust produce very, very dissimilar results. Ichiro has confounded PECOTA for years because he is a truly unique...

Staturday: Pitch, Blease: The Final Pitch


I present to you the fourth and final installment of Pitch, Blease. We have looked at the wide variety of pitches thrown in the majors as identified and described using PitchFX data. To this point,...

Staturday: Draft Edition


Some readers of this site may have noticed that there has been quite a lot of activity surrounding a recent event, the 2008 Major League Rule 4 Draft. Although it is not typically accompanied with...


To Season Ticket Holders ... A Request ...

Hello deal target audience. My parents are celebrating their 28th anniversary this 27th of July and my dad wants to take my mom to the game for it. He was looking on the website, though and,...

Staturday: Pitch, Blease: Curve Balls, Sliders and Changeups


“Christ, you don't need a quadrophonic Blaupunkt! What you need is a curveball! In the show, everyone can hit heat.” –Crash DavisIn the last appearance of Pitch, Blease, we saw that the...


(Over)Reactions: Jack Cust is Back! So is BoCro! and Kenny Williams Swindled Billy Beane {no exclamation mark}

Jack Cust is back. After today’s game, Jack Cust is riding a seven game hit streak over which he has posted a .458 Avg, .552 OBP and .791 Slg, good for a 1.343 OPS. What’s more, over those seven...

Staturday: Pitch, Blease: Fastballs and Cutters ... Mostly Fastballs, though ...


  We all love fastballs. It is the pitch we drool over – we are always excited to watch the pitchers who crank up the heat, who bring the mustard, throw cheese, gas and/or smoke or who fire BBs,...

Staturday: Pitch, Blease: A Multi-Volume Profile on Pitches and the Pitchers who Throw Them


Introduction So in the ever-expanding mass of information available to we baseball fans, one of the newer tools available is PitchFX data – data on the speed and break of pitches thrown – data...

Staturday: Jack & Ichiro: Two of a Kind


  Two of a kind, for your information, we're two of a kind Two of a kind, it's my observation, we're two of a kind Like peas in a pod And birds of a feather Alone or together, you'll find ...

Staturday: What will be, What w/could have been, and What the heck happened? PT was right!


STOP READING – SPOILER ALERT! This column will project the upcoming season with such frightening precision that playing the games will be little more than a novelty. The only reason to attend a...


All-Time Greatest MLB Position Players, #8

#8 Hank Aaron For several decades Hank Aaron led off the Major League Baseball encyclopedia with the rare Aa. In 2004 Hank Aaron's place atop the encyclopedia was supplanted by David Aardsma. I...

Staturday: And Then There Were Three ...


Blez seems to find himself scraping the bottom of the barrel, but here I am, front and center. I have neither song to sing nor any stories of alien invaders, bent on imposing rationality on the...


Overall Prospect Rankings

Just a quick GPA of the 24 teams for whom Sickels has released his top 20. A 4 B 3 C 2 +/- = .33 (ie A- = 3.67, B+ = 3.33) 1    Rays    2.93 2    Rangers    2.80 3    Red Sox    2.78 4    A's   ...


All-Time Greatest MLB Position Players, #9

#9 Rogers Hornsby Unlike many of the players on this list, Rogers Hornsby did not start his career on the fast track to stardom. In fact, his big league career almost never got started. His...


Time for Another Top 10 -- All-Time Greatest MLB Position Players, #10

#10 Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle, born during the heart of the Great Depression was named for one of baseball's most popular players in a difficult time -- the A's great catcher, Gordon Cochran....


Kenny Lofton -- Hall of Famer?

His stats are impressive: 2,428 hits, 101st all-time 622 stolen bases, 15th 1,528 runs, 54th 4 Gold Gloves 11 trips to the playoffs 6 All-Star selections, 4 as a starter But they aren't quite good...


Projecting Runs and Beating Expectations

Sparked by the discussions in bringbackymiggy's recent diary I decided to looking into projecting runs and then trying to determine trends between the teams that beat the formula or fail to live up...


2008 Oakland Athletics ... stay on the ledge

Fear not, AN. It's looking bleak ... but our trip to rock bottom should result in a quick bounce back. Projections are based on a combination of 2007 PECOTA projections and YTD numbers unless...


Jack Cust, going forward ...

So Mike Piazza is likely out for several more weeks -- but when he comes back, we may have a difficult decision to make. What do we do with Jack Cust when it happens? He cannot really play any...


A little help?

Hey guys, my organization is having its website redone. The designer asked me to come up with some examples of good websites to help get them started. I've got a couple ... but I just don't know...


Not looking ahead, but ...

I need a rooting interest in the Utah/Houston game ... I'm not looking ahead or taking anything for granted, but that game is very likely going to be played and I am very likely going to watch it...


DLD 2/27 I have a link to dump ...

Will Carroll, although much criticized around these parts when it turned out that his reports on Rich Harden's death (impending TJ surgery) were greatly exagerated, released the latest in his...


Fan Fest, Baby!!!!!!

Feel free to use this as an all-purpose Fan Fest thread. I'm going to Fan Fest on Saturday and plan on having a great time ... yada yada yada ... it was awesome last year ... yada yada yada ......

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