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I'm Dave. And I live in Denver.

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Ozzie at the Chophouse on Saturday before the Rockies game


Loooong time lurker here. I hope this is appropriate as a FanShot; surely someone will tell me if it is not. I don't know how much overlap there is between readers here and SABR, but the Rocky Mountain Chapter is having a little fundraiser this Saturday at the Chophouse at lunch time. And the speaker is the Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen. It's a $20 entry fee. Lunch is extra and optional. No need to be a SABR member. There's also a note in the above link concerning RM SABR's annual November banquet. Last year's speakers were John Thorn and Rob Neyer. This year it will be Maury Wills and Roland Hemond. Let me know if you have any questions.

Last out and celebration in the Midwest


Nice finish to the season by Soto. And I think Preston Guilmet was in the wrong league.

Indians Claim Some Guy Named Huffman


The Scranton Times-Tribune is going to be pissed. The Yanks claimed him from the Padres at the start of the season. B-Ref page.

Scranton says AAA Playoffs Are a Joke


Because of Jason Kipnis, of course: "Two quick questions before we go any further: Have you ever heard of Jason Kipnis? And if not, don't you find that a bit odd, considering the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees played these Columbus Clippers last week? Four times! In the playoffs!"


2011 Tribe Patches

 Note: This should be a fanshot, or a comment.  Or a even gamethread comment. The probability of the Cleveland Indians winning the World Series in 2011 is less than 80%.  But I still think we'll...

"Our trainer (Jeff Desjardins) thought he was a little dehydrated," Sarbaugh said Wednesday...


"Our trainer (Jeff Desjardins) thought he was a little dehydrated," Sarbaugh said Wednesday morning. "Carlos might have been a little worried about it because he thought it could be serious, but hopefully, right now it seems like it's not."

BA Prospect Blog This following a start by Carrasco "[t]hat was the best he's thrown really all year," according to Ross Apkins.

Best Batting Practice: Lonnie Chisenhall, 3b, Indians With a quick, compact stroke, Chisenhall has...


Best Batting Practice: Lonnie Chisenhall, 3b, Indians With a quick, compact stroke, Chisenhall has one of the best pure swings in the minors. It wasn't a big surprise that he showed an efficient swing in BP and good plate discipline during the game, but one question scouts have had is how much power Chisenhall will have. So while Mike Moustakas (Royals) and Brown crushing balls over the fence in BP wasn't much of a shock, it was more surprising to see Chisenhall doing the same while generating excellent loft and backspin on several balls.

Ben Badler and John Manuel at BA from the Futures Game (free content)

Tracking the attrition

Following the Indians' minor league hitters this year has been fun.  The pitchers have been less fun.  We all know that this is an exercise in attrition, but it would be nice if at least one arm or...


Summer of No ESPN

I realized last night that I no longer need ESPN in my life.   I'm done with it, certainly for the near future. I get better, more specific baseball coverage from MLB, both online and on tv.  The...

Scouting Notes on Kinston-Wilmington


From Frankie Piliere The good (Kipnis): "Kipnis sprays lines drives to all fields, and proved he could turn around plus fastballs from left-handed pitchers like Mike Montgomery and Chris Dwyer. You don't get much better tests at the minor league level for lefty on lefty matchups and Kipnis was more than up to the task. " The not-so-good (White): "The velocity ranged anywhere from 87-93 mph in his Thursday night outing, but he mostly lived around 88-90 mph. That is not the Alex White that was drafted 15th overall in last year's draft. Velocity was not the only issue for White, however. He struggled mightily with his command, and actually his lack of command and velocity go hand in hand. They both stem from a constant struggle with his mechanics."

It's the last friday afternoon before the season starts, so I'm bringing this back, in honor of...


It's the last friday afternoon before the season starts, so I'm bringing this back, in honor of Jake. Translation wanted. Full size here.

Manny Acta as seen from DC


Washington Post Article on Acta: "Manny Acta embraces fresh start as Cleveland Indians manager" Briefly, they love his upbeat attitude, but some questioned his unwillingness to challenge the umps. Includes quotes from Ryan Zimmerman on the latter issue, and this one from team president Stan Kasten: "I had that conversation with him," Kasten said. "But I think he was just doing what he thought was appropriate. He wasn't opposed to going out there. It wasn't stubbornness or laziness. He has considered how to conduct himself and concluded this is the best way. . . .

LGFT Only Wire Report


Matt Whitney is only 26. I had no idea. I'd also like to know what Corey Smith is doing these days.

Breaking Down the Rotation


The link above is to Ocker's article, where he at least goes through the candidates one by one (as compared with Ingraham's sad-sack article on the same). But I'm not interested in discussing Ocker; I'd rather talk about the team. Here's how I see the order as of today. Note: I don't care about the actual order that they roll out, nor do a care about the label of "a #2 starters," but this is a ranking of how firm each guy's place in the rotation, assuming they are healthy. I'm putting in the ERAs projected by CHONE and then PECOTA (playing time adjusted). (If we think that's too much from BP, I'll take it out) These are the big 6 candidates for our rotation (Why 6? Someone will be hurt in spring training): 1. Westbrook [4.38/5.00] 2. Masterson [4.36/4.20] 3. Carmona [4.72/4.99] 4. Laffey [4.68/5.34] 5. Talbot [5.25/5.13] 6. Huff [4.87/4.96] These are the Near Future Kids: - Rondon [5.14/4.54] - Carrasco [5.26/4.85] These are the Outsiders, with bullpen potential - Pino - Ambriz [5.19/] This guy is lost in the wilderness somewhere - SLewis [4.78/4.62] These guys (ok, 2 of them) will be knocking on the door at this time next year - Hagadone - Putnam - Gomez -Barnes We're still paying this guy - Reyes [5.00/4.94] Your #3 starter for the Norfolk Tides - Sowers [5.02/5.02]


Early Weekend 6-pack (6/11/09)

  Adam's in Georgia.  What are you going to do?     1.  Where does DeRo go?  When Droobs went down (it’s ok, I can talk about it now), I thought we’d see a regular diet of Jhonny at SS and DeRosa...

Crowe on DL


Chicken Dance confirms a "left intercostal muscle strain." Crowe continues to be a crazy yo-yo story. Even casual Indians fans know who he is, but he's become a kind of running joke as well. There have been plenty of times where he has been absolutely awful ("Ah! Second base!!"), plenty of times when he has been hurt, and yet he still gets spring training ABs with the big club. At the time of his injury, he had worked his OPS up to (a batting average inflated) .921. If he had enough bats to qualify, that would make him a top 10 hitter in the Eastern League. However, Chris Gimenez is not impressed. He's 24, a year younger than Gimenez (although I'll ask APV to check this). And has 26 BBs to 26 Ks. Everything about this screams oft-injured spare outfielder, so hooray. Weglarz is different - he's a potential impact player. Crowe is the name that just won't go away. Also, Lofgren is back, and something about LaPorta. I had a whiny intro paragraph about how everything continues to go wrong, but I deleted it.

College World Series


I count four draftees on display in Omaha: Cord Phelps, 2b, Stanford Tim Fedroff, of, UNC Adam Warren, rhp, UNC Matt Longwell, rhp, Rice I thought about doing a bracket challenge, except that it would be ridiculous. And as we all guessed, Candlebox will be performing. Did you know that they have a "Best of.." cd? Anyone?


Indians at Coors - Anyone going?

This should be a fanshot.  Actually, I have no idea.  It's not a quote, or link, or video, or photo. The Indians are coming to Colorado next week, 8 months too late.  I think Adam and I are going...

Yawn, stretch, early Akron gamethread (Therapy)


The Cleveland Indians are the worst team in baseball, over the last 5 games anyway. At times like this, I occasionally pretend baseball doesn't exist. Other times I look for anything positive from the minors. And other times I write bizarre, spectacular, violent, delicious clip art poetry. (Actually, I don't do that.) Anyway, I will be trying to follow the Akron game, and putting meaningless observations here. It is Lofgren after all, and we really need our system to produce some freakin' starting pitching. And hey, Hodges is there. But probably no Borowski. Also! If Lofgren is too old and damaged for you, Chris Archer is also pitching early today. Audio available for both games. And by early, I mean very very early. Why don't these games start at 1:05?



For the record, we're taking these guys down.

Lefties in Altoona


Lofgren and Huff Double Header Today, starting at 5 et.

Wednesday AM Kinston gamethread


Kinston playing at noon e.t. I love these day games. There is free audio, but I can't listen today. Anybody around? Mills-Goedert-WEGLARZ-Rivero. Goedert read Jay's recent comments, and offered up a double, HR, and BB yesterday. It's a start.

Weglarz power outage


Weglarz steps to the plate in Kinston. Power surge causes electrical failure in entire city. Game suspended. We don't need to make up stories for this guy.

Directv Extra Innings schedule is up.


But no listing for the HD games yet. Although it could be worse, .Comcast may not be showing any HD games with their Extra Innings package. One extra note for Blackberry users - you've got to download the free little Indians application button. MLBAM is still a year ahead of the other leagues in delivering content. Oh yeah, and here's the strikethrough.


AFL games on-line

MLB is broadcasting some of the Arizona Fall League games, including the Surprise Rafters today and tomorrow.  So, if you're really wondering what Brad Snyder or Michael Aubrey are up to these...

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