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Might as well have fun with it. Post your anti-Chud Norris Mike Lombardi facts here. I'll post some that my buddy and I came up with for starters. Feel free to rec if this takes off. :)...


ask Dawgs by Nature- part 2

since the first "know your enemy" is pushing 900 comments, I decided to make a part two.   so afar, so fun. a lot of off-topic hilarity. (including breasts, Cortland Finnegan and redheads)   h...

Know Thy Enemy: Ask Battle Red


here's the link to the "ask DBN" at the Texan's blog. go Browns.


know your enemy: ask Dawgs by Nature

Hey guys. Larry from DBN here. 1. Nice cheerleaders. 2. Browns vs. Texans. Fire away any questions you have. (quick summary: our D is legit, our offense....isn't.) 3. You will probably want to...

Decent Ticket to Ravens Game


Don't know if this is frowned upon or not, but I've got a pretty decent ticket for the Ravens' game up on Stubhub. Just figured I'd give you DBN'ers first shot at it. (Section 146...behind visitors end zone, row 2... asking $65)

Know thy enemy- ask DBN


hey guys, I made this over at FieldGulls. Let's see if we can have some good banter with a team who has fans that aren't complete tools. :)


Know your enemy- Ask Dawgs By Nature

   Hey guys! Looking forward to an...interesting game on Sunday. Two 2-3 teams duking it out, so ideally someone will come out with a .500 record.   Our teams has some interesting injury...

Another Reason Josh Cribbs is the Man


Cribbs was on ESPN's First Take on Thursday. He's using his twitter account to help a family raise funds to cover expenses for their son's funeral.

2012 Draft--- what happens?


i asked this in a couple threads, but i am genuninely curious. let's say the 2011 draft occurs, then there's a lockout. Has any one heard how the 2012 draft would function? How would they determine the draft order? Would Carolina get the #1 pick in back-to-back years? this just seems to pose some interesting scenarios. Wondering if there is any precedent to this, or if anyone has any insight.

Joe Thomas on the Halftime Show


"Good ass halftime show. I love the peas!" – Text Sunday evening from Browns tackle Joe Thomas(notes), with a dissenting view. Just found this humorous.

True Brown's Fan Wisdom


A bit of a shameless self-plug, but I had an excellent Browns conversation with my five-month-old son today. Video is ridiculously cute. Just wanted to share. :)

Vote for Haden~!


Joe Haden is nominated for Pepsi Rookie of the Year on NFL.com let's flood the voting and accomplish something.

two new additions


we've got two new additions: Clifton Smith at KR and Eric King at CB.

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