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2011 NBA Draft: With the 10th Pick, the Milwaukee Bucks select Jimmer Fredette


Looks like Jan Vesely isn't the only pick in the draft that is good with the ladies...

2011 NBA Draft: With 8th Pick, the Detroit Pistons take Brandon Knight


The end of Rodney Stuckey's tenure with the Pistons?

2011 NBA Draft: With the 6th Pick, the Washington Wizards Pick Jan Vesely


Is it me or does Vesely look like the guy who played Mark Zuckerberg in Social Network?

2011 NBA Draft: With The 4th Pick Of The NBA Draft, The Cleveland Cavaliers Draft Tristan Thompson


From this picture, he kind of looks like Anthony Randolph....Uh Oh...

Antawn Jamison, Nate Robinson, Landry Fields - What Exactly Was the Warriors Strategy [SB Nation Bay Area]


Some initial thoughts on the Warriors trade deadline non-maneuvers and why this is why the world cares more about Hungarian women's water polo teams taking steroids than our sexy backcourt.

Blake Griffin's In-Game Dunks Offer New Ideas For Future Dunk Contests [SB Nation Bay Area]


We all know Blake Griffin is badass. But by the way he's been getting up, literally, in the faces of opponents, Griffin' may be starting a new trend among youth on blacktops and most offering up some new ideas for next year's dunk contest.

The Maturation of Monta Ellis' Leadership Explained Through Photos of High-Fiving [SB Nation Bay Area]


What high-fiving tells us about the leadership skills of Monta Ellis, which Stephen Curry may be lacking right now.

Stephen Curry v. Brandon Jennings Tonight, All Hype? [SB Nation Bay Area]


A match-up of sophomores, both great scorers and both have plenty of style. But is this a rivalry that should even matter? Is it like comparing apples to oranges?

Sorry Fellas (and Ladies): Stephen Curry Is Engaged!


Is Stephen Curry taking a page out of Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins book? Ellis and Biedrins both said how getting engaged (and eventually married) changed their approach to the game of basketball and the NBA. Is Curry trying to make this leap, too? More importantly, new photos of Curry's fiance, Ayesha Alexander!

Warriors owner Joe Lacob opens up: Bay Area week in review [SBNation Bay Area]


The Bay Area Sports Guy reviews some major headlines this week in Warriors news, particularly Lacob's candidness about this current state of the team and Tom Abdenour departure. Is Lacob cleaning house slowly by surely and most importantly, properly?

Monta Ellis Vs. Dorell Wright: Who Had The Better Highlights [SBNation Bay Area]


This is a no-brainer, but just for the sake of discussion and adoring my new man-crush, Dorell Wright, lets give the man D.Wright some props, too.

Golden State Warriors Knock-Off Logo-Redone Better Than Actual New Logo? [SBNation Bay Area]


The Bay Bridge is a classy logo that Bay Area folk closely identify with. But is this t-shirt possibly a hotter look than the current Warriors logo? I say yes, but you may think otherwise.

Backcourt Battle! Who's Has Sexier Feet on MLK Day, Stephen Curry or Monta Ellis? [SBNation Bay Area]


Stephen Curry maybe have some special kicks to honor MLK, but how did they stack up against Monta Ellis'? The battle rages on in the backcourt...

Jeremy Lin Lookin' Like Monta Ellis In D-League Showcase, Unlikely Teammate Provides Encouragement [SBNation Bay Area]


Jeremy Lin looking good in Reno, but a ghost of Warriors past offers some inadvertent motivation to work hard

Monte Ellis, Not Monta Ellis, Getting Love...Or Not [SBNation Bay Area]


Most people around this country don't even know who the Golden State Warriors are. They could easily be mistaken for a CBA team for that matter. Apparently, Monta Ellis is still not a household name yet as people think he's MontE Ellis. Whether or not Monta (or Monte) deserve national recognition is a separate argument. At least get his name right!

Kobe Bryant Versus Monta Ellis In An Epic Battle Of Facial Expressions Last Night [SBNation Bay Area]


The battle between Kobe and Monta was incredible with #24 having a slightly better stat-line. But Monta may have won the real battle of snarl-faces.

NBA Chats "Holiday Sneaker" Edition: Gilbert Arenas' Shoe Collection, JaVale McGee PEAKs, And More Holiday Kicks! [SBNation Bay Area]


Welcome to week 7 of our NBA chats, especially for the sneakerheads! We talk about the rise of PEAK, X-mas themed shoes, and more! What shoes do you want for X-mas? Karl Malone's 'Shape-Ups' ?

Warriors At Lucky #13 In SB Nation Western Conference Power Rankings [SB Nation Bay Area]


SB Nation believes that the Warriors deserve a lucky number 13 ranking in the Western Conference power rankings, only better than the two teams they beat this past week in the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Sacramento Kings. Are they better than 13 or are the Warriors being unfairly judged? We weigh in over at SBNation Bay Area.

2010-2011 NBA Chats: Would a "Players Only" Meeting Help? Jeremy Lin, Next D-League Sensation? [SBNation Bay Area]


With recent well-documented "players only" meetings conducted by the Miami Heat, Portland Trailblazers, and Denver Nuggets, is it time for the Warriors players to have one? We consider whether or not it would actually work on the Warriors.

The New Point Gods - Russell Westbrook, Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo and More [SBNation Bay Area]


Tim Legler of ESPN called this the era of the point guard, but Eric Perdiguerra calls it the "Point God" (secular). Where do Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis stack up?

2010-2011 NBA Chats: Warriors Success and Failures and Tempering Expectations [SB Nation Bay Area]


On SBNation Bay Area, a colleague and I have begun a weekly chat session (a work in progress) where we chat randomly about the NBA, the Warriors, and anything else that interests us (which concession stand has the best garlic fries). This week, we chit-chat about the Warriors 7-4 record and whether that is something to be excited about or not. We also weigh in briefly about the Warriors problematic execution of the Flex Offense, inspired by GSoM's Ro3ert0's amazing fan post on the Flex Offense as well as GSoM readers' enlightening comments.

Golden State Warriors: Top Five Things To Look Forward To This Upcoming Season [SB Nation Bay Area]


A difficult thing to narrow down, but herre are a few things to look forward to this season. More importantly, though, what are your top five?

Patrick O'Bryant Has Caught The Travel Bug


Former Warrior great, Patrick O'Bryant apparently has caught the travel bug after playing internationally in the wonderful world of Canada. Globetrotting O'Bryant (though not of the Harlem variety), will take his talents to China with the Fujian SBS, who apparently are looking into another former Warrior, Rodney White. Did the Fujian SBS hire Chris Mullin as their new GM? I wish him the best but something tells me O'Bryant may be the the American version of Wang Zhizhi when he played in the NBA. Thanks to Jon of NiuBball: Basketball With Chinese Characteristics for the link!

Jeremy Lin "Beasts" Chipotle And Stephen Curry Feens Chick-fil-A


Warrior players are active on Twitter as much as they are at fast food restaurants. They bring both together to tell us what they eating. But who do you think has better taste in fast food? Jlin7: just beasted 2 chipotle burrito bowls... StephenCurry30: Man it’s good to be back in the States. One more flight to catch b4 I’m in Charlotte. Don’t worry chick-fil-a…I’m coming!

Top 5 Warriors Games To Catch In 2010-2011 [SBNation Bay Area]


5 games you must catch this season, in no particular order. Call up the homies (or your girlfriends) and make it a night to remember! Besides these, what games do you think Warriors fans HAVE to catch this season?

Ekpe Udoh "Enjoying Life"


A while back, someone on GSOM posted a link showcasing some photos of Udoh getting his swerve on... ON A BOAT! Now there is actual video footage of Udoh and his off-season training in Miami with fly women and non-important former NBA players. Peep footage at 6.00 (via SBNation Bay Area)

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