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2010-11 Toronto Raptors Preview - Should The Raptors Play More "American"? :: Around the Association


  Toronto is a beautiful city that lives on the frontier, or rather fringes, of the NBA world. The team features a relatively forgotten number 1 overall pick in Andrea Bargnani, who's come out...

Monta Ellis Most Overrated Scorer of 09-10 Season Says Wages Of Wins [SBNation Bay Area]


I know we've argued Monta Ellis' value ad nauseum and Wages of Wins doesn't cover new ground, necessarily, in this mathematical conclusion of Monta's (and others) overrated-ness. But the bigger question is, is there any blindspots to these "advanced stats" equations? Numbers "don't like" but how do we understand "leadership" or "the extra pass" in these calculations?

Clearance Warrior Gear Puts New Jerseys And Logo In Perspective [SBNation Bay Area]


A slew of older Warrior gear from the lightening bolt-era, some of it clearance, makes you realize the grass may finally be greener with the retro nouveau. Clearance items tell the truth.

Stephen Curry Knows Sexy [SBNation Bay Area]


Stephen Curry went shopping at Zara when he was in NYC. But it's not the Zara bag hanging from his arm that's interesting, but what's, or rather who's, dangling off his other one.

Poetic Justice: Adonal Foyle Retires With A Poem


One of the NBA's friendlier faces announces his retirement from professional basketball, on the court at least. Can we expect the Warriors to retire his jersey? Give him a front office job? Perhaps get him to run for mayor of Oakland? Just kidding about the latter. ESPN's Truehoop's reports a poem that Foyle wrote about his time in the NBA. The poetics of Foyle's stylized outlet passes can be seen when he puts pen to pad. Thanks jpees for reporting this earlier.

Evaluating Biedrins' Desire To Play With An Elite Point Guard


...and whether or not that would really affect his game. In light of his recent interview, here is my reading of some stats that suggest that our sexy Latvian may need to work on his game more for his game to be "different" even with an elite point guard like Steve Nash.

David Lee Loves The Kids!


David Lee loves the community and has already been on tour around San Francisco shaking hands with kids and Mayor Gavin Newsom. Hopefully no hard handshakes will reinjure that finger of his. Shake with your opposite hand, please!

Jeremy Lin, 'The Prodigal Son': On Why We Love Homecomings [SBNation Bay Area]


As one of many contributors to the semi-recently launched SBNation Bay Area site, I weigh in on the different arguments for and against the Warriors' signing of Jeremy Lin to say that our feelings about Lin are not as different as it may seem. The hoopla over Jeremy Lin's return tells us what we fans love about "homecoming" stories. Basketball "is a business," but our fandom isn't. Continue to check out SBNation Bay Area for all the up-to-date news regarding bay area sports from high schools to the pros.

It’s hard to believe that the Golden State Warriors unveiled their most recent logo more than 12 y...


It’s hard to believe that the Golden State Warriors unveiled their most recent logo more than 12 years ago. It’s even harder to believe that the Dubs thought Todd Fuller, who attended the unveiling ceremony along with Donyell Marshall, was worthy of a first-round pick over the likes of Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Jermaine O’Neal. Fuller’s greatest contribution to the franchise, it would turn out, was as a logo critic. - Scott, Bay Area Sports Blog

With the passing of the "Bolt" era of Warriors hoops, I thought it was important to put the past 13 years in a greater perspective. In this piece, an oldie but goodie, Scott of the "Bay Area Sports Blog" shows how this costume malfunction was really a larger problem of a franchise malfunction when it came to scouting. Lets hope Jeremy Lin and Ekpe Udoh are symbols of a new direction in a new decade.

Warriors look to be major players in 2010 free agency bonanza


There are two obvious tiers to the free agency market out there: the superstars (Lebron James and Dwayne Wade) and the all-stars (Dirk Nowtizki, Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer, etc.). The Warriors will most likely NOT be looking at this market but the tier 3 free agents with their mid-level exception. Sucks to be cash strapped...

Charlie Bell brought in to be mentor to Stephen Curry


Word? The Warriors are definitely in need of some quality vets to help this squad. But while teams bring in winners like Marcus Michael Camby or hall-of-fame players to help shore up their coaching staff to mentor star players, we are telling the public that veteran leadership is why we made these trades rather than admitting firesale?



If you didn’t know already, SBNation now has regional sites that consolidate all the latest news from the sports blogs of a particular region in addition to hitting you with fun rumors and gossip about your local players. Writers from local Bay Area sports blogs are the contributors to the new SBNation Bay Area site so you know you’ll get the inside scoop from those from the inside! Come check out the SBNATION Bay Area launch party and SBNation Bay Area "meet-up"…THURSDAY! It's FREE! CROWN ROYAL is buyin’ the dranks, so let me re-iterate: FREE BOOZE!* It’s a great time to meet bay area sports fans and lets show SBNation which region has the BEST SPORTS FANS in all the country! Please RSVP for the event by clicking the title above. *Sorry, that’s for the 21+ crowd. We at GSoM do not encourage underage drinking. Nor do we condone it. For the 21+, please drink responsibly!

With the 5th Pick of the NBA Draft the Sacramento Kings select...DEMARCUS COUSINS!


  DeMarcus Cousins can rock hats, but can he rock rims for the Kings? Check SBNation Blog Buddy Sactown Royalty for more.

With the 1st pick in the 2010 NBA Draft the Washington Wizards select ... JOHN WALL!


  Courtney Cox-Arquette seems to think this was a good idea. Check out Bullets Forever for more info.

NBA DRAFT 2010: GSoM Live-Blogs the Draft


Golden State of Mind Live-Blogs the Draft! Latest rumors, news, trades, and hype in real-time!

"We would be in the NBA finals, and we were playing for the championship on Sunday." - Assistant...

"We would be in the NBA finals, and we were playing for the championship on Sunday." - Assistant coach Stephen Silas on what would be his 'best' Father's Day gift ever. Being a father is tough but add the dimension of being a coach or player for a sports team. The SF Examiner asks local coaches and athletes about what being a dad means to them. Notable coaches include Stephen Silas and players such as Jason Hill of the San Francisco 49ers.

Fashion Pays Tribute to RUN TMC, Get Sexy Today!


Miss the RUN TMC era? Remember it by looking Sexy.

Stephen Curry Becoming a Mogul Fast, Making Moves in Los Angeles


Stephen Curry Eyein' Los Angeles in the Off-Season?

Golden State Warriors Logo Gets Updated for La-La-Land


La-La-Land Looks to the Golden State Warriors for Style

Golden State Warriors Big Men Forever Doomed?


Golden State Warriors Big Men Forever Doomed?

Professionally made video clip of Stephen Curry's visit to the new House of Hoops in Daly City's...

SF Bay Area House Of Hoops from OpenLineMedia on Vimeo.

Professionally made video clip of Stephen Curry's visit to the new House of Hoops in Daly City's Serramonte Center. Curry looks good in Nike Gear, as the young ladies in the crowd would agree by their squealing. You know you would be squealing, too.

The Best Nike Air Jordans Currently For Sale


This is for the sneakerheads. Complex's online magazine always has the best lists (hottest Asian models, etc.) and this one is a nice compilation of the "best" Nike Air Jordans that are out there for purchase. If you got that big-face money, give em a look. Some are decent. Others are... ...

Al-Farouq Aminu can play defense for the Golden State Warriors ... if he wants to


""I'm real long and athletic," he said, "and, you know, defense is just wanting to do it. So I feel like if I put my mind to it, I can do it. ... I just have a knack for rebounding." This is good news, but when do superstars, let along the everyday NBA players, ever really want to 'put their mind to' playing great defense?

Warriors Working Out Ekpe Udoh, Gordon Hayward, Cole Aldrich, Lance Stephenson, John Wall (the lite-version), and More


GSoM, what are you're thoughts on these fellows? Looks like we might get John Wall after all...

Looking for a new place to live?


Jason Richardson's Montclair home just went up for sale this past week. If you got $2.45 million, you could live like a ball player. Perhaps you can ask him to throw in some signed paraphernalia if he makes you pay full price.

Stephen Curry gets some (ankle) support from Nike


Stephen Curry and Chuy Gomez of 106 KMEL hung out at the House of Hoops in the Serramonte Center (Daly City). Is this the first Warrior to endorse Nike since Joe Smith Jason Richardson? See also: "Interview with Stephen Curry: House of Hoops Serramonte Center Launch" ( "I’m a high-cut guy. I’m a point guard, so I try to have some flexibility in the shoe. You want to be able to move around and feel like you’re not really wearing a shoe, but also have that support where, just in case you roll (your ankle), you’ll still be able to play. That, and overall comfort because you’re playing 82 games, plus practice. I think that’s something people really have to look at, the comfort of the shoe and how much it will last over that long period. I know you can switch out shoes and get new ones, but you try and get comfortable with a pair of shoes and hope they support you."

Warriors Bake Sale. Baked goods have never been so athletic.


Warriors Bake Sale. Baked goods have never been so athletic.

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