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Your 2014 Angels - Payroll Edition

With the Angels officially eliminated this season, it was inevitable that Halos Heaven was going to be overrun with opinions and projections on what the 2014 roster would and should look like. N...

Somewhat enlightening information at the official site


Little nuggets from the mind of Lombardi on the upcoming season, including thoughts of starting Toffoli and Frattin in bottom six roles so they can learn to play defense and Carcillo replacing Penner as an occasional top-6 contributor...


Sosh on the Mason and Ireland show

Driving into work today I happened to catch a radio interview with our fearless leader. I know you all hate ESPN and thus never induldge in their content, but there were actually a few tasty nugs...

Kaleb Cowart in the Fall League

Keith Law, on the two games he watched Cowart: Kaleb Cowart (Los Angeles Angels) has been the most impressive prospect overall through these two days, showing great, quick hands at third base along with a plus arm, and good bat speed resulting in some hard contact. A switch-hitter, his left-handed swing does leave him vulnerable to changeups because he loads his hands so deep, pulling them way back even as the rest of his weight is shifting forward, and he has struck out at least twice against right-handers who fed him two-strike changeups.

Wade Davis for Trumbo?


Welcome to the World Wide Leader, Sam. You know you've arrived when Jim Bowden is stealing your ideas. I'd do this deal in a second, bumping Williams and his power arm to the pen and really rounding out this pitching staff nicely. Trumbo is redundant on this roster, especially with Morales looking like he'll be back and Abreu with his bloated salary on the bench. Can't see that Trumbo is really a fit for the OBP-loving Rays. Although real power like his is rare in today's game so you never know.

Angels' lineup STILL lacks oomph?


From outside the pay wall, ESPN's David Schoenfield breaks down the Halo's current lineup and arrives at the same conclusion that most of us cynics likely do: "Right now, this a lineup with depth but not one that should strike fear in opposing pitchers." Not to be a wet blanket with all the excitement surrounding El Hombre, but seriously: who bats cleanup if Kendrys can't play? And who the hell bats lead off?

Jonah Keri on Trout


More garbage from the World Wide Leader. I don't subscribe so I can't read the whole article, but Keri seems to spin it that the team is counting on Trout saving their season. Why let context or small sample sizes get in the way of filling column inches?

mlbtraderumors outlines 3rd base trade market


Matt Gamel would be nice but I'm not sure where we'd get a young starting pitcher to send them. How about Figgins for Kazmir, straight up?

Colby Rasmus requests trade: How would he look in left?


A player requesting a trade is never a good sign about their maturity, but playing for LaRussa I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Too bad we already wiped out most of our minor league talent, as I'm sure they could get a nice haul for him.


Mathis vs. Napoli revisited (again)

I realize this subject has been beaten to death the last few seasons, but it continues to be relevant today. Mike Napoli without a doubt is one of the better hitters on this team and Jeff Mathis is...

Lowell could have been an Angel


Not sure how true this rumor is, but if Reagins really turned it down I'm growing less and less confident in him as a competent GM.

Callis likes Wood over Gordon


In his latest ESPN chat, prospect maven Jim Callis says he'll take our boy Brandon over long-time prospect darling Alex Gordon in 2010. Considering Gordon is a year older and has a significant edge in MLB exposure, Callis' confidence in Wood is definitely encouraging.

BP mea culpa? Angels most efficient in the game.


Behind the subscriber wall, but an interesting article by Jay Jaffe (one of the view decent writers left at baseball prospectus) regarding how much teams pay for wins. The Angels and the whole AL West are among the most competitive and by far the most efficient division in the game.


A different solution to the Figgins/Wood dilemma

Now that another division title is securely wrapped up and we have a week before we can begin to put our Redsux demons to rest, why not yet another arm-chair GM post about what to do with our...


Nick Swisher, anyone?

Yes, as a former A and current White Sock, hes technically the "enemy". His 2008 batting avg. (.219) is pretty underwhelming. And of course, his style doesn't exactly fit the Angels' "mold" - takes...


Bulger, Jepsen, and postseason eligibility

I'm sure this subject has been tackled here somewhere but I'd like someone with a better understanding of transaction rules to clear it up for me. It is my understanding that a player must be on...

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