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My Midseason Mariners Top 30 Prospects List

For the other nerds out there like me who love this stuff, here's my updated top 30. First, the list, for those who aren't interested in having to scroll through my commentary on a bunch of...

Mariners ink Dominican 3B

The M's have made their second foray into the IFA market, signing Leury Vargas, a big lefty 3B who just became eligible to sign Thursday. Gave him $400,000. This leaves the M's with somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.7 million left to play with in their international bonus budget, assuming they haven't signed anyone we don't know about yet.

Breaking News: Hawk Harrelson Lacks Objectivity

If you were stuck watching the WGN feed as I was, it was nigh unbelievable. I know everyone knows Harrleson is an insufferable homer, but this was beyond anything I've ever heard on a high school broadcast. Unreal.


John Sickels loves the Mariners system

At least he seems to based on his midseason top 120 prospect list. The M's got 6 players on the list (which does not include 2012 draftees or recent international signees ala Soler), and 3 of the...


July 2 Signings

The Phillies strike first, snagging Dominican OF Jose Pujols for $540,000, per Ben Badler. Badler ranked Pujols #20 on his international prospects list. Can't help but wonder how much the kid would...


MILB 9/3

Midnight eastern and no daily thread. Football killed the baseball site?     List of today's starters goes here:   pitchers pitchers pitchers pitchers pitchers pitchers pitchers prospects...

Prospect Insider updated top 30 is out

Churchill definitely doesn't play it safe. Some pretty ballsy rankings in there, particularly Catricala over Franklin. TIF is going to live him.

Umpire throws out Bryce Harper for nothing

Can't believe spiking his helmet in disgust got him tossed


My post trade deadline Mariners top 25 prospect list

I posted this at LookoutLanding, but I'd love to hear thoughts from the crew over here if anyone has any. I'm certainly no expert, but based on my understand of various scouting reports and...


My post trade deadline Mariners top 25 prospect list

I know many of you hate prospect rankings and I understand why, but I'm a prospect junky and I know I'm not alone, so for the others who enjoy this type of thing, here's my updated M's top 25 list....

Dave Cameron has cancer

Last week, I was informed that I have Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a particularly nasty member of the cancer family. Pretty awful news. Big time prayers going out for Cameron.

Esteillon's trainer in a sex scandal

Wild stuff. It's the same guy who trained Jharmidy DeJesus. The Esteillon stuff is especially crazy. Soto denied every allegation in the story and tells Ortega that the father of one of his other players, Mariners shortstop Esteilon Peguero, is behind the allegations. Peguero originally signed with the Mariners in December for $2.9 million, then later had his bonus reduced to $1.1 million for undisclosed reasons. A source familiar with the contract told Baseball America that Peguero has yet to be paid his bonus. It is not clear whether Esteilon Peguero is related to Yunior Peguero. Soto went on to say that Esteilon Peguero's father was the one who motivated the mother of the two brothers to pursue the case. Peguero's mother and father are separated, and Soto told Ortega that Peguero's father is trying to blackmail him because he is unable to gain access to his son's bonus. Ortega also reports that Soto plans to launch a counter-claim against the mother of the two brothers.

Another top 50

Omnipresent prospect hound Jaypers checks in with his 2011 draftee excluded midseason top 50. He has Walker at 18 and Franklin at 43.


Dustin Ackley's defense

This is my first FanPost so when I inevitably butcher something, please be gentle. To me he clearly had the speed, athleticism and baseball IQ to suggest he'd put it together, but everyone bashing...

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