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A Few, Simple Changes Could Make All The Difference.

I've read the hand-wringing, the exasperation, and also the calming words of many Pittsburgh followers in the wake of Game 4. It's true: The Pens have looked terrible for the past two games of...


Roenick complaining about diving in the playoffs? His was worse. (VIDEO)

Wow. Coming from the guy who did this? The problem with accusing others of diving is that there might just be video of an even more egregious embellishment on the accuser's part somewhere out...


Why Zach Parise Signing In Minnesota Isn't A Bad Thing.

Last year after #Jagrwatch, I tried to make the case that Jaromir Jagr's signing in Philly had a silver lining after the Pens signed Steve Sullivan. Similarly, after #Parisewatch, I think there...

Shane Doan not taking "offers" until next Monday, but telling teams of "interest."


The most interesting part of the article? "If Doan considers other teams, many factors would play into his decision, Bross said, including management, relationship with the players and the team's chances of winning the Stanley Cup. Eight teams expressed interest in Doan when the free agency period opened on Sunday." I wonder if the Pens were one of the "eight teams?"


Why It's Suter Over Parise, Without A Second Thought.

I'll take door number 20, Monti. It seems as though - wrongly or rightly - Pens fans are convinced that one or both of the two big catches on the free agent market are coming to Pittsburgh: LW Z...


Pens in 7? Crazy? Not According to Mathematical Law.

I can't be serious, right? Thinking that a team with the following track record through three games could win four straight: A team that has given up as many shorthanded goals (3) as they've...

DC Pens Fans, Pickup Hockey With Japers'?


Some of the Japers' Rink Rats and I put together a pickup game, and this year we may be doing it for charity. They're good guys & gals, and honestly don't take the whole Caps/Pens rivalry too far on the ice or at the pub. Except when I touch the puck and hear, "Crosby sucks!" I think one or two of the Pensburgh crew have played with us before when we did this, and I'm pretty sure we've had Ben Rothenberg from Broad Street Hockey as well. Decent mix of skill level--if you can play Hockey North America or Novice-level beer league, you're plenty good for us. Usually we play right after a Caps game, and this year I'm lobbying the Japers' crew to play after the Sunday 1/22 Caps/Pens tilt. Is anyone interested in this? We need some Pens fans to show up--I'm a bit outnumbered. =)

Caps Fire Boudreau, Install Hunter


Japers' Rink has the rundown. Does this make the Caps a more or less formidable foe? Despite his failings, Boudreau compiled some impressive numbers during his time in D.C. Hunter's coaching experience comes from his 9-1/2 seasons running the London Knights' bench (which he also owns, BTW). Will Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin take to Hunter's message the same as Corey Perry, Nazem Kadri and Dale's son, Dylan?


Why #68 Signing in Philly Is A Good Thing

Like nearly everyone else in the Penguins fanbase, I wanted to see Jaromir Jagr back in a Pittsburgh sweater for what should be the last year of his career.  I remember the ridiculous goals and...


Protecting Sid and Geno with 7 Defensemen

With Ray Shero admitting that Eric Godard will not be re-signed and Mike Rupp seemingly on his way out of Pittsburgh, the Pens seem to lack that big, heavyweight winger who can go toe-to-toe with...

"Would someone please drive a stake through the heart of this recurring talk about the Penguins...


"Would someone please drive a stake through the heart of this recurring talk about the Penguins having any meaningful interest in signing Jaromir Jagr? People just won’t let it die, even though it should have years ago. The speculation rose from the grave again Thursday, when a report surfaced in Detroit that one of Jagr’s agents had contacted several NHL teams, with the Penguins being one of them, to gauge their interest in signing Jagr. Shero said last evening that he has not been contacted by anyone representing Jagr; what he didn’t have to say was that none of Jagr’s agents should waste their time making such a call, because the Penguins have no interest in buying what they have for sale. And they shouldn’t. Jagr is a surefire Hall of Famer who could be a veritable force of nature earlier in his career, but he’s also a 39-year-old who has the potential to be a disruptive force in a locker room that has developed a great synergy over the past few years." [ed. note: this, kids, is why you don't say anything unless you have a reason to believe it.]

Dave Molinari - Foot In Mouth, June 17, 2011

A Plan for Free Agency--No Charge for The Advice, Ray! [UPDATEDx2]

Since Hooks and Frank were busy looking at one Free Agent to be at a time, I figured I'd put together a proposed Free Agency plan for the off-season that combines it all.  TonyAndrock did a good...

D.C. Pre-Winter Classic Pickup Games w/ Japers' Rink


Hey there fellow Pensburghers--I'm looking for a few fellow D.C.-area Pens fans willing to join up with me at the Japers' Rink pickup games on Sat. 12/18 and Thurs. 12/30. I've played with J.P.'s crew twice now, and it's plenty of fun for all levels from beginners to A/B leaguers. Even if you only want to come out to watch, then join us afterwards for brew and hockey-watching at Bailey's, it's well worth it. We've reserved ice time at Kettler on both dates, so you'll need to prevent yourself from regurgitation while looking at all the Capitals regalia filling their practice facility. But, it's good ice and good people to play with. We've already paid the deposit, and we're collecting through Paypal for everyone who wants to play. The links are on the Japers' FanShot linked above. If you have questions, post a comment in there. Hope to see you there!

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