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Been a Bills fan since I was 7. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY but currently lives in Baltimore. Love Bills Football!! All Bills Everything

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User Blog

Morning Joe! Things For The Competition Committee To Consider

Good morning Rumblers, It's been awhile since the last Joe! so I hope you all enjoy this one. Training camp is right around the corner, which means that the best time of the year (off season)...


Morning Joe! Does PEDs Make For A Better Game?

Good morning Bills Fan, I wish I had more time to really hash out this topic, so I'm hoping you guys can carry the conversation further in the comments section. The day before yesterday, ESPN...


Morning Joe! The Perfect Team

Good morning Bills Fans, It's good be back with you all after my four day hiatus. I was watching some NFL rewind games over the past few days, and I was watching the Giants play the Eagles....


Morning Joe! Which Current Bills Player Hasn't Lived Up To Your Expectations?

Fifth year pro and 1st round pick Eric Wood pictured here after suffering his...


Morning Joe! Does Parity Really Exist in the NFL?

Good morning Bills Fans, I really like today's Morning Joe! topic. Today we will be discussing this idea of parity in today's NFL. Parity is a word that we often hear on this site. We often...


Morning Joe! Getting Rid of the NFL Draft

Good morning Bills Fan, The NFL draft has really been the Bills Super Bowl over these past several years. It has been more exciting than the regular season and it's the best time of the year for...


Morning Joe! How Can This Happen?

via Good morning Rumblers, I got some free time coming up, so I decided to bring back the Morning Joe! series for the remainder of the off season. Like always, I have...


Morning Joe! 10 Things I Want To Know As A Bills Fan

Good morning Rumblers, So I've been getting more involved lately with the Twitter world (follow me @doctork44), and was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to actually chat with some of...


Midnight Joe! Playmakers

Good evening Rumblers, Yea I know, "long-time-no-see". I know I promised more Joe's, but the site is as active as its ever been and there hasn't been much of a need for Morning Joe's.....soooooo I...


Morning Joe! Should The NFL Change It's Early Entry Policy?

Good Morning My Fellow Bills Fan, Today's Joe is near and dear to my heart. For year's I've had a bone to pick with the NCAA on how they treat their "Amateur Athletes". But I won't use this...


Morning Joe! Does Teams Have The Right To Ask, Are You........

Good morning Bills Fans, This Joe is going to be a little controversial, so I apologize to the administrators in advance. There is a chance that this might get removed, so I rather not waste my...


Morning Joe! The NFL and It's Pursuit of an Injury-Free League

Good morning Rumblers, As my wife and I started to discuss the idea of possibilly bringing in another Bills fan in to this world; we discussed the thought of him or her wanting to play football....

NFL Combine Player Tracker


NFL.Com has this pretty cool Combine Player Tracker. It gives you all that you need to know about a player that's participating in the combine. Pretty good analysis.


Morning Joe! Season Recap and Moving Forward

Good morning Rumblers, The off-season is here and that means that I'll will be starting the Morning Joe series once again. For those of you are unfamiliar with the Morning Joe Series; I...


Morning Joe! Sick and Tired about the QB debate

Good morning Rumblers, I just got some stuff on my chest that I want to get off. The issue that I've been having, is hearing/reading about everyone's opinion about QB prospects that we passed...


Morning Joe! Is This "Fine" by You?

Good morning My Fellow Rumbler's,In case you were wondering, no this isn't the beginning of the new Morning Joe! Series, so I'm sorry to disappoint :). However, I did promise to bring back the...

11 Minutes of Action


I found this pretty interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about how much time is actually spent playing football during a game. Check it out.


My Week 1 Rant

This is going to be random and no real flow. Just a way for me to vent. I just feel like I have to get a few things off my chest about yesterday so that I can go on with the rest of my day. So...


Midnight Joe! Batting .333

Good Evening Night Rumblers, Yes, this means that I’m officially out of retirement and if you wondering it has only been three weeks; which is about a week longer than I thought I was going to...

Kyle Moore & Others May Be Involved In Scandal!!


Okay, so it's official: I'm the ultimate troll. :-) Just what the guy needed as he's trying to lock down a roster spot.

Do NFL Preseason Wins Mean Anything?


Hey All, Look what I found while trolling on the Internet. Pretty cool write up and analysis...It's time to finally put this argument to rest.. Enjoy!!!


Offensive and Defensive Cohesion?

Okay, this is my last one, I promise :-) Yesterday, I posted a write up about Gailey being out of touch and for the most part I had some agree with me; some who didn't, and some who were on the...


Is Gailey Out of Touch?

Okay, so I know I promised not to post anything until after the season, but this has been bothering me. I feel like that kid in class with his hand up, waiving back and forth and the teacher won't...


Morning Joe! Farewell - For Now

Editor's Note: We've really enjoyed your summer FanPost series, doctork44. Thanks for all of your hard work! - BG Hey folks: today's Joe! will be the last post from me for quite awhile. Since...


Morning Joe! The One That Got Away (Coaches)

Good morning Rumblers, This is the last rendition of the three part series; The One That Got Away. Today we will look at coaches that got away over the past 10 years. Once again, the caveat will...


Morning Joe! The One That Got Away (Defense)

Good morning Rumblers, Today, I'll be doing part 2 of a three part series of "The One That Got Away". I want to discuss defensive players of the past 10 years, that left the organization and had...


Morning Joe! The One That Got Away (Offense)

Good morning Rumblers, Today, I will start a three-part series where I discuss former Bills players, coaches and front office personnel over the past 10 years; that went to other teams and had...


Morning Joe! Did We Really Get Our Guy?

Good Morning Rumblers,Happy Monday! Today's Joe! was going to be just how you like it; short and sweet :), but I got a little carried away. As some of you know, I kind of refrained from the draft...

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