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Blazer Draft History

For all of you out there that are constantly suggesting that we trade our best players for draft picks, here is a comparison of how the Blozers drafted players at similar positions/years as the San...


Oden Acception Qualified Offer: good news or bad?

Assuming that you believe that Oden will recover from his most recent injury to be the dominant big man that we all expected from day one (I know that a lot of you don't believe this) how is the...


NBA League Pass Broadband?

I've just learned that our buddies over at Comcast are going to force you to buy the premium service if you want CSN, so I'm considering NBA League Pass Broadband. Anyone have any experience with...


Race to the bottom?

At the beginning of the season if someone were to ask you who you'd like to play in the first round of the playoffs among: San Antonio L*kers, Dallas, OKC I think you would get a variety of answers...


Blazers a lock for the playoffs?

I'm seeing the pundits saying that there is an 85% probability that the Blazers will make the playoffs.  From what I've seen the last few weeks I'm not so sure given the difficulty of their...


What has Oden been doing other than rehabbing?

I am seeing Greg's face while sitting near the bench much more this year than in past years when he's been out for the season.  This seems like a good thing, but I wonder how integrated he is...


Counterplays to LMA double teams

Do you think the Blazers have specific counterplays that they run to deal with LaMarcus being double teamed? There have been a few times where I've seen LaMarcus make a nifty pass to a cutter but I...


Andre Miller PGOTF?

This time of year is rife with trade rumors on BE involving Andre, mostly at the ludicrous end of the spectrum.   His name is generally mentioned as one of the top 2 players most likely to be...


Comcast blackmail

The latest round of commercials from Comcast are absolutely galling.They show some great moment in Oregon sports and then at just the key moment they pull the plug on the signal.  Then they follow...

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