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pretty much been a dolphin fan since i was able to watch tv,lol. was born in new mexico,but moved to miami when i was 2 weeks old.that was in 1978. i am 31,and bleed teal and orange,even though i now live in nashville,tn.

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  • NBA Miami Heat
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User Blog

Dolphinfan4lyfe's way too early mock draft for next season

While the excitement for our team and many others around the league is about to start, and technically we are all still recouping from the five million mock drafts that showed we know nothing about...


On the bright side (Dolphins style)

Two big blows took us by surprise before training camp has even started. A confusing draft has left us with many questions about several positions, some good, some bad. Our free agent approach was...


What has been missing,(Where's Waldo Dolphins Edition) and have we found it?

So close, and yet so far. Almost there. Just a few pieces away. Touchdown here. Field goal there. All of these sayings/excuses have been used to sum up the Dolphins since 2009. The year after...


When did words become more hurtful than actions???

Some people just will not let it die. After reading the article by Florio where he calls Incognito one of the most notorious bullies the NFL has ever seen, I had to sit back and think about how...


The difference between leading and being a leader, and how it has affected the Dolphins over the recent years.

Over the years I have watched multiple players come and go for the Dolphins. Some should have stayed a while longer, though some we can scratch our heads and wonder how they made the roster in the...


Dolphinfan4lyfe's FirstPick.Com 7 round mock draft with trades.

A lot of hope and dreams are raised by how well we do in this years draft. Excitement has not really been at an all time high the past few seasons. However this year feels different. With a new...


My case for Jordan Matthews in the first round

People who have spent any amount of time here reading my posts know that I have a sort of man crush on Jordan Matthews out of Vanderbilt. Sure, I know he is a Wide Receiver. Sure, I know on paper...


How the 2013 NFL draft could have been different if we went the other way.

A lot has been made of Miami's deal with Oakland to move to the third overall draft spot, and their selection of Dion Jordan. From lack of playing time, to lack of overall need of a Defensive End,...


Dolphinfan4lyfe's second attempt at free agency and draft(Men in Tights Edition)

With the combine on the clock, this site and others will have a combative force of free agency and mock drafts over the next few days. Many people across the Madden land will put together their...


A how to guide on what we could do to get Mike Wallace more involved

By now, people know that one of the biggest issues we faced last year was figuring out how to get Mike Wallace more involved in our offense. His limited route tree, inability to go for jump balls,...


What really was the Offense's issues last season?

Every year about this time, I watch, I read, I plan, I type, I erase, and I type some more. I try to solve the rubix cube of what exactly our issues were in the previous year. I read what other...


Dolphinfan4lyfe's Offseason if I was GM.

First, let me give a warning. I am not a conventional thinker. Some will not agree with the ideas given in this post, but I ask that people take a step back, and realize that I am not the GM. I...


Dolphinfan4lyfe's Miami Mock offseason

Alot is said this time of year. Assumptions are made, resolutions are thrown out there, and in the end, it is all a guessing game. What will our team do to become better? Your guess is as good as...


My way too early Mock Draft with Free Agency

Anyone that remembers me from the podcast may remember me saying one thing. I am always in draft mode. It is part of what I want to do as soon as I finish my degree in Sports Management, and one of...


My ideal offseason for 2012

Disclaimer:This idea is not for everyone. It is a reflection of what I think should be done this offseason. Some might not like it, as a matter of fact, a lot wont. There is no first round...


What if???

Before the season started, I made a suggestion fo a new post series entitled "What if?" It would look at possibilities for this and upcoming seasons topics, and give a hypothetical situation for us...

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