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Emergency Feel-Good Friday!!!

via Presidents hiring themselves to coach. Assistant coach re-treads. Tone-deaf owners who operate their franchises based on crony-ism and "comfort level." Franchise...


Faith, and Lies, and Promises: A Musical Post

I will begin with the admission that I have been a poor, poor CH member in recent weeks. Falling off the map in terms of commenting, and skimming threads to hunt for the consensus best (e.g. green...


Mascot = Direwolf

This is off any current topic and is very likely covering some already-trodden ground. So, forgive me if this has already come up (and honestly, with the popularity of 'Song of Ice and Fire' here...

TWolves Cast


Everyone is aware of this, right? Matt (point guard of the future) & Carlos (former slam dunk champion) offer up a fun, disarming, homer-istic take on the (usually) previous two weeks of Wolves fun. Great stuff in a world generally void of Timberwolves podcasts.

Paul Pierce Halloween Costumes - Total Dad Cred


OK, so my esteem for this guy just went up immeasurably...

Darko's Offseason Workout!


Funny! I don't know whether to laugh or cry or do something entirely different. My friend, a Boston resident & fan, is getting these little promising pieces of "evidence" to suggest that, yes, Darko Milicic is gonna finally figure it out. All I can do is to keep reminding him: "If you count on this dude, he will break your heart." But it is SO DAMN INTERESTING how this guy (now entering his 10th year!) can still continue peddling promise! How does he do it? Is it incidental, or is it part of a focused effort on his part. Best Buy needs to bring him in to give the keynote at their next shareholder meeting.


TC Hoopus Hang 2

Hey all. My house isn't big enough to host (and many people might not want to venture into my neighborhood, anyway), but many CHers over the past week have lamented the fact that most of us have...



"Time is the only currency," a co-worker of mine likes to say. I could not agree more. As a father of two young kids, pretty serious recreational runner, and aspiring indie musician (all outside...

Our country's Secretary of Education, folks. Arne Duncan in the All-Star "Celebrity" Game. Too bad...


Our country's Secretary of Education, folks. Arne Duncan in the All-Star "Celebrity" Game. Too bad about the finish.


"Getting Through"

A reference in a recent post to coaches trying to ensure Wes Johnson concentrates on the - ahem - non-shooting aspects of his game and an ensuing string of comments made me think about the...


League Pass Blackout FAQ (looking for answers...)

The League Pass website's documentation on blackouts is woefully inadequate. On the chance that this would be valuable for others besides me, I thought it might be worth a post to get definitive...


Sad Day in This Market: Without Poll

I may be on an island on this one, but I found it very disappointing when I saw that - for the first time in team history - there will not be a single Timberwolf game available on broadcast TV. ...

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