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Jay Paterno's response to Mike Mauti's disparaging comments in the book "Fourth and Long"


Will be interesting to read the book, and guage reaction. I hope that this does not further divide Penn State fans.

State College a Possible WC Venue?


Not likely, but got a mention in this Yahoo article. (via @OnwardState). That would be pretty cool!

Uniforms with B1G patches from First time I have seen a pic of these.


Uniforms with B1G patches from First time I have seen a pic of these.

Judge Grants Gary Schultz Subpoena Power for Freeh Materials


Good - I hope this leads to more tranparency, and access to more than the handful of emails that Freeh used to condemn the Penn State culture and these men. Give all the evidence, and let the chips fall where they may.


Wish list: Night game on 09/01

Wish list: Night game on 09/01.

Penn State's John Urschel - ESPN Interview


Love this guy. Great representative of our school. Be forewarned - this is a link to ESPN.

LeVar Arrington was named after LeVar Burton


Worlds colliding - Which I think was a STNG episode...


Temple is Now Penn State's Rival

I know this because it says so on EA Sports NCAA 13. I am not sure how I feel about this, and I doubt many would care, but I need to get to 75 words.

Aphrodite Jones Reports: Sandusky Linchpin Witness Is Not Credible


I know this has been covered, but just can't help but notice the title, especially given that the Grand Jury Presentment said that the Graduate Assistant was "very credible." I wonder what else was wrong in the GJP. Also interesting that Ms. Jones speculates that the prosecution has identified the alleged victim, and that is how the date was determined. It is good to see the press begin to report on what McQueary testified and not just on how poised he looked on the stand.

B1G logo-branding patches on football jerseys for 2012?


From MGOBLOG -- Not sure if this has been discussed here, but I found this interesting. "Eleven Warriors links to a Columbus newspaper ... article in which it slips out that the conference AD's have voted to place B1G branding logos on all 2012 jerseys." Does anyone have additional linkage or any thoughts?

Authors: hard to believe Paterno didn't know about Sandusky


Sorry to post on this again, but I find it an interesting and sad subject. This is an interview with the authors of the "Game Change" book. I think the key quote is: Dvorchak said it's "almost impossible" that Paterno didn't know what was happening at the university. He said, "If he did not know that there was an investigation by the campus police in 1998 and that Jerry Sandusky was gone a year later. And there was another incident in 2002 that he was told about at his kitchen table. If you don't connect the dots there, I think you're just trying to avoid a situation." That quote alone demonstrates the difference between a "Pulitzer Prize Finalist," and a Pulitzer Prize Winner like Sarah Ganim -- suppositions and conjecture versus reporting on the facts. I have not read this book, and do not plan to, but if someone here does read it, could you please summarize?

Sandusky autobiography provided clues


This article notes a book coming out on 04/17 called "Game Over: Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, and the Culture of Silence." Shaking my head that this could come out before trials for any of the key participants. Wondering what facts this book will contain.

Sandusky child sex-abuse case lacks key details


Latest news from USA Today (and I am sure many other sources. I don't think this was unexpected, but it does make the prosecutions case seem weaker, and that some of the "details' and allegations in the grand jury presentment would never result in a conviction.

Attorney: Jerry Sandusky cleared of two allegations and as trial approaches, no indication more charges to be filed


Interesting development. When this first broke, some speculated (and I agreed) that there would likely be several additional victims coming forward. That it hasn't apparently happened makes me wonder about the strength of the prosecutor's case. Not sure how this will fit with the bigger picture, but interesting.


Tim Curley has Lung Cancer

According to this article from Sara Ganim.


The Paper - 1994

If you have a chance, I would recommend checking out the movie 'The Paper" from 1994.  I think it has some direct bearing on our current situation.


How were McQueary and Paterno Identified as Witnesses for the Investigation?

  Just curious - How were McQueary and Paterno Identified as witnesses for the Grand Jury?  Since this news broke, I have been thinking that if they were covering something up, they are doing it...


Saturday Gameday Atmosphere

I know there is not a good time to ask this, but I am curious if anything different is being planned for Saturday. I cannot imagine "clapping and singing along to 'Fight on State'" at this point. ...


Weather Concerns for the Blue White Game

I had been planning on going up to the Blue White game this weekend, but I am getting concerned about the weather.  Does anyone have thoughts on the likelyhood that the game or  festivities will be...


Just Met Adam Rittenberg

I am currently attending executive training at Northwestern.  I just met Adam Rittenberg - very favorably impressed....

EA Sports NCAA 11


NCAA 11 is set to come out on 7/13. After the Blue White game, this is the next big event I look forward to on the college football schedule...


Big Ten Championship/Relegation Game

Here is a proposal for maintaining our eleven team league, conducting a championship game, adding more interesting contests from top to bottom in the league, and making the name Big 10 more...

Get the Capital One bowl a higher TV rating than the Orange/Fiesta Bowl


Join this facebook group to get the message out - Go State, beat the Tigers!

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