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Opening Day Tickets Question


Hey all - I'm considering buying Opening Day tickets and am curious about what sorts of prices there are as the game gets closer. Right now the cheapest tix on Stubhub are around $52, and then the cheapest ones jump to around $75. Based on people's past experience, are there significantly cheaper tickets as the game gets closer? I know that for "normal" (i.e. non-OD) games the tix are much cheaper, but just curious whether I can expect better deals a week or so before the game, or whether they'll likely stay this high.

Open Thread: Rafael Montero AAA debut


If you're watching/following Montero today against Iowa, disuss.


Traid David Wrong? Well, maybe.

A lot of the recent chatter surrounding the Mets has been about whether they will re-sign David Wright to a long-term extension. Now, I think it's far from a foregone conclusion that even if the...

ESPN (at least as of right now) has the Mets starting Carlos Quintanilla at SS tonight. Apparently...


ESPN (at least as of right now) has the Mets starting Carlos Quintanilla at SS tonight. Apparently dead former Bolivian Presidents are the new market inefficiency.



So it seems like every time we talk about a potential roster crunch, someone re-aggravates something or another injury comes up. So although it's tempting the fates, I'm curious what the Mets will do when/if Cedeno and Tejada come back over the next week or so. Potential candidates for demotion are presumably Quintanilla, Valdespin, Turner, and maybe (but probably not) Rottino. At this point, given that Quintanilla has cooled down a bit and given that we don't need 3 shortshops, I'd think that he'd be one of the 2 to go. Valdespin would logically be the second if the Mets aren't planning on starting him - but I'm curious to see what happens over the next few days as he's coming off the 2-extra-base-hit game yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if Collins gives him 2 or 3 starts to see what happens. With Murphy struggling both at the plate and in the field and with the 3rd OF spot against righties basically up for grabs for a month until Baxter comes back, there are 2 ways Valdespin can work his way into the lineup if he can manage to swing a decent bat, and his power potential and speed give us assets that we currently lack. Obviously, his plate discipline is woeful, but right now the alternatives in the 3rd OF spot vs righties are Torres and Hairston, with neither offering much offensively (again, just vs. righties; Hairston is murder on lefties), and Murphy is providing nothing at the plate or in the field at 2B. And you could make an argument that with more at bats as a starter, Valdespin might not be quite as impatient since he won't be trying to make an impression with every AB (although he's never going to draw many walks). If Valdespin were to stay, then perhaps Turner would be sent down since his skill set as a righty utility infielder is completely redundant if Tejada, Cedeno, and Rottino are all on the team.

Rubin on source of Lutz's recent injury


Buried in an interesting post on Travis Taijeron and other minor league notes (including Bobby Scales' return to Japan) is the first mention I've seen of the source of Zach Lutz's broken hamate bone. It says he broke it "swinging in a cage pregame." There's nothing in the article to suggest that he was hit by anything. Assuming that this was a non-contact injury, I think it's at the point where we need to resign ourselves to the fact that while some of his prior injuries (e.g. HBPs) may have been simply bad luck, an injury like this (as well as Lutz's history of previous stress fractures) suggests that Lutz is, unfortunately, prone to injuries that will likely prevent him from ever being a regular major leaguer. Which is too bad, since he can clearly hit.


Maybe Rob Johnson isn't as awful as we think

Rob Johnson appears to be the choice to take Josh Thole's spot on the roster, hopefully only temporarily. Most or the analysis of Johnson I've seen suggests that he's woefully inadequate even as...

The Ware spot was actually right


Like most people, I thought the officials' short spot of what looked like a first-down run by DJ Ware in the 3rd quarter of Sunday's game was incorrect. The Giants didn't challenge, and to make matters worse, TV showed no replay - although Pereira tweeted that he saw a replay and it was the right call. Thanks to the excellent blog FootballZebras, though, there's evidence that the call was actually correct - Ware's butt was down short of the first down. The real culprits here are Fox, for not showing any replays that would have confirmed the refs' spot on the play.


The legitimate questions regarding the Mets' pursuit (or not) of Jose Reyes

So today, the latest excuse for everyone to write their screeds against the Mets is that Jose Reyes stated in his press conference that he didn't feel "wanted" by the team. Sandy has responded...

Chris Young - ready by Spring Training?


Interesting. Given his injury history, I'd imagine that at this point he'd be looking for either league-minimum or even a minor-league contract. He certainly performed well enough in his very limited time to warrant at least a look, and I wonder if the Mets generated enough good will with him last year to be a first choice. Crazy idea - with his shoulder issues, maybe conversion to a reliever wouldn't be out of the question? On the theory that he'd stand a better chance of staying healthy with more limited innings.

The best David Tyree catch audio on the web


So apparently someone has taken it upon himself to upload the entirety of Super Bowl 42 to Spanish. I don't speak a word of Spanish, but this has got to be the best call of the Tyree catch I've ever heard (fast-forward to the 10-minute mark for the fun). Just a bit more emotional than Joe Buck, no? Then click here to get the Burress TD and the end of the game.

Royals DFA Kila Ka'aihue


Any reason not to put in a claim? Admittedly, assuming Ike makes a recovery, he'd either be a bench piece or a AAA masher, but it can't hurt to have depth. Plus, lefty power (and power in general) isn't something to sneeze at. KC never really gave him much of a chance at the big league level, and he's certainly an Alderson-type player with good plate discipline.


The Mets Should Bench Jason Bay For the Rest of the Year

Yes, yes - another Jason Bay post.  This is less about what to do with him for the long-term, which is a question for the off-season and beyond, but what to do between now and season's end.  My...

Mike Jacobs makes history!


I guess the home-run-in-his-first-at-bat thing will now be a few paragraphs further down in his bio. Too bad; for all of his faults, I always had a soft spot for him after his unsustainable hot streak to start his career in 2005.

WAR Games: Bay and Hairston


Jason Bay: 338 Plate Appearances, 0.6 WAR (Fangraphs) Scott Hairston: 108 Plate Appearances, 0.8 WAR I'm not going to pretend that Scott Hairston's level of production (swelled, obviously, by his game yesterday) is sustainable (if it were, and he played the whole season, he'd have the 3rd-highest WAR on the Mets, behind only Reyes and Beltran), but at this point playing Bay over him is folly. He clearly has far more raw power (.296 vs .095 ISO), and is simply a better player. I know this is beating a horse that has already been fashioned into glue, but if the Mets are going to continue to toy with the idea of contention, it simply doesn't make sense to keep giving Bay starts in left. I'm tired of getting false hope every time Bay flares a single to right-center that "this time" maybe he's got it. If the Mets are going to do things like using Izzy over Parnell as a closer - indicating that they're placing a priority on winning games this year - then it's about time Hairston got his shot.

The apocalypse is nigh


A New York MSM sportswriter praises the Mets? Actually calls them overachievers and uses the words "grit" and "gritty"? Advocates the re-signing of Jose Reyes? Wow.


A heartfelt plea to the MS Paint AA community

As always, I look to this community for a humorous distraction from the ridiculousness surrounding the Mets. I believe this calls for an MS Paint (or perhaps a notch or 2 above) project, but I am...

Multiple Mets personnel said no decision has been resolved on second base, and the speculation...


Multiple Mets personnel said no decision has been resolved on second base, and the speculation continues to be Brad Emaus or Luis Castillo will emerge as the second baseman, with Daniel Murphy also on the roster. In response to a report naming Luis Hernandez as Terry Collins' preference, one Mets person said, referring to a Mets infield prospect: "Why did we send [Jordany] Valdespin down?" The answer: Because evaluations are based on 2010 showings far more so than spring-training showings.

Hu and Who


So yesterday, Adam Rubin put up his projected Mets 25-man roster at this point. I can't really argue with any of them as projections, in terms of them being predictions of what's likely to happen. But as to the merits of this roster, one thing I wanted to throw around is the matter of Chin-Lung Hu. Pretty much every projection I've seen assumes that he will make the major league roster. Such projections seem warranted in light of the Mets' holding a press conference to announce his signing a couple months ago, indicating that they view him as a means of promoting themselves in the Taiwanese market. I'm going to address this purely from a performance standpoint, though - is there a strong reason to have a slick-fielding, poor-hitting middle-IF on the team, particularly given that the Mets' starting SS is one of their best players? Hu is more or less worthless as a PH (heck, I'd probably prefer Dickey), which makes our bench weaker. That hopefully will be mitigated by the fact that I expect that this regime will be smarter and less rigid about using its backup catcher as a pinch-hitter than JerryBot (as well as less wasteful of players in attempts to get purportedly favorable matchups) , so hopefully Hu doesn't see many at-bats, but it's still a liability in longer games needing multiple pinch-hitters. Hu's primary value, as I see it, is as a late-inning defensive replacement at 2B or a spot-starter/injury-emergency-replacement for Reyes at SS. That's not to be sneezed at given (1) that whoever winds up at 2B will probably be a defensive liability, and (2) Reyes's recent injury history, which probably warrants giving him more days off to preserve him. That said, Hu's bat is basically in Alex Cora territory, and his presence on the bench means that a superior hitter (at this point, possibly Nick Evans, assuming that Harris and Hairston make it) will be left behind and perhaps lost for good. So my question for the field is: is it worth it for the Mets to carry Hu for his glove, or are they better off carrying an additional bat like Evans, and (a) taking their chances with defense at 2B and (b) using a combination of Emaus/ Hairston/ Harris/ Murphy/ whoever as the backup/emergency SS?

What's the deal with Azubuike?


Isola, in the linked tweet above, seems to think that Kelenna's on the short list to get cut depending on who's signed. On the other hand, Hahn's recent tweets have indicated that he's close to returning and would likely see game action soon. Anyone know the real deal?

So, I'm not all that clear...


Did the Mets' owners meet with Bud Selig to discuss the team's finances? Becuase the combination of the headline, sub-headline, and first sentence of the linked article are somewhat ambiguous as to that.


25-man Roster Speculation

With the acquisitions of Young and Capuano, it seems like the Mets have made most of their significant off-season moves, so I thought it would be a good time to play around with a hypothetical...

Octavio Dotel and Jamie Moyer: Random mind-blowing factoids


So Octavio Dotel just signed with the Blue Jays. As a Met fan who was at Game 5 of the 1999 NLCS to watch Dotel, then a rookie, give up the lead and then get the win in the Grand Slam Single game, I couldn't believe that Octavio Dotel is 37 years old. But then I wondered something and looked a bit further. It turns out that Jamie Moyer, who still has aspirations of playing this year, is about 11 years older than Dotel (11 years and about a week). So 11 years ago, when Robin Ventura hit that ball over the fence and Dotel was a rookie flamethrower for the Mets, Jamie Moyer was 37 - as old as Dotel is now. And he's still pitching. If Octavio Dotel pitched as long as Jamie Moyer, he'd pitch until at least 2021.

GM Possibilities: Towers, Byrnes, Hahn


This is certainly an encouraging list, if in fact Heyman's musings have any basis in fact. As I understand, they're all forward-thinking guys who could hopefully be counted on to steer things in a more analytics-driven direction as opposed to the guesswork of the Minaya regime. I didn't know a whole lot obout Hahn, but this article makes him sound promising. And my guess is he'd come the cheapest, given that he's never been a GM before.

The Opening Day Roster: Where Are They Now?


A lot of this - well, all of it, really - is plowing over old ground, but I thought it was worthwhile doing anyway just as a demonstration. The 2010 Mets opening day roster was full of the products of questionable decisions (as the link in this post title indicates). How did those decisions pan out? Let's take a look. Still on active roster Blanco Castillo Wright Pagan Santana Pelfrey Feliciano Niese Takahashi Traded for minimal value Barajas Francoeur Designated for Assignment Jacobs * ** Matthews Cora Catalanotto Nieve * * Assigned to minors after clearing waivers ** Later traded for minimal value Sent to minors Green On active roster after demotion and recall Mejia Igarashi Tejada Injured Tatis Maine Rodriguez Bay In his own special category Perez With the understanding that even good teams make many roster moves over the course of a season, this list is simply staggering. No less than half of the Mets' opening day lineup, pitcher excluded (Barajas, Jacobs, Frenchy, Cora) has either been DFA'd or traded for peanuts. In other words, no less than half of the players whom the Mets deemed the most worthy and capable hitters in their entire organization have subsequently proven to have zero or extremely minimal value. The rest of the opening day roster was riddled with bad decisions that had outcomes that were entirely foreseeable, such as Oliver Perez' ineptitude, Maine and Green's injury problems, FCat having nothing left, and the Mejia debacle. The Mets did ultimately "correct" many of these mistakes, but the motto for this season should be "A Day Late and a Dollar Short." The Mets' unwillingness to spend resources on glaring holes such as 2B left them exposed, and their unwillingness to make obviously necessary moves until the last possible minute, have cost them numerous games and have brought them to this point. And the fate of many of the players on their opening day roster is an indictment of the judgment of the team's management.

Mejia tonight


7 IP, 1 H, 8 K, 2 BB, 0 R. Something to get excited about.

Justin Morneau, Clubhouse Cancer and Loser


Hmm. Maybe the Twins will trade him straight-up for Beltran? One problem for another.


The Core and the Mets vs. Patrick Ewing and the Knicks

Reading through a lot of the media drivel that's been written about the Mets over the past few weeks, is anyone else having flashbacks to the way that the media treated Patrick Ewing during his...


Walkoff losses and the use of Francisco Rodriguez

The Mets have 12 walk-off losses this year.  These losses have had a major impact on their record; had they won, say, even one third (4) of those games, their playoff position would look...

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