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I'm a little teapot.
Teams I also like: The San Antonio Spurs, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Timberwolves

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Who would actually go on the NBA Mt. Rushmore

Many moons ago, NBA writers and talking heads spent hours talking about who would be on their Mt. Rushmore. Unfortunately, this always devolved into a Top-4 players debate, and they were always...

Lowe: Why not the Warriors?


Surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Good read

Film Room: Kaepernick and Newton


Good read. Seems like Kaepernick is a little gun-shy now, perhaps his bad play is affecting his confidence.

Steph is not a fan of the sleeves


But he doesn't call out the poor color scheme.

Colin Kaepernick’s big TD run


Interesting breakdown of Kaepernick's run. Looks like the coaching staff predicted how the Packers would counter the zone read and countered it.

Bears interview Singletary for HC job


Singletary could always give a good interview.

David Stern stumbles again in his failed culture war against the Spurs


What's surprising in the article is that Pop congratulated Pat Riley for getting Wade, Lebron and Bosh.

How the Warriors improved their defense


Looks like Curry is an elite defender after all!

Trent Baalke on Colin Kaepernick


This is a video from 2011 in which Baalke explained what he saw in Kaepernick.

Hollinger: What's wrong with the Warriors?


Hollinger's take on the Warriors. It is interesting how Curry is currently having his worst season as a passer.

Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni


Looks like Phil is staying in Montana!

Eric Gordon out indefinitely


This is what could have happened if some team offered Curry a max deal and we matched. Gordon was out for most of last year, too. Good deal by the Warriors (crosses fingers).

Harden traded to Rockets


Wow, big trade. Morey nailed it.

David Stern makes a new rule

Commissioner, we have a problem. What's wrong? Did my approval rating suddenly rise? No it's more serious than that. It's Goodell. That guy? Please. Even if he used replacement...

Alex Smith throws out first pitch


Maybe he should have thrown it in a spiral

Jaime Dukes on Alex Smith


Instead of admitting he was wrong, he doubles down and tries to lie his way out of it. He would make a great CEO.


It doesn't matter if the Warriors don't make the Playoffs

Heading into the 2012-2013 season, the Warriors appear to be a decent team. They have a solid starting five and a deep bench. It is completely possible that they could be one of the top eight...

Steve Young Speaks the Truth


Steve Young is completely right. The NFL has no incentive to negotiate with the referees because people keep watching the games. They will continue to employ third-rate officials until the referees cave because they can. It's ultimately about money, not player safety or anything else. Everyone else on the set fails to get what Steve is saying. He's forced to keep repeating his point.

Aaron Rodgers will not wear Alex Smith's Jersey


Apparently TMZ is a go-to source for news now


A Crisis in Flopping

If flopping is here to stay, at least the league could make it a bit more interesting


How to become an ESPN writer

Are you living on the streets, using newspaper as a blanket? Are you dissastified with the job you currently have? Do you want to work only two hours per week? Well, fear not, my friends! Just...

Victor Conte says 50% of the MLB is doping


How is it fair that these players get off scot free while Melky gets suspended?

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