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I'm a little teapot.
Teams I also like: The San Antonio Spurs, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Timberwolves

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  • MLB San Francisco Giants
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Congrats to @kcsfinest4! It’s Great to have u back!— Mark Jackson (@JacksonMark13) July 31,...


Congrats to @kcsfinest4! It’s Great to have u back!— Mark Jackson (@JacksonMark13) July 31, 2012

Warriors have re-signed Brandon Rush, according to Mark Jackson

Orlando Magic might not trade Dwight Howard


Obviously Orlando is trying to get Houston to offer more, but that won't happen. The Lakers basically can only offer Bynum. Houston knows that... so get ready for more Dwight Howard news for the next three months!


Who would sponsor your NBA Team?

The NBA recently announced that it would be selling ads on jerseys in an attempt to earn more money. This brings up the question... who would sponsor your NBA team? Below are some possible...

Jeremy Lin offered a 4 year $30 million deal


If it makes Warriors fans feel better, we probably couldn't have afforded to keep him.

Warriors have signed Harrison Barnes


It doesn't say what his salary is, but it probably puts us close to (or over) the cap

Danny Ferry begins his GM career by robbing the Nets blind


Not only does he dump Joe Johnson's contract on the Nets, he also dumps Marvin Williams' contract on the Jazz! All these expiring contracts he got back will be pretty valuable at the trade deadline if someone wants to make a big trade!

Grantland Article on Harrison Barnes


It's from a couple months ago. An interesting take on whether Harrison Barnes cares too much about his "brand."

Spurs fan wants the Spurs to be terrible for a few years


Apparently the Spurs are winning so much that some Spurs fans are getting turned off by the Spurs. Interesting point of view, even if I disagree with it.

Bobcats are willing to trade the #2 pick for Gay


Just a rumor, but it looks like MJ is looking to make a big move to excite the fanbase!

Raptors shopping the 8th pick for a small forward


Is there something we're not getting here? Is the draft really not as good as people say? Apparently the Raptors are also willing to trade their pick for a player like Rudy Gay.

To Cheat or not to Cheat


Great story about steroids on SI

Stephen A Smith talking about LeBron


Stephen A Smith talking about LeBron

Advanced Statistical Tracking


Very interesting post on how some teams use technology to get even more data.

Harbaugh is the fourth highest paid coach in the NFC West


Looking back, that contract was a steal. Also, Pete Carroll and Jeff Fisher earn almost as much as Bill Belichick?

Warriors taking a look at Denzel Bowles


This guy has been dominant overseas, Warriors might be onto something. He looked very good in the championship. Youtube Highlights:


Comparing this team to the We Believe Warriors

Tonight was an epic night in tanking - the Warriors somehow lost despite holding a seven point lead. This led me to think of one thing - the We Believe Warriors, who went 16-5 at the end of the...

Shot of the Year


If he makes that consistently he would be unstoppable

Mike Malone on his way out?


At least we still have Mark Jackson

Don Nelson is a Hall of Famer


Not sure why this wasn't posted yet

Curry to sit two more weeks


Maybe Lee will go down with a mysterious injury soon...


Calling out the Freakonomics blog

Recently, there was a post by Dave Berri on the Freakonomics blog (H/T to scraider for the Fanshot) that made a controversial statement - you don't need to tank to be a "good team." Well, I read...

Kidd-Gilchrist to enter the draft


The Warriors definitely need to draft this guy! Unless Harrison Barnes is avaliable.

Jemele Hill criticizing the 49ers


There's a reason she's on First Take so much with Skip Bayless

Some love for the Warriors trades


One of the few writers who thinks that the Warriors came out winners.

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