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I'm a little teapot.
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Goodbye, Monta. And Thank You.

Monta Ellis was traded today. He was traded along with Ekpe Udoh for Stephen Jackson and Andrew Bogut. And so ends the Monta Ellis Era of the Golden State Warriors.

Dwight to Chicago?


The Warriors could be out of the Dwight sweepstakes. Watch for the dominoes to fall, though, if this trade is made.

Monta Ellis leaves locker room without talking to media. Did not look happy


Monta Ellis leaves locker room without talking to media. Did not look happy

From Marcus Thompson's Twitter Start up those trade rumors!

Warriors not interested in any Magic player except Dwight


Quote: "Orlando could get a third team involved. But as one source said, "we’re not trading Monta unless we get something really good in return. It would probably have to be an All-Star or that caliber of a player." The chances of Orlando finding a player from another team good enough for the Warriors to ship Ellis is extremely slim."

Klay moved down to #5 in rookie rankings


Apparently Pruiti doesn't like Klay's defense. Might explain why Klay isn't playing big minutes, though Ellis isn't exactly a defensive stopper himself.


A Play the Warriors like to Run Late in Games

Last night, the Warriors lost another close game. However, the play they ran late in the game was very similar to a play they ran late in the game against OKC. It looks as though the coaching...

Jerry West on the Warriors


So will Jerry West be the next GM? Or will he remain as an adviser?


Looking at the Late-Game playcalls

Last night's game against OKC was a barn-burner. Nobody could miss shots. Unfortunately, down the stretch of the game, the Warriors couldn't score enough, and came up empty on their last two...


An Alternative Explanation to why the Warriors let Lin, Williams and Bell go

After Lin went crazy against the Nets and Jazz, many Warriors fans were up in arms about his release. The Warriors had released him to make a slightly larger contract offer to DeAndre Jordan. ...

Pop wants a timeout


Pop wants a timeout

Adam Lauridsen interviews Joe Lacob


Very interesting interview. Lacob got a little testy at times and Adam didn't hold anything back.


Appreciating the Run and Gun Warriors

At its core, sports is about winning. No matter how much is made of sportsmanship and respect, at the end of the day, each team's goal is to do whatever it takes to defeat the other team. Winning...



Good evening. My name is Dr. John, but you can call me Dr. J. I am here to inform you all about a serious disease that is ravaging players throughout the NBA and spreading to the lower levels of...

Game Winning TD with crowd noise NOT filtered out


If you turn up the sound and are wearing headphones... well, RIP.


Why Haven't the Warriors sent Jeremy Tyler to the D-League?

On Thursday, Dwight Howard destroyed the Warriors on his way to a 40-20 night, the first since 2003. Nobody on the Warriors could defend Dwight, and many of the Warriors players got into foul...

Tonight seems like a good time to remind that FTA correlates with winning better than FT%.


Tonight seems like a good time to remind that FTA correlates with winning better than FT%.

From Twitter Please stop doing it, Mark Jackson

Jerry Sloan interested in coaching again


I know we all think Mark Jackson is a great coach (okay LOL not really)... but should Joe Lacob make a run at Jerry Sloan if he wants to coach again?


A Little Reason in all the Madness

Stephen Curry got injured yesterday against the Spurs. This injury was his third ankle injury this year, and has caused fans to speculate whether they should trade Curry, and whether Curry is...


Can Stephen Curry make the All Star team?

A few months ago, the Warriors sent out a "contract" to fans promising three things in 2012: a playoff appearance, an All-Star appearance by at least one Warrior, and that the club would win 25...

Hornets open to trading Chris Paul for Stephen Curry


If Chris Paul signs that extension then I am down for this deal. CP3! CP3!

Watch Jim Harbaugh "dance"


He should probably stick to coaching

NBA is very close to a labor deal


It seems like it's the real deal this time. I'm excited.

Bill Simmons interviews Billy Hunter


They talk about the lockout, and I come away feeling slightly more positive about the lockout. Just wish that certain small-market owners had not derailed the negotiations.

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