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I'm a little teapot.
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Billy Hunter interview with Bill Simmons


Great interview, a lot of interesting stuff


Stuff to do on PtR during the Lockout

    It's gotten pretty slow on PtR recently.  I posted a comment about this last week, but it looks like Sactown Royalty has a Risk (Google "Risk board game" if you don't know what it's about)...

Breakdown of Josh Morgan's TD and Crabtree's catch agains Nnamdi


It's interesting to note that on the pass to Crabtree, Vernon Davis was also open and could have gotten a TD because he had the corner beat. Still, it looked like the play was set up for Crabtree from the start, since Alex pump-faked to get Nnamdi out of position.


Which Players will Realistically be Waived under Amnesty?

Much has been made of the owners' ability, in the new CBA, to waive one player and have his salary not count against the salary cap.  However, it's not as if the owners will waive their most...

J. Abrams says Lee should be waived for amnesty


I want this too, but his salary might be too big to eat (owners still need to pay the players even though it doesn't count against the cap)

Jeremy Lin ranked 467th out of 500 NBA players


Good news: there's nowhere to go but up. Bad news: he's ranked behind NBA luminaries Brian Scalabrine, Luther Head and John Lucas III.

Barcelona buys a man they don't need


Cesc will look awesome warming the bench for Xavi. While the depth might be useful, assuming Mourinho employs the "tackle every midfielder in sight" defense, Barca probably needed to bolster its defense more than its midfield. Unless they play Cesc at CB, in which case everything is totally fine.


Plays the Warriors Might Run More, Part 2: Lee/Curry Off Screen Variations

If the Warriors run Curry off David Lee more often, they will most likely have many variations of that play which involve more ball movement and man movement so that they will have second or third...


Plays the Warriors Might Run More, Part 1: Lee/Curry Off Screen

Now that Keith Smart is not coaching the Warriors, it's safe to expect more actual plays being run instead of Monta isolation.  Here are a couple plays the Warriors ran last year (yes, Keith Smart...


Some Perspective on Jeremy Lin

  Jeremy Lin didn't exactly light the NBA world on fire after he was signed by the Warriors.  However, Lin didn't deserve a lot of the criticism which he received.  He did everything he was...


Andris Biedrins, Free Throw Percentage Vampire

This year, Andris Biedrins improved his free throw percentage by .163 points, while Louis Amundson's free throw percentage fell by .154 points.  Some say that these close figures are just a...


Analyzing Jerry West's Drafting Record

Jerry West has a reputation as the best, if not one of the best executives in the league.  However, how good is he at drafting players?  Yes, he traded Vlade Divac for Kobe Bryant, which gave him...

Having a little fun in anticipation for the draft Wish he still had a full head of hair though...


Having a little fun in anticipation for the draft Wish he still had a full head of hair though ~:')


A Letter to Mark Jackson

Dear Mark Jackson,

Kelly Dwyer on Mark Jackson


I'll give him half a year to prove he's a good coach.


How Mark Jackson Was Hired, in Pictures

Joe Lacob is doing his interviews...


Dorell Wright's Pump Fakes are not a Good Thing

We've seen it before: Dorell Wright catches the ball on the perimeter.  His defender, helping on a pick and roll or a drive, closes out hard, knowing that Dorell Wright is a knockdown three-point...


NBA Championship Game 2 Thread

Obviously, Shaq's retirement has caused everyone to forget that there's an NBA championship going on. That must be the explanation. Certainty not because I'm a loner who spends way too much time...

Jeff Passan Makes a Very Good Argument for Violent Collisions at Home Plate


Yes, Jeff. If Whiteside's leg had snapped in two, nobody would have cared, because nobody cares about backup catchers. Every time you want to protect a run, you have to be willing to suffer a serious injury. Baseball should "live for these situations." That's a great argument. Wow.


The Future of the NBA (Or, Why I'm Temporarily Supporting the Mavs)

The Future of the NBA (Or, Why I'm Temporarily Supporting the Mavs)

2 things: 1. Joe Lacob, I want a championship contender, not first round fodder. 2. Nevertheless,...


2 things: 1. Joe Lacob, I want a championship contender, not first round fodder. 2. Nevertheless, it's nice to see the ownership actually communicating with the fans.

Is this Mark Jackson?


Is this Mark Jackson?


Win Now or Win Later

Coming into this offseason, it looks like the Warriors have most of the starting rotation locked up.  David Lee is signed to a maximum deal.  Monta Ellis and Steph Curry are locked into Warriors...


Explaining the First Draft Pick

The Clippers lost out on the first drat pick.  Eric Pincus said the Clippers couldn't legally protect the pick..    Tom Ziller said that they could. Larry Coon had a great breakdown of how exactly...

Kevin Durant with the vicious dunk on Brendan Haywood


Kevin Durant with the vicious dunk on Brendan Haywood


David Kahn Announces New Method of Drafting Players

  (AP) - Hours after making several controversial comments about the NBA Draft Lottery, David Kahn discussed a new method of drafting players at the Wolves' underground bunker under Wolves...

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