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Beane selling off players

So here is the idea that I have been thinking about for a while. Beane is not great at moving players in season. Or should I say not good a dumping players. This premise is based on two...


Roy Oswalt = opportunity

As I sit here in front of my computor and read what happen in the Baseball world over the last 24 hour on I see an opportunity for the A's. This opportunity is named Roy Oswalt. ...


Baseball America A's top ten

Just got the Baseball America with the AL west top tens. Their top 30 is due out next month. Take it for what you think it is worth. I always find it an interesting read, both this issue and the...


The A's of 2012 or is it 1977

Is it just me or does this A's season coming up begin to look more and more like some redo from 1977? The A's bring in a former MVP, that has had "issues" in the past. 1977 Dick Allen or 2012...


A's should sign Manny Ramirez & Roy Oswalt

The A's should think about signing Manny Ramirez and Roy Oswalt. Let us start with Manny. While most of you would think signing Manny is not a good idea, I will try to put to you a plan that...


To trade Bailey

Ever since Taj Adib did his interesting FanPost on breaking up the current A's roster, I have been thinking about Bailey's value.  Since the post came up, it looks as if the Phillies are about to...


Baseball America's top 30 A's prospects

1. Carter 2. Wallace 3. Green 4. Stassi 5. Figueroa 6. Ross 7. Weeks 8. Desme 9. Cardenas 10. Doolittle 11. Ynoa 12. C. Brown 13. Rodriguez 14. Donaldson 15. Mortensen 16. Krol 17....


Crosby, Stewart and Cabrera

A few points about these three players... 1) Last year the Blue Jays signed Shannon Stewart to a minor league contract and invited him to Spring training. He made the club and yet the A's did not...


Rule 5 draft this winter question

With the A's picking up all these new players and with maybe more to come I was wondering what will happen at rule 5 time. Are the A's going to lose two or three prospects that they just traded...


Baseball America Prospect Handbook 2008

Baseball America's Proscppect Hanbook is out with it's 30 top A's proscects.  It is interesting in that it went to press before the trades of Swisher, Haren and Kotsay. 1. Daric Barton (last years...


hit the Street?

With Beane starting to clean house with the A's, and looking to 2009 and beyond. There is a different idea than just trading Street for one or two more prospects. How about signing Street to a long...


Stewart and Piazza decline arbitration

Shannon Stewart and Mike Piazza declined arbitraton last night. With the old rules in baseball the A's could not resign either player until May 1st, but I belive that rule is no longer in effect....


Baseball America top 30 list

Thought it would help to put out what Baseball America thought of the A's minor league and their top 30 prospects. Travis Buck (last year rating 5) Daric Barton (1) Kurt Suzuki (11) Matt...


Baseball America Prospect Handbook is out

Just got the Baseball America Prospect Handbook yesterday and as always it is a good read. They ranked the A's lower than most years, in that they lost great prospects to the big team (Street,...


The Cost of Payton

The trade is a few days old an all of Athletics Nation has been putting their 2 cents in on both the Payton and Byrnes deals. My big question is what is the money or cash that the Sox are sending...


Baseball America ranks top 30 prospects

Baseball America has put out it book on the game's top prospects as ranked by them. Here is the A's list. Swisher (last year #6) Barton Herrera (last year #28) Meyer Blanton (last year #2) J...


Sandy Alderson, A's GM

I am not sure this has been brought to light. The A's GM in the late 80's and early 90's was Sandy Alderson. If as Tony LaRussa says, he knew that Canseco was using steriods, then it is very likely...


East Coast Green and Gold

The A's must be doing something right. The Red Sox added Billy McMillion to their spring training roster. So how many years in a row is it that the Sox get one of the A's Players. This is not a...



Kevin Brown : good pitcher, hurt a great deal of the time but good pitcher, paid a great deal too. So here is the idea. If the Yanks trade Brown and send money to pay his contract, do they pay...


Victor Moreno....rule 5

The A's got Victor Moreno a right hand pitcher in the AAA part of the rule 5. They did not lose any one. Moreno pitched for the Twins and was 7 win and 2 loses and ERA of 2.27 in New Britain (AA)....


Goodbye Dye....

Espn reports on their transaction page that the A's declined arbitration to Dye, McLemore, Hammond and Mecir.


A's payroll for 2005 and after

With the deal for Kendall seeming to be done, I thought it would be interesting to do the math on what the team is getting payed this coming year and after. Some of the players pay is still up in...

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