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I like to spread out my team allegiances across the entire United States. Dodgers in the west, Spurs in the south, Dolphins in the east, and Flyers in the north.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
  • NFL Miami Dolphins
  • NCAAF Texas Longhorns
  • NCAAB Texas Longhorns
  • NHL Philadelphia Flyers
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Well, that wasn't easy to watch. Here are my positives and negatives for the Dolphins Buccaneers game. Positives: R. Matthews was pretty impressive tonight. He showed the ability to read...



GAME NOTES Here are my game notes for this disappointing loss: 1. Wallace can’t be the focus of the offense. Through the first few games, the offense moves more consistently with Tannehill...


Understanding the Cap - Help!

Flyers fan in Texas here, and I'm trying to understand a little more about the salary cap and how it affects the Flyers this upcoming year. I've made a couple of assumptions on what is possible...


Miami Dolphins All-Time 53 Man Roster

Enough free agent and draft talk! I thought it would be fun to try and put together an all-time Miami Dolphins 53 man roster. 25 players on offense, 25 players on defense, and 3 special team...


Nutty TE Tyler Eifert Draft Talk

There has been a lot of talk about drafting TE Tyler Eifert with the #12 pick. I just don't see it happening. Just as OG is not a "need" or "impact" position, TE is not either. Yes, there are a...


Analysis of Dolphins Draft History Since 2000

As the 2013 NFL Draft approaches, it is interesting to look back over the last decade or so of Dolphins' drafts to get an overall picture of how well the team has done in drafting and developing...


A Dolphins Fan's Look at a Fresh Start to the Year

Part of being a fan is the ability to wipe the slate clean each year and start afresh. Many fans will shake their heads and laugh in disbelief that someone like me can be so irrationally positive....


Realistic Draft Options at #12

So many questions about where the Dolphins will go with their 1st Round pick in the upcoming draft, especially after the many moves (both in adding to the team as well as subtracting from the...


Are the Dolphins better so far this offseason?

Obviously the off season is not anywhere near done, but I thought it would be an interesting review of what the Dolphins have gained and lost so far. Breaking these changes into three situations,...


Ranking the Starters - What are the real needs for the Dolphins?

With the first wave of free agency over, some of the overall plan of Ireland and Philbin is coming into focus. Get younger, faster, and build new leadership both on offence and defense away from...


Holding steady with the current roster...

Without any seemingly great FA pieces to fit in currently, my best guess at the team's line pairings would be the following: CAPGEEK.COM USER GENERATED ROSTER My Custom Lineup FORWARDS Scott...


Post-Draft 53 Man Roster

Let the speculation begin! Just watching the final few minutes of the 2012 NFL Draft - always one of my favorite times of year. Congratulations to all the new Dolphins! It really is amazing how...


All-Time Dolphins Position-by-Position: Safeties

I've been reading the daily updates on the Top 100 Dolphins football players based on Pro Football Reference grading system. Great trip down memory lane for a lot of these players, many of which...


Dolphins 2012 SALARY CAP situation in detail

I thought I'd take a look at the 2012 Dolphins Salary Cap as a prelude to further discussions on what the Dolphins might or might not do when it comes to free agency and the draft this offseason. ...


How MANNING to the Dolphins MIGHT happen

Ahhh, rumors. With the internest, ESPN, and so many print and TV reporters out there, who knows what is correct and what is just an opinion based on little factual information. But the rumor and...


How good is Matt Moore?

A fan's look at the NFL quarterbacks. Where does Dolphins starter Matt Moore fit among the NFL quarterbacks?


DRAFT Without a 1st Round QB

I think as Dolphin fans, we would all like to somehow see either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III end up as their 1st Round pick. We've also all heard the difficulties in this happening. The C...


Former Flyers

Looking around the league, you could put together a great team of former Flyers. It might look something like this: Forwards: Versteeg Sharp Lupol Williams Richards Prospal Downie Carter...


Flyers youth and the Playoffs

First posting here on Broad Street Hockey from a Flyers fan down in Dallas, Texas. I didn't grow up with the sport, have never played it, but I've been a Flyers fan since the 80's when cable TV...

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