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Happy 92nd Birthday to a Georgia Legend

Happy 92nd Birthday to Georgia Legend Charley Trippi

Letter to Florida's President


Fisheries Dawg is a DGD. He's got a degree from UGA, and he's as big of a Georgia guy as you'll ever meet. He also spent a year as a POW getting his masters at Florida. I woke this morning to see a copy in my inbox of his email to UF President Bernie Machen. I couldn't agree more with his sentiments.

Former UGA, NFL OL Scott Adams dies at 46


Sad news. He played under Dooley and later in the NFL. Went on to become a successful mortgage lender in Athens. Great guy, he will be missed.

Fresh start for the Diamond Dawgs


Looks like Stricklin is starting things off right, according to this article from the Athens Banner-Herald.

New manager for the Diamond Dawgs

Downindixie brings us news that the next manager for the Diamond Dawgs could be former Tech assistant and current Kent St head man Scott Stricklin.


What's next for the Diamond Dawgs?

DowninDixie gives his take.

UGAA Changes Drug Testing Policy


Just not very much, and not in the way we wanted. Basically, we've lost our sources for information. Editors Note: from Online Athens.


The Georgia Bulldog Club 101

This past Friday was a good day: It marked the end of a workweek, box seats for Alison Krauss and Union Station at the Classic Center on Friday night, and drinks with friends afterward in downtown...

Peaches Fine Foods in Athens is Closing


My favorite Athens lunch spot will be closing their doors on Friday. You can keep your Weaver D's and Mama's Boy, I prefer Peaches for real soul food. (Mrs. Glenda also usually fed the team on the Friday before home games.) If you're in town, go see them Thursday or Friday. Hailtogeorgia blames Bobo!

Thirty-two years ago, Erskine Russell penned "The Letter" and sent it to our football team. It was...


Thirty-two years ago, Erskine Russell penned "The Letter" and sent it to our football team. It was a harbinger of things to come. Just a little motivation to remind you that we are 54 days from kickoff in Sanford!

Quintavious Harrow is off the Team


According to Anthony Dasher of The link requires you be a rivals insider, which I am not. But on the heels of IC's dismissal, his best friend, high school teammate, and passenger from last week is also gone.

Sad news: Craig "Sky" Hertwig passes away at 60. DGD


Condolences to the family and friends of Craig "Sky" Hertwig. I remember many nights at Nowhere Bar and Sky's Place. There are a few that I don't remember, also.


Diamond Dawgs Season Wrap-Up

Ed. note: Promoted from the Fan Posts. Nicely done, downindixie. I spent much of my time as a child with my grandmother, a woman who taught high school English for over 30 years. She always...

New GymDogs Coach Selected


Going outside of the program. Interesting pick.


The Liberty Way

Fresh off a series win against the Black Bears Rebels baseball team of the flagship school of the state that boasts being rated last in the country in high school graduation rates and teenage...

Perno's Penthouse


For those of you on twitter, especially fans of the Diamond Dawgs, you should follow our friends in the brick house out on Kudzu Hill. Their hatred for Tech rivals mine.

DGD Charley Trippi to be Honored


Should make for a good addition to a great weekend in Athens for the mayor.

Keith Marshall races Malcolm Mitchell video


Who wins? Watch to find out. They are both really, really fast.


Monday Morning Dawg Bites -- Boxing Day Edition

Traditionally, Boxing Day is a day following Christmas on which the wealthy landowners give their servants a box containing gifts. It's evolved into a federal holiday in the United Kingdom,...

UGA outselling Michigan St. for bowl tickets 2 to 1


Looks like our fans are excited about making the trip; the crowd from East Lansing, not so much. Hopefully this will carry over into the game. Also, tickets are still available from UGA, so there's no excuse not to make this trip (work be damned).


Thoughts from a former Wartiglesman

My grandfather, a man who, unfortunately, passed away before I was born, was from a small town in northeast Alabama. He went to the erstwhile Alabama Polytechnic Institute before he graduated and...

Front page of the Red and Black after the sprinkler game in 1986. Another reason to hate Auburn!


Front page of the Red and Black after the sprinkler game in 1986. Another reason to hate Auburn!

David Pollack reacts to UGA win over Florida


David Pollack reacts to UGA win over Florida

Great article by Loran about a visit with Munson


Loran has written a gem. This one is a must-read for any Dawg. Love and prayers to Larry. I thank God that I was able to grow up listening to him. We all should.

Alabama really hates Tennessee.


Alabama really hates Tennessee.


Greg McGarity's Comments to Athens Touchdown Club Regarding Conference Expansion

For years, the UGA head football coach has spoken to the Athens Touchdown Club regarding the state of the team at the club's bi-weekly meeting.  This year, that practice has been abaondoned as CMR...

Flag Boy Vandalizes North Avenue


The nerds are vandalizing their own campus. I guess they got tired of having ticklefights.

You'll have to be signed in to youtube and verify your age to watch this, but it's "Colonel Reb is...


You'll have to be signed in to youtube and verify your age to watch this, but it's "Colonel Reb is Smiling-The Giggity Song." This updated the "Colonel Reb is Crying" song used on Memphis sports radio when Coach O was hired a few years ago.

Great news for the Diamond Dawgs--No more Nike bats!


Welcome relief has finally been granted UGA by Nike, who will allow the Dawgs, among 5 other schools, to swing bats by companies other than Nike. Fisheriesdawg and I sat together in Omaha in 2008 and watched Nike lumber cost us a national championship. It's 4 seasons too late, but better late than never!


Not to rub salt in a wound, but this made me angry...

As if our lack of preparation wasn't obvious enough, the following gem appeared in the Athens Banner-Herald Dawgbytes section on September 7.  Am I the only one who believes this is just another...

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