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Born and raised in Portland. 18+yrs

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Video Exit Interviews - Discussion

Some very interesting tidbits. I know in the past you usually can read transcripts or summarized comments on exit interviews. It's interesting to watch the body language though. I think that some...

I think I just came up with the best nickname for TRob.


OpThomas Prime! Because he's a truck/semi.

Me, unable to wait for game 1 vs. Spurs.

Coach Nick at BBall Breakdown talks Blazers/Rockets Game 1


A ton of good insight from a good basketball mind.

Mickael Pietrus availabe


Pretty good 3&D guy, experienced in guarding guys like Lebron, KD. You know for when we get the WC Finals and Finals.


Pickup basketball in PDX

Hey guys, I really wanted to ask this for the longest time but does anyone know where the best places to play pick up basketball games in Portland are? I'm in town for alittle bit and I brought my...

Steven Adams and Rudy Gobert to workout for Blazers tomorrow.


@ChrisBHaynes "Pittsburgh C Steven Adams & C Rudy Gobert will work out for #Blazers Thursday, I'm told. Will be a good one. Paul Allen appearance worthy." @ChrisBHaynes "The #Blazers wanted this matchup in a workout to occur for some time: Steven Adams' bulk vs Rudy Gobert's length."


Potential 2nd Round steal: Ricky Ledo

I was over at the RealGM NBA Draft forums and couldn't help be a bit intrigued by a very under the radar draft prospect named Ricky Ledo. A 6'6" SG from Providence College. Story is he was ruled...


Will Barton's guaranteed contract and a little more

Like Houston with Chandler Parsons, Portland locked up Barton on a 3 year contract immediately in his rookie signing period. They obviously see value in him and hope he's able to contribute in the...


Devin Harris and Emeka Okafor

So, I posted this on the RealGM boards. Wanted to see what you guys might think. -------------------------------- So depending on the draft pick and Hickson we could essentially have 12-13M in...

Lilliard leads most in Hollinger Rookie stats


All stats updated through games played on 11/3/12 -His Value Added (VA) is #1. Sky high at 25.2 followed by Dion Waiters at a measly 9.3, Davis At 9.2 -EWA (Est. Wins Added) is #1 at 0.8 followed by Waiters and Davis at 0.3 - USG (Usage Rate) #1 at 25.2 followed by Valanciunas at 22.3, Waiters at 22.2 -#4 in Assist Ratio at 28.8 -#6 in TS% (True Shooting Percentage) at .573. This should be 5 because Kyle Singler (#1) has a ridiculous TS of 1.071. #2 is our own Meyers Leonard at .725 followed by Davis, Drummond and Barnes. Not including Singler. Only Barnes, Lillard and Jae Crowder (#8 TS%) are wing players shooting above .500. Dion Waiters (#10) a few hairs below at .495. Pretty sweet stats.

Bogut on the trade block


Bucks listening to offers. Bogut expected to miss another 8-12 weeks though... Via RealGM

Roddy Beaubois on the trade block.


"Sources say Dallas is about ready to move on from the Roddy Beaubois experiment. The Mavericks have thought for years that the talented young Frenchman could be another Tony Parker, but he has not been able to master the move from shooting guard to point guard. Nor has he been able to fill the void left by J.J. Barea. If they don't move him before this year's deadline, he could be gone over the summer."

Elliot Williams dunks and blocks Sebastien Telfair.


Elliot Williams dunks and blocks Sebastien Telfair.

Clippers Reportedly Interested In Przybilla


A little surprised no one posted this. From RealGM via LATimes. Mentions that Clips. Bucks, Heat and Mavs are interested. No mention of Blazers.


Roy's salary almost could have come off the books this year

So, I'm rewriting this because I jumped the gun and didn't research dates. Fail. I'll admit it, don't know why I'm still going to post this. Figure it would be a wasted effort if I don't. I...

Good thing we traded this guy?


Good thing we traded this guy?

NBADraft: State of the Cap: Portland Trailblazers


Hey! An article about us!...We got a C+ That rhymed..

Tjarks: Big Man Scarcity


"So if there isn’t a large gap in talent between two players, late first-round teams are almost always better off selecting the bigger one. There aren’t many men in the world with the height needed to play in the NBA; there are even fewer that also have the necessary athleticism, skill-set and desire. Only 5% of American males are taller than 6’3, while the CDC’s statistics on height suggest there are only 70 native-born seven-footers between the ages of 20 and 40 in the entire US." .................... "Now Portland has to enter the shallow pool of free-agent big men whenever the CBA is resolved, possibly without any kind of salary-cap exceptions. The sure things (Tyson Chandler, Nene, Marc Gasol) will want contracts upwards of $10 million a year, and with playoff teams like Atlanta and New York desperate for size, even guys like Sam Dalembert and Kris Humphries will be looking for at least $5 million."

Short video of Brandon Knights work out with the Kings. Kid looks good. Quick and tight dribble,...


Short video of Brandon Knights work out with the Kings. Kid looks good. Quick and tight dribble, big body, quick and athletic. I'd love to have him.

Woelfel: Blazers Could Trade Up To Draft Alec Burks?

Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal-Times writes... -------------- "Don't be surprised if Portland, which has the 21st pick, tries to move up, perhaps to land Colorado shooting guard Alec Burks. Milwaukee (10), Charlotte (9) and Houston (14) are also big Burks' fans. Burks, by the way, has the ideal shooting guard size, measuring 6-6 in shoes, 6-5 without." -------------- Here's his Draft Express profile. ed: bumped to front page

David Aldridge: Some difficult choices found in this batch of award winners


Lengthy article with prelimanary awards list and winners. David snubs both LMA for MIP and Nate for COY Also interviews LMA about his year and the Blazers.

Celtics looking to pick up Arroyo. Will not extend Chris Johnson.


Just states that Boston will not be extending Chris Johnson after his current 10 day deal is done. Last roster spot should go to a big that can play, or in his case be insurance, in the playoffs. He fits that bill.

Deron Williams and the Knickerbocker issue


Wow. Deron Williams... Destroying Utah single handedly...

Oden Still Wants To 'Dominate'


Little well rounded article on Greg. Not a whole of new info, just a few other perspectives.

Brandon Roy hopes to return this year

Roy said that while he'd like to come back, he'll try to be patient and follow the advice of team doctors. The Blazers have not set a timetable for his return. "Now is challenging because I want to start pushing the minute it feels good enough and the doctor is still saying 'Nah, we have to take it a little bit easier.' So it's tough," he said. I'd like someone to ask him what he thinks his role will be when he gets back or how he thinks he'll be able to fit in. ISO offense will never win championships. Atlanta found this out by losing repeatedly in the playoffs, almost lost JJ in free agency and fired their coach. Cleveland found this out by losing their Hall of Fame player. Unfortunately, we're finding this out by losing our max deal star player to injury. Here's to Brandon re-acclimating himself to the new offense.

Hornets Have Inquired about Iggy


Hornets are looking very solid right now, beign undefeated and all. And how about this a quality Eastern conference player potentially coming West? This is pretty substantial move for NO, if they get him. He's way better than Ariza and can play SG and way better than Bellinelli. Would love Iggy for the Blazers but that's looking highly unlikely.

Portland vs. Phoenix 10-11 Regular Season Opener NWSports100 at it again. Pumping this out...


Portland vs. Phoenix 10-11 Regular Season Opener NWSports100 at it again. Pumping this out fast!

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