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OT: Clippers trade Q-Rich to Minnesota for Telfair, Smith, Madsen


A little surprising to me that Minny gave up talent just to get an expiring contract. That said, Telfair on the move probably means Rubio this year.

The Bulls just re-signed Lindsey Hunter...something has to be going on (Hinrich)


Call me crazy, but a team that already has their franchise PG in Derrick Rose (who played 45 MPG in the playoffs and 37 MPG in the regular season) that adds Jannero Pargo and Lindsey Hunter sure seems to have their PG rotation on lock. Of course, we all know Captain Kirk can play off-guard, but it seems genuinely strange to push on the tax range (which they were before Hunter) with the plan of not playing Hinrich at his natural position at all.

Al Jefferson has a torn ACL


Poor guy- hate to see a player go down, especially a great one.


OT: J-Rich traded to Phoenix is reporting that the trade is J-Rich, Jared Dudley, and a 2010 2nd roudner for Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, and Sean Singletary h...


What would you give up for Rudy Gay?

Hey all, I'm a Warriors fan who is infatutated with the Blazers and reads this board consistently. It seems to me like consolodation needs to be in Portland's plans, as the Blazers already have a...


An Idea: Cain for Prince and Sanchez for Phillips?

Hey fellas, Long-time lurker, first-time thread starter.   My basic thought is this: The Giants have done a fantastic job in the last few years of drafting pitching, and now is actually a...


Accurate 2009 and 2010 Salary Estimations

There have been a great deal of posts about the 2009 and 2010 offseasons, so I figured as a salary cap guy, I'd post the actual #'s for players along with some background. If a number looks wrong,...


Where the Warriors should go from here

Hey guys, It's been a tough few days, but honestly this short-term pain and frustration can be turned into long-term success. First of all, the Warriors were not going to be title contenders in...


A possible Warriors trade (my idea)

I'll explain the rationale for each team afterwards, but I'll post the trade first:  


Framework of a Franchise

Hey guys,I write for a blog (Vegan Fish Tacos) and have been working on a feature called "Framework of a Franchise" where I go through a team and talk about what they have and where they should go...


A superstitution question

I'm sorry for posting this seperately than the other thread, but I need some new eyes on the question than will see it buried deep in the other thread, especially considering the time constraint.


James Keefe redshirting

Reported by both Mr. Dohn and the BRO fellas.It'll be interesting to see if it's more injury related than playing time related (here's hoping it's a PT issue), and Coach Howland can always remove...


Shaun Livingston?

It's abundantly clear that the Warriors need a back-up PG and ideally someone who they can develop into the starter long-term (especially if Monta stays on the team and becomes a SG like I think he...


Dohn reports UCLA won't pursue Leach won't pursue Leach as coach By Brian Dohn, Staff Writer Article Launched: 12/05/2007 10:20:45 PM PSTLOS ANGELES - UCLA is still in the...


Bronco Mendenhall

I've been looking over his resume and it's impressive to say the least. He has done a great job at BYU and sure seems to embrace the challenges of that institution (as UCLA would bring its own)....


Charlie Bell? [UPDATE: signs 5-year offersheet with Miami Heat]

Read on ReamGM that he will not be a Buck next year. To me, he seems like a great fit for the Warriors because he has solid size for his position and plays solid D, as well as being a decent...


Anyone know if Carlos Arroyo is on the market?

He seems like a logical fit in a few ways for the Dubs, as he appears capable of running a fast-paced offense and has an expiring contract.Also worth mentioning is that the Magic still have a...


Does the money to sign Kosta come from the MLE?

It doesn't seem like it could be an exception of sorts, since he was not drafted this season. I would love to be wrong on this, but hope for clarification either way.Also, what would the Dubs be...


What were the Blazers thinking with the Randolph trade?

If they had just traded him for expiring contracts (let's just say the Wizards were willing to do Randolph for Jamison, but even if it was worse expirings), they could have had over $10m in cap...


What do you guys think about this potential KG deal

To me, it makes a ton more sense for the T-Wolves to not take on Foyle's deal.Because of the 125% rule, the minimum salary the Dubs could give up to get KG would be $17,600,000 ($22m / 1.25).As...


Anyone know a good place to watch the fight near UCLA?

Mayweather/De La Hoya

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