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Riveria Staying!


Redskins in a unique position, more QB speculation...

Reading the web and cruising through twitter I came upon this article on NFL Salary cap projections SunSentinal.com

Top-20 DMV Twitter


Congrats! Very well deserved and nice statements... HogsHaven (@HogsHaven): @Above_Legit: One of the most up-to-date blogs on the web, Hogs Haven generates a ton of interest among Redskins fans. It’s constantly updated with analysis of games, the latest from within the organization and provides great insight on the team. Judging by his near 15K tweets, I’d say hes a Twitter must follow. @Callahan_9: Best Redskins blog bar none! @John_Atchison: "What A wonderful group of Redskins fanatics in my opinion. They seem like a group I would be hanging with in a local bar talking sports and talking smack!

Pepsi Rookie of the Week


Help Vote Roy for Rookie of the Week, should be no contest

Cooley get's it!


In a league full of glad-handing and ass slapping between competing teams, I actually care about the organization and fan base that has supported me throughout my 8-year career. While I feel an honest respect for all NFL players, I show no remorse in cheering against another team, especially the Cowboys. If it sounded like I was delighted by Tony Romo’s failure last week, I was. Though I have no personal vendetta toward Romo, my feelings for him had nothing to do with me reveling in a divisional foe blowing the biggest 2nd half lead in the history of its proud franchise. Now before the rivalry-igniting defense of my comments, I would like to state a couple of facts: Any question on why Cooley is loved...He is real HTTR and Cooley

Sav Rocca-Redskins punter!


Sav Rocca-Redskins punter!

@Mr_Henson51 Robert Henson Just got released later Redskin faithful it's been real!! I'm...


@Mr_Henson51 Robert Henson Just got released later Redskin faithful it's been real!! I'm motivated outta the ass right now I'm gonna bust my ass and when/if I ever come back on the other sideline beware!!! A LB released does this mean a potential signing or players coming off of the PUP list

@Mr_Henson51 twitter

2011 Redskins via The Om Field

We are heading into Year Two of a new regime, conceived and coordinated by professionals who have succeeded at the highest levels of the game. Ask yourself how many wins in a given season can be attributed directly to talent. Then ask yourself how many can be attributed to a team being a team. Statements like this remind me why I'm a Redskin fan,... Gibbs winning three superbowls with 3 different QB, no names who became names because they won as a group, teams the exceeded expectations without all the name recognition until they had won...Shanahan and Allen appear to be building that type of team...Let's give it time to work!

Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter Filed to ESPN: Washington traded DT Albert Haynesworth to the New...


Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter Filed to ESPN: Washington traded DT Albert Haynesworth to the New England Patriots for a fifth-round pick in 2013.


After the second round


Redskin's are being run by grown-ups and learning, this year may not work out perfect but...it builds with a plan and a system...GREAT picks

I have been truly impressed with the way everyone has shown up and worked. Of course I understand...


I have been truly impressed with the way everyone has shown up and worked. Of course I understand the endless cycle of offseason anticipation, as well as I fully realize that we have gone through Super Bowl winning June's in Ashburn for a long time. But honestly, there is a true reason for fans to get ready to "cheer their asses off" this season (Shannahanism).


Redskins sign Furrey to bolster receiving corps


Which is really a non-issue signing but a signing none the less, more important is the quote The team made other roster moves Wednesday, releasing linebacker Alvin Bowen, defensive lineman Antoine Holmes, cornerback Marcus McCauley and tight end Sean Ryan. This should mean all the Draft picks will be signed shortly!

Redskins' Derrick Dockery Is A Man On A Mission


Henry Ford was quoted as saying: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right!" The offensive line appears to have a point to prove and is believing they can!


If it's not Eagle players, then it's Buc's personnel

The always reliable, (cough, cough),PFT is reporting that Williams and the Buc's are no longer together. No, not the Roster Williams, but Superbowl QB Doug Williams


Interesting; TE to a successful tackle has happened in the Past

Maybe carrying so many TE on the Redskins Roster can be a positive, if a TE can convert to a successful tackle

Redskins Add Draft to Linebacker Corps

The Redskins have signed veteran linebacker Chris Draft, the team announced on Friday. Another solid Veteran to challenge the younger players, If you look at New England and who they add each year, along with all the Draft picks they always seem to pickup the solid Vet players who fit into their system, which is not always the big name player, see Jason Taylor. A LB who fit's into playing this system. Really only leaves 2 roster spots open for all the "Try-out" players this weekend

A Roster Review, no evaluations, Just the Roster

Add a Galloway and with the Draft picks and the two (THAT's 2!) UDFA, the Roster stands at 85 players! NFL Rule: Prior to the start of NFL summer camp, each team is allowed 80 players on their...


A 4-12 team has magically become an 8-8 team?

Redskins under the direction of new Head Coach Mike Shanahan and GM Bruce Allen have used the off-season to change the team from a 4-12 team to an 8-8 team, and this has been accomplished with...

DeAngelo Hall says Skins will dominate NFC East

"It's based on the talent we feel like we've got," he said. "It's based on the improvements I feel like we've made. It's based on the scheme. The scheme alone is gonna give us four or five more wins. The games we lost by two, three points, we'll win those games, easy. Very nice to have a player excited going into the season, unlike season pasts when the players recognized the talent but the only ones excited where the Vinny and the Dan.

Super bowl, what can the Redskins learn

The elder statesmen puts into perspective what the Redskins can learn from the Superbowl winning teams.

Allen: 'We're going 100 mph getting ready for free agency'


The future is different: Allen and Shanahan are building the future, which does not mean a lot of things will not be changing this year but the PLAN will be... We are going to have a new style of defense, we are going to have a new style of offense," general manager Bruce Allen said today on ESPN 980. "It's going to be Redskins football, and the pieces we can acquire this year will be the first steps to building that philosophy." And that is what it is all about

Redskins add Sean McVay as offensive assistant


As previously reported, the Redskins have retained Steve Jackson as safeties coach, and the team today also announced the hiring of Sean McVay as an offensive assistant. This is not just a "Sean McVay", but Sean McVay son of Tim and Cindy McVay ... grandfather, John McVay, who joined the San Francisco 49ers in 1980. He collaborated with head coach Bill Walsh in one of the most successful dynasties in NFL history. As vice president/director of football operations, he presided over five Super Bowl-winning seasons. He was named NFL Executive of the Year in 1989. The Redskin now have on staff, Future Coach and Future GM excutive, the first dynasty to cover the next 25 years...Whoo-Hooo!


It's the Line Stupid

All the talk about QB's, dynamic players (game changers as some call them), special teams, defensive schemes and coaches it really comes down to one thing in the NFL: The offensive line! An...


"Shocking" Redskins make signing but it's not Shanahan...

While the fans and everyone awaits for the signing of the new Redskins coach, everyone is focused on the Mike Shanahan

Bugel decision may affect timing of announcement


Joe Bugel expected to retire, appears the Redskins will handle it right with a focus on Bugel instead of the coaching game per the post.

Cerrato Resigns


Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Clause: Could it be the best Christmas present ever for Redskins fans?

NFL find no tampering violations by the Redskins from the Albert Haynesworth signing. More to come...


NFL find no tampering violations by the Redskins from the Albert Haynesworth signing. More to come at NFL.com Jason La Confora

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