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Hard to get tickets??

I am going to be in Central Illinois for work this week through to next. I was thinking of driving down to St. Louis and catching a Rams game. Is it hard to get tickets at the game? Either legally...


2011 Roster/Lineup Formation

I figured with how depressing this season can be at times it would be a fun exercise to put together how you think the lineup/roster should be for next year. One guideline don't put in ridiculous...

"It's not injury-related. I got benched," Pedroia joked. "I told Tito he looked like Corrado...


"It's not injury-related. I got benched," Pedroia joked. "I told Tito he looked like Corrado Soprano, and he benched me."

From ESPN regarding Tito keeping Dustin out for an additional game.

The MVP award better not go to Mark Teixeira

Coming from a Red Sox fan alot of people are going to think this is biased, however, there is logic behind my madness. There is good reason to believe that not only should Teixeira NOT get the...


Bullpen Usage

One thing that has been a constant all year has been our Bullpen. It is the best in the Majors with a 2.92 ERA. However, how good has it been? If you look at some of the side stats we are not as...


Pitching Surplus

With Smoltz ready to join the Red Sox this week, there is a serious log jam in our Starting pitching. I agree that this is a good problem to have, but I still think it's a problem. Many writers are...


2009 Red Sox = 2nd Worst defensive team in Majors

The Red Sox defense is flat out bad.


Trade Talk

There has been alot of talk about trading one of our prospects for a hitter. We have been debating which hitter to get, but we haven't really discussed what pitcher we should get rid of. Please...


Outfield 2009 Projection

The third part of our projection series is our outfield. The criteria to be projected for each player is .wOBA, PA, Fielding, and Baserunning. wOBA, created by Tom Tango, is a version of linear...


2009 Relief Pitching

This post is in reply to a previous post on relief pitching. We are trying to determine the leverage index for the relief pitching. We know that the Papelbon will be the closer. We also know that...


2009 Relief Pitching Projection

Part 2 of our community projection project is Relief Pitching. Again the Innings pitched are the average of...


2009 Starting Pitching Projection

Most of you saw my earlier post on the community project on Beyond the Boxscore. I have made some changes to my spreadsheet due to the feedback I received. This time instead of posting the whole...


2009 Catchers

With less then 27 days until Catchers and Pitchers report for spring training, the tension is brewing. What will the FO do with our catching situation. Will Kottraras and Bard be enough? Do we need...


2009 Projected Red Sox WAR Results

I mentioned in a previous post that Sky Kalkman has posted on "Beyond the Boxscore" 2009 WAR Projection Project He has started a SB Nation community project for 2009 projections. For those...


Red Sox offer 8 yrs/200mil for Teixeira

Take this with a grain of salt definetly. MLB Trade Rumors is reporting it. Some guy heard Dan Patrick say this on his radio show. h...


Don't Sign Mark Teixeira

Now that I have everybodys attention, I want to preface that I am not totally against us signing him. I just feel there are much better options for the Red Sox. If we sign Teixeira we are going to...


Most Valuable Pedroia

We have all heard the recent hoopla stating that Dustin Pedroia should be considered for MVP this year. Lets like at why 1st in runs (110) beating Ian Kinsler with 102. First in hits (191) beating...


Turning the Corner

Have the Red Sox turned the Corner to finish of the Regular Season hot and hopefully carry into the playoffs? Only time can tell but there numbers lately have been quite encouraging. You can...


Proof in Varitek with Numbers

I have been hearing alot of people under estimating Tek's contribution behind the plate. Are you guys kidding me????? Did you watch any of the 2006 season?? Did you miss when Tek had to get surgery...


Sabermatician's Nightmare

I don't directly consider myself a Sabermatician, I don't really have the time to put in the effort to do heavy analysis. I do, however, believe in most of the concepts generated from...


Recent Downfalls

With the worst losing streak of the season putting us behind the Rays in the standings, made me curious why we are struggling as of late. I am kind of a stat guy so I like to look at stats to help...


Jon Lester Projections

I get a general vibe from everyone that Jon Lester is going to be an average to above average pitcher. I firmly believe that he has the intangibles that bring an ace pitcher.What are peoples...

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