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Trade for the 2nd round?

Here's an idea: Since we have two 6 and 7 round draft picks, why don't we try packaging those picks (or MAYBE the 2nd rounder + 5th rounder... MAYBE) with the 2nd rounder to move up to...


How 'bout Jordan Shipley as #2? And we should draft...

Hey, here's an idea to throw out there for you guys and gals: How about Jordan Shipley as the #2 receiver? Sure, he's coming back from an injury, but if he can return to form, I don't see why he...

Maybe Mike Brown is a Genus (at times)


Analyzing the moves Mike Brown made this week.

What in the World did the Bengals Want for the A.J. Green Trade?


I am baffled that the Bengals did not pull the trigger for a trade.

The Ultimate Fantasy Draft for the Bengals


Could it be possible that the Bengals actually trade Carson before the draft? The answer is no, but it's fun to dream.

The Best Draft Scenario for the Bengals: Trade with New England


The Bengals should trade the No. 4 pick with New England to guarantee they get the QB they want.

Cam Newton has Tiger Blood and He's a Winner (duh). The Bengals should Daft Him


I'm not really rooting for the Bengals to draft Cam Newton. More like bracing for the distinct possibility that we will.

Mike Brown Responds to My Letter. Seriously.


Mike Brown wrote me a nice letter in a response to my letter. How nice of him. All is right with the world.

My Letter of Futility to Mike Brown


Mike Brown doesn't want to trade Carson Palmer because Brown doesn't see any potential "value" for a trade. What?


The 90s Redux?

Not that this is surprising, but this is what Peter King said in this week's Monday morning QB: "8. I think the Bengals are doing their due diligence on the quarterback position, which tells me...

Fool's Gold or Full of Gold for the Bengals


The game against the Chargers gave the Bengals some hope next year.

No Hearts Left to be Broken, but the Loss Still Sucks


This game seems to be the perfect model to how this Bengals season has gone: the Bengals snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

A New Low for the Bengals


I can't believe what happened in the second half with the Bengals against the Bills.

Fight the Good Fight, Bengals.


GUFS writer David Jacob has tempered optimism for the Bengals.

Zen and the Art of Bengals Fandom


Only the Bengals can make their fans want to adopt new religions.


Real Fans Don't Boo Palmer

I was at the game last Sunday between the Bengals and the Bucs when they announced that Palmer just passed 20,000 passing yards for his career... and he was booed.  By Cincinnati fans.  I talked to...

Well That Sucked


Halladay dominated the Reds, but the series isn't over.

The Reds Hope to Upset the Phillies Like It’s 1990


The Reds are huge underdogs against the Phillies, just like the '90 Reds were against the A's.

Carson Palmer's Critics Can All Suck It


Despite losing against the Browns, Carson made some nice throws throughout the game.

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