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LOL, SI Truth and Rumors on Singletary..


GeoMak has to change his underwear after reading this post.

Game film primer for the Super Bowl..


Of the 2009 game between da Packers and da Steelers.

Interesting Stadium article


From the Los Angeles Times today, and the impact of High Tech.


It's 12pm Pacific, and I'm already drinking beer...

The official pre-game tailgate thread of the 49ers.

Am I in the Twilight of my Fandom, or is it just the Off Season?


Hanging on for dear life as a 49er fan. Hopefully, this upcoming season will be worth it.

I can’t wait for the NFL season because the NBA post-season sucks


Like Cuba, the NBA will be liberated once David Stern is ousted.

The Offseason Hues…


Claude Monet vs. Alex Smith.

The Season of Frank Gore


Lebron is King? Frank Gore is God.

Thursday morning thoughts, and is the Draft over yet?


Singletary Football has taken another step forwards. Print Journalism has taken another step back.

Official Pre Draft Tailgate Party - 49er fans, please check in and fix your Bow Tie


Mike Singltary, Lee Strasberg. Movie fans have Oscar parties. NFL fans have Draft Day. My latest thoughts at Niners Nation.

Good defense, better offense…


Mike Singletary needs a quarterback. My thoughts on why he does.

Gunslingers wanted. Please apply at the NFC Mild Mild West.


The Quarterbacks of the NFC Mild Mild West. Gunslingers needed ASAP.

The 49ers Front Office: A Critical Year Redux


GM's? We don't need a freakin' GM. Sin, the 49ers.

Post St. Patrick's Day hangover breakfast thread (mixing some Scot McCloughan drama)...


Post St. Paddy's Day, complete with heart attacks!!

Bear Pascoe was our future!!


Cody, Tiger, Bear oh my!!

How Magnus Ver Magnusson and Carmen Policy ruined the draft for me


Xmas for football geeks, and Philly divorce lawyers.

Jed York: Back to the Future?


Jed York, you have some big and weird shoes to fill. Hopefully really doesn't end in December.

A look at Statistical Analysis, Part Two: David Friedman style


Stat Geeks!! Please pick up the white courtesy phone!!

A look at Statistical Analysis.... without Stats!!


Do we really need to understand stats to enjoy a game?

An Offseason On The Brink: starring Mike Singletary


"We're starting a season we're not even close to being ready for. We can't beat a single team on our schedule, not one. And, one thing for sure, somebody besides me is gonna have to start providing...

"You will pry this from my cold, dead hands.."


Your most prized sports possession, and why you will never part with it.

Scot McCloughan and the 49ers front office in 2010: A critical year?


We break down the development of the football operations department from Nolan/York to McCloughan/York and begin the assessment of the importance of this offseason.


Fearless Fricassee AKA The Seachicken Returns

Greetings fellow 49ers fans. Once again, it's that time of the season where we break out our favorite BBQ sauce, fire up the grill, and feast of some tasty Seachicken freshly plucked out of the...


"Oh where or where had my little Frog gone"...

FOOCH'S NOTE: I updated the time-stamp so that this entertaining thread stays at the top. "Oh where or where can he be?" Hello fellow 49ers fans. drummer here. I'm looking for my beloved little...

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