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Possible problem for next year

Hey folks, I've actually been thinking about this one for a while but thought I'd get some other folks opinions. Projected Lineup Next Year C - ? 1B - Freddie Freeman (LHH) 2B - Dan Uggla...

Frank Wren Interview with Bill Shanks on Upton Deal


Here's a pretty in depth interview with Wren about the Upton deal. Discusses how it came together, Teheran vs. Delgado, future payroll, etc.. Good all around read


All-Star Rosterbation!!!

Think you have what it takes to be an all-star rosterbator? Step in and show off your stuff!

Braves Option Pastornicky


Braves send down the Rev with Simmons coming up.



This is a post/discussion brought to light by an MLBTR suggesting Eric O'Flaherty as an extension candidate.

Say it isn't so


Apparently the Nationals might be close to acquiring Gio Gonzalez. Red Sox are also in the picture but the Nationals seem more willing to give up the prospects to get him. That would give them quite a top 3 in their rotation Zimmerman Strasburg Gonzalez

How about Prado to the Rockies???


Troy Renck posted a few tweets that got some buzz going. Stating how good Prado would be in the Rockies lineup and saying how Dexter Fowler could possibly be a target. I'm pretty sure we'd have to add a lower level prospect with Prado to get Fowler but man that would be something great. Last year Fowlwer posted a slash line of .266/.363/.432. Him in the OF with Bourn and Heyward would be quite amazing. Also him hitting 2nd behind Bourn would be great as well. Thoughts????


Off-Season Rosterbation Thread

Seems as though overnight quite a few rosterbation posts popped up. Just trying to clean things up and put everything in the same spot.   Possible 2012 25 Man Roster: C: McCann1B: Freeman2B: UgglaS...


The case for acquiring . . . .



The 2011 Atlanta Braves Offense

We are about 25% through the season so far. The team sports a 21-19 record and is currently 5.5 games behind the Phillies in the NL East. I figured I would do a bit of a breakdown for the season so...


The debate. SHOULD the Braves acquire another piece. I say yes.

Title edited at the suggestion of Cavebird   So lately after the Phillies acquired Cliff Lee a lot of people have been debating whether they feel the Braves should make another move. Some feel that...


Rosterbation Thread: The Aftermath

So this past week was probably one of the most busiest so far this offseason and in the after math a few more options are available and a few pieces have been added and removed from our roster


2011 Free Agent Predictions

2011 Free Agent PredictionsJust for some fun lets try to predict where some of the top free agents will land. Not really any prize or any thing just some casual fun. I know there are some people...



That's right, ROSTERBATION TIME!!!!  


Very early offseason rosterbation

Hey everyone. The offseason hasn't even started and already we have a variety of posts speculating at possible targets for the Braves this offseason.   Some holes we will have to fill 1. Closer 2....

Infielder Brandon Hicks will not be available to play when the Major League roster expands next...


Infielder Brandon Hicks will not be available to play when the Major League roster expands next week. Hicks broke a bone near the top of his right index finger while attempting to bunt Friday night with Gwinnett.


What can we realistically expect this offseason ?

Hey everyone. Just wanted to bring everyone together to discuss what they think will happen this offseason.   I see some people saying how we should sign Crawford/Werth etc but I really don't see...


Why all the hate on Kawakami?

Every since he's been an Atlanta Brave a lot of people have had such a hateful attitude towards Kawakami. Saying he sucks, he shouldn't start on any team, he's not earning his contract etc. This...


Trade Deadline Rosterbation

The Braves have made their first big move of the season by acquiring Alex Gonzalez and prospects for Yunel Escobar and Jo-Jo Reyes. We still have 2 weeks until the deadline so the rumors are sure...


Trade Ideas/Rosterbation Thread - July

Its the beginning of July and the rumors are sure to heat up for trades and such so here is a fresh thread to go crazy in.


What kind of fan are you?

Just wanted to conduct a survey to see what types of fans we have here at good ol' TC. Not meant to bash anyone in any kind of way just a little fun research. Some of the fan types are a bit lame...

The NL East could be very tight very soon


Apparently Roy Oswalt would accept a trade to the Nats. The Nats came out a while ago saying they would be interested and now with Oswalt saying he would accept the trade it kind of is just a matter of the two teams working out the deal. It would be really good for the Nats so that Strasburgh isn't thrusted into the pressure of being an ace out the gate and he has someone to kind of mentor him as he develops. Also gives them an innings eater to keep their bullpen from getting over worked. The reason I say the NL East could become very tight is that the Nationals are also getting Wang, Zimmerman and prob Marquis back sometime around or right after the ASB so if they can hang on another month they could challenge in the NL East and the Wild Card probably with that rotation because their Offense is already pretty solid. The Phillies are of course a good team and will be making moves soon to solidify the end of that Bullpen. The Marlins are never a team to count out and could be promoting Stanton soon who could give the offense a nice boost. The Mets could be benefiting from the return of Beltran pretty soon and with Reyes and Wright heating up and Bay coming along nicely their offense will be pretty good as well. The only problem is their rotation. If Takahashi can become a solid starter then they could threaten as well just because of their offense. Im actually excited for the competition. Not a fan of one team dominating.


Could the Braves have their very own Derek Jeter?

Who could I possibly be comparing to Derek Jeter? Mr. Martin Prado


Trade ideas/Rosterbation/I want this guy Thread

Well everyone. A month or so into the season and I figured the trade chatter would pick up so here we are with another rosterbation thread.   Now as it stands our lineup is   Prado 2B Heyward RF C...

Nats promote Strasburg to AAA. Makes debut against Gwinnett


The Nationals today promoted Stephen Strasburg to Triple-A Syracuse. Strasburg is scheduled to make his Triple-A debut, Friday vs. Gwinnett.

Ike Davis to be called up


According to Mr. Heyman the Mets are going to call up Heyman. While he is no Heyward he still has great potential and although I will always root for the Braves you can't help but get excited at the great competition we will be seeing over the years with this young talent emerging. (Although we have more lol)


Could the Braves Offense use a lineup change?

So far this season our offense has been kind of lack luster since the first game of the season.

Say It Ain't So!!! Ross on the trading block???


insider required but apparently the team is telling people that David Ross is available. Possibly Catcher for Catcher swap getting back a young backup for McCann. Personally I would be very upset because he isn't an automatic black hole when filling in for McCann. Not to mention I doubt we would get a catcher of his caliber back in any sort of trade

1st Cuts made


Minor and Ortegano among others to be cut

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