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Fantasy Catcher Rankings + Brian McCann discussion.

Roto Authority posted their top 25 catcher rankings and our very own Brian McCann is on the list. Here is the top 10:     Joe Mauer (2) - $30.33 Brian McCann (4) - $23.19 Victor Martinez (3)...


Braves make offer to Damon

@ajcbraves   Braves' interest in Damon has increased; they made initial 1-yr offer (amount unknown) in recent days and had Chipper Jones contact him.

Braves Non Roster Invitees


Heyward, Minor, Freeman and others on the list


Scott Downs anyone?

With the Blue Jays recent signing of Kevin Gregg the Blue Jays essentially have 3 closer type arms and therefore one could be expendable for the right price.   I know we already have Wagner and...

Freddie Freeman in Mississippi


He absolutely mashes that ball. Looks as though Heyward was on 1st Base. Cant wait to see those two occupying the middle of our lineup for years to come

Well we now know why no one wanted Lowe, Braves were barely eating money.


According to Bowman the most we were going to eat was 9 mil. Leaving the other team on the hook for 12mil a year or 36mil rather. A majority of us here figured they were at least offering to eat around 15mil and thats the only way he would be attractive to any team is at a 10 mil per year kind of signing. Ah well

DOB Says Braves can afford Damon, could be our final signing


http://twitter.com/ajcbraves/status/7377150318 http://twitter.com/ajcbraves/status/7377186591 DoB tweets that the Braves could sign Damon if he dropped down to 7-8mil per year. From what he is saying it looks like they would be open to a 2yr deal. Something I'm not to pleased about as it creates a logjam in our OF next year. Hopefully we would be able to trade him during the offseason. Im guessing he would hit lead off so possible lineup. Damon LF Prado 2B Chip 3B Glaus 1B McCann/McLouth Escobar SS McCann/McLouth Diaz RF P


Braves fan here with a question

Hello all I come from the realm of Braves fans. Just a quick question. Its well documented that the Red Sox have been looking for a quality catcher thats young and can replace Varitek.   So I ask,...


Slugger or Table Setter?

Basically I'm curious as to everyone else's feelings on what the club could use as far as another bat. Personally I think the team could benefit from a lead off hitter more than a slugger. Someone...


Trade Ideas/Rosterbation

Other one got closed so here is a new one =^)   The Braves have locked down the back end of their bullpen with the signings of Saito and Wagner last week. On the agenda still: => Trading Lowe/Javy....


Norton Retiring?

http://atlanta.braves.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20091004&content_id=7318320&vkey=news_atl&fext=.jsp&c_id=atl Looks like Norton is thinking about retiring. What do you guys think we should do...

Acosta back in ATL, Valdez to AAA


What the heck are they doing with all this player shuffling


Super Rosterbation Thought/Proposal

Ok. So everyone knows that we have a surplus of pitching for our rotation next year. We also have some holes and could use some upgrades in the power dept. In my personal opinion i believe we...

McLouth re-injured. LaRoche Sore Hip


http://markbowman.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/08/laroche_exits_with_a_sore_righ.html So thank goodness for Church


Javy wants to stay long term?

http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/32507343/ns/sports-player_news/   What do you guys think about this? It could be something where you look at having him vs. having Hudson long term. The ideal...


The Braves and extending players.

Hello all. I'm really curious to know if anyone knows the history of how the Braves organization usually works when it comes to extending players. Like do we usually wait till the offseason or...


Some stats about Mr. Prado

I decided to do some research today about Mr. Prado. Just because as all of us are I'm curious to see if he is the real deal.   Prado: In 197 ABs has: 65 Hits 20 2B's 5 HR's 19 RBI's 100 TB's 21...

Escobar possibly headed to Oakland?


Towards the bottom of the blog entry he says that the Braves are considering Escobar and Prospects for Cabrera and Holliday. Only hold up seems to be the Braves wanting the A's to take on some of Holliday's contract.


Rosterbation/Trade Speculation and Ideas

I noticed the other one got closed and you can no longer comment on it so to keep things from going crazy again a new one?   So according to DOB the Bobby and Wren were in a meeting the other day...

Rangers Move Feliz to Pen


Is it just me or do i have the feeling this kid could be a beast of a closer



Simple question what do we do with him?   The guy started off great. i could have cared less if he only hit 10 HR's on the year the way he was driving in RISP but as of late he has started to...


Chipper's Future Replacement . . .

Anyone else get kinda worried when you think about chipper's future replacement? I mean thats alot of numbers we will have to make up.   Who do you guys see taking over? First name that comes to...

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