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Fredick show nasty streak


Apparently Fredrick didn't even take it easy on his team-mates. As long as he doesn't become a penalty machine this will set a new tone.

Transcript: Jones on play caller duty


I found this very different from the snippets previously reported from the senior bowl. The fll transcript stress a collective decision directed by Garrett.

Dallas Dos

  1. I hereby christen our new DEF the "Dallas Dos". Please try not to over do it when posting your adulation.

BTB RKGs off to rocky start


The following is a cautionary tale for would be league managers: Those of you who visit or live in the cut throat world of fantasy football have probably heard cries of anguish and annoyance from just over the horizon. The source of this turmoil was a league manager (me) who inadvertently gave kick/punt returners 1 point for every 5 yards instead of the more standard 1 point for every 20 yards. Once this came to light it sparked spirited debate between those who had read the rules before they drafted (there were only a few brave enough to actually read through the settings; who noticed this oddity and drafted return men) and there were those among the majority of managers, daredevils like me who draft without actually reading through the settings (which I created), who didn't want to play a season where Josh Cribbs and Devin Hester led the league in scoring. A redraft was not doable and this is not a money league, so in the hopes of keeping the peace I split the difference. Returners now get 1 point for every 13 yards. Hopefully none of the managers are annoyed enough to leave us, but if you are looking for a BTB spillover league, keep an eye on the fanshot page for the next few days. I asked any managers that wanted to give away their team to please post here. I have to go now. I can't stay in the open for long.



UPDATE: We have filled all our openings. Thanx.


Trade: Harvin for Jenkins

Over at "Blogging the Boys" There has been some talk of trading our disgruntled CB Mike Jenkins for your disgruntled WR Percy Harvin. I am curious what y'all think. As an added bonus, think of the...


Where in the World is Killer Kowalski???

For months now I have been filling the void in my life known as the off-season, by visiting BTB, and other bastions of football news in the hopes of gleaning enough information about the Cowboys to...

Laurent Robinson Rotoworld link


It is not looking good for keeping Robinson. He still says he would prefer to stay, but will follow the money.


Chores for Chapas

Chapas has not proven to be the answer at FB. But he has shown he has decent hands. I know there was talk of using him as a TE when Bennet was out. Has anyone read anything about him serving as...


Help Wanted: FFB Playoffs

I have my first playoff game this week in a standard PPR league, and I cannot decide if I should start WR Laurent Robinson or WR Santonio Holmes. My other WR is Antonio Brown, who did pretty well....


Chapas Fine

I just read this on the mother ship. I can't believe Chapas just lost almost his entire weeks pay! That is insane, especially on a play that didn't even draw a penalty. Since I don't seem to be...


BTB Fantasy Football League

I know we have a fantasy football league already, but I also know more people are interested than are able to participate. If there is enough intest (11 other people) I would be willing to set up...

WR Harris Cut


Just saw this on the mothership. Not sure why we cut him. I assume a trade will be announced later that will make this clearer.


Expert Shmexpert

For a while I have been wanting to contribute something, if not of value then at least of interest. I think I may have found a niche. Today I stumbled upon an article written by Jason Cole in the...


Bye-bye Buehler

Although I get a kick our of Buehler, it is time to say bye-bye Buehler and bring back Bryan McCann. McCann can play and we are frighteningly thin at CB.

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