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Hi there, I'm David and I'm posting from Austin, Texas.
Loves - Cowboys, Rangers, Longhorns, BBQ, Music, Beer and Ladies...and Star Wars
Hates - Eagles, Giants, Redskins

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Mackenzy Bernadeau is strong


Take a big grain of salt. Okay, now click this link and scroll to pro division. Mackenzy Bernadeau is strong. Is he Larry Allen strong, no, that's impossible. But is he my new favorite interior OLineman? Yup. I had read in comments he had won a few strongest man-like titles and I had to look it up to see. The competition was thin but impressive nonetheless. And he's probably the kind of guy who loves using his natural talents to his advantage. I'll be watching him closely and can't wait for some MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!

Mac at C? MacMahon reports...


Here's a little food for thought. I know we don't know what the coaches want ultimately but it appears they've nudged a "how to play center" book in front of Mackenzie he's all too eager to give it a go. What would you like? I like the idea of Mac at center (if he's at least average) and them maybe move Costa to G? This is pure speculation and all the injuries are delaying to integration process. Can't wait to see it play out in the next few weeks.

Broaddus article on 5 available WR's


Wow. Not exactly appetizing. If I had to choose today, assuming no suspension for Dez, I go MSW. He seems underwhelming but I perceive him as less of a locker room threat than any of the other guys. On the other side, if Dez is suspended for 2-4 games, that would put us in a position where we need another starter-ceiling player with some playmaking ability and I take Braylon, depsite character issues. What do yall think?

Mike Williams cut from Seattle


Seems like a no brainer to at least bring into camp but what are the chances we actually get him? And then does his addition push a future starter off the team?


Cowboys Preview: Superlatives/Predictions

I suppose looking into the future implies a lot of things. First off, yes there will be predictions. The Cowboys have a grand opportunity this year, after having built up momentum in the offseason...

Tim MacMahon on Colt McCoy


So this is a pretty bad idea IMO. I don't see us netting a profit if we try to trade a pick for him, and then cross our fingers and hope to get a better pick back. If anybody really wants him they'll pay more than the Cowboys would/should so I don't see this happening anyway but, is Tim MacMahon crazy or what?

Gurode held out...possible trade??


Don't know where to start with this one. I guess knowing about 10% of the story will make for some wild speculation. How about we all agree that the C/G situation seems to have a bright future (at least our coaches think so). But who will trade for Gurode? and what will they give up? I'd prefer impact player but if we see picks exchanged...I'm sure some heads here will explode...anyway, what does everyone think?

3 new members of ROH - Pearson Allen Haley


Love this news today. People at my office are already trying to rag on Jerry for putting Haley in...told them they better not let Haley hear them saying that....he was a BEAST. Allen was the best lineman I ever saw and is a 1st ballot HOF. Pearson was a no brainer and I'm glad he's in.



I saw this posted and I wanted to kick this debate up a bit. If one can call it that. I believe Drew Pearson will be inducted and its hard to argue anyone going in before him. My short list (as a younger generation fan I'm sure I'll be leaving some off) includes the great Larry Allen, Darren Woodson and Moose. What do yall think?


Cowboys TV time infringed by VY and Philly?

A little debate between co-workers, centered on VY getting playing time, and if that could potentially mess with our ability to watch the Cowboys...As I see it this is only even possible about in 3...

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