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A poorly thought out mock offseason (edited)

Free Agency Laron Landry S/NYJ - Ive said it before and I will say it again, Kurt Coleman, no matter how much you hate him, played an important role in the modern NFL secondary, Head Shit Talker....

D.C.’s Newest High School Basketball Star Will Turn 21 This Year


Doesnt really have anything to do with the wizards but it is local high school basketball (and Im an OConnell alum) so I thought I would post it up. Its not exactly Manti-Gate but some great investigative work on this piece. I dont see how there can be any doubt about this kids eligibility. "If FIBA's stats are right, Etou is more than a year older than Bradley Beal, the first-round pick of the local pro team, the Washington Wizards, in the last NBA draft. A gaggle of other 2012 first-rounders—all of whom, like Beal, had already spent a year in college before being drafted—are still younger than the FIBA Etou: Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Andre Drummond, Austin Rivers, Moe Harkless, Evan Fournier, Tony Wroten Jr., and Marquis Teague."


Mock offseason 2.0

Head Coach Jon Gruden. Call me a rube all you want. Fell in love with him during those Gruden QB camps. That guy could talk me into running through a brick wall. Not even going to guess at...


Mock Offseason - Youre going to hate it

Start at the top... Andy Reid. I think he is a big fat stubborn jerk but I still (kinda) love the guy. Either way his time here in Philly is done. He needs a new classroom. The classroom needs a...

Harden traded to a team that is not the Washington Wizards


Harden + more for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, and "significant draft picks" Interested in what significant draft picks translates into. Harden supposedly wanted the spotlight and he is going to get plenty of it in Houston. Don't think this is going to turn out well for him.

Kellen Winslow released by Seattle


Fingers crossed we make a move. I am not a fan of Harbor and think our offense takes a huge step back if Celek were to miss any time.

Raiders Fans


Bet there are a lot of writers who said something stupid, blaming the raiders and their fans for this incident, that feel reaally dumb right now. (Namely that hack over night guy on Fox Sports Radio, Ben Maller)

Nike NFL Draft pack - Eagles SE Airmax 95s


Big, big fan Dont know how this slipped past me but they dont drop til Sunday so you still have a chance to cop. Think I might try to pick up a pair of vikings 90s, some jets 1.3s as well (will have to swap out the insoles but the colors should be close enough to wear with a jersey.) PS AFC north got screwed

Giants in talks to trade for K.Rivers??


the return of Manny Lawson and the presence of Thomas Howard make Rivers expendable in Cincinnati. The Giants, in turn, need linebackers Damn, how did I miss him being moved to the bench?? Would def be interested.

More proof that Desean's deal is amazing


So amazing that I am actually worried about another "outperformed my contract" situation in 1-2 years. Mike Wallace must be running his own negotiations without using an agent. How the hell else does such a ridiculous demand even get put out there. A first PLUS a contract over 8/120?!?? Out of your damn mind.


The most unpopular mock offseason you will read for all of 2012

Do I think there are some good ideas in this post?? Of course I do, I only come up with good ideas. Do I think there is aaaany chance aaaany of this happens?? Slim to none, its all pretty far out...

First glimpse of new Nike NFL retail aparrell. First thing Nike has done and its better than...


First glimpse of new Nike NFL retail aparrell. First thing Nike has done and its better than anything reebok has done for years. Getting excited.

First sighting of Nike/NFL onfield gear??


First sighting of Nike/NFL onfield gear??

Dre Kirkpatrick arrested for possesion. Let the draft stock freefall begin.


Joining Janoris Jenkins in the 1st round talent, 3rd day character department is the Tide's own Dre Kirkpatrick. At 6'2" I would be very interested in this guy with either 2nd round pick.

Raheem Morris new db coach in Washington


Dagger... Was thinking I needed to write something stating we should bring him in for that same position.

The Dirtiest HS BBall Team in America


Wow... Lets hope this ends ugly for the officials, the idiot who made the WIAA statement to the Times, and (most importantly) the coach of the scumbags from Connell.

Do the road uni's already need facelift??

5 Until I see it on an HDTV I cant say for sure but looking at the screen caps from this stream I think the answer is already leaning towards yes. Feel bad for anyone who already went out and purchased a new jersey.

How I feel after last nights win.


How I feel after last nights win.

TO rushed to hospital


combine this story with this story - and this story - and you can get a pretty good idea of what MIGHT have happened here. Sad Stuff.



Total amount of snaps the top 3 picks from our last 2 drafts have played through 2 games. Brandom Graham Nate Allen Daniel Teo Neisham Danny Watkins Jaiquawn Jarrett Curtis Marsh Sure we can talk about inuries, how impressive Kafka looked Sunday night, and how they are getting starting contributions from a handful of other late round draft picks (coleman, LB squad) but the 1) I think they represent the weakest starters on the team 2) for a team that likes to stay young a gap like that in high end talent is scary as shit.

Stevie Johnson / Eric Berry gif What do you guys think?? Dirty...


Stevie Johnson / Eric Berry gif What do you guys think?? Dirty hit or just the game??

Joe Mande talks about Gilbert's Twitter


At first I thought this was an onion-esque exaggerated piece... then I realized it was real. Gave me sads.


My project for this week

To learn how to use GIMP (a free version of photoshop) and photoshop the heads of various eagle players on to this picture.

NFLPA to take weekend off. Continue reviewing proposed deal on Monday.


NFLPA to take weekend off. Continue reviewing proposed deal on Monday.


(Hopefully) The Last Lockout Fanpost

  The NFLPA not reforming as a union is not an option, for the NFL to continue it is a necessity. I am not going to sit here and lie to you, saying that I am smart enough to know how the...



Been meaning to write a fanpost about this ever since the Deron Williams story broke. Around that same time I saw numerous outlets reporting that Andrei Kirilenko was in negotiations with Real...


NBA Limbo

The idea of  "NBA limbo" is something that scares the S out of me; To bad to ever be good, to good to ever get better. That team that is just good enough to stay out of the bottom of the lottery,...

Hogshaven breaks down the Skins future at RB


So i know this guy doesnt speak for all of hog shaven and every single site on the sbnetwork has posters like this but... to me it just seems that there are more fans like this in washington than anywhere else. Pleased to present some of the highlights from the piece... - we are set at running back so why wast a draft pick, or sign a veteran running back while we have Ryan Torain, Keiland Williams, and James Davis. (forget about williams/stewart, greene/LT... its all about torain, williams, davis) - our bad offensive line with the exception of... and Stephon Heyer (Stephon Heyer is hot garbage) - the taught of us having a beater offensive line with them gives me goosebumps (the taught is terrifying) - I still cant believe we didn't even need to draft them with a 1st round pick - If you use our draft picks correctly on offensive linemen, and sign 2 or 3 descent offensive linemen we would have a season like Chris Johnson had maybe even beater. (All they have to do is bring in 4-6 new o-linemen and schedule the parade for mid feb. could it possibly get any beater than this??)

Mike Patterson Injury??


Mike Patterson Injury??

Havent heard any update on him since he went out of the game Sunday. Anyone heard anything??

Devin Thomas signs with Panthers


Was hoping we would give him a shot... think he brings alot more to the table than Chad Hall does and (being from DC) would have been great to see us turn their trash into something.

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