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Bradley out for week 2??

Damn wish I would have screencapped it now... Stew just tweeted asking if anyone has a home remedy for a killer headache. Would be surprised that anyone still having after effects like that would be able to play by Sunday.

iTunes - 09 Season Recap - FREE

I cant say for certain but Im pretty sure these were put together by NFL Films. I remember this was put together pretty well last year. +20 minutes in length so its pretty comprehensive. They also have them for the rest of the teams so feel free to fill up your ipod.

Maclin Fathead = $28

free ship w code : thankyouship48 Full priced fatheads are a ripoff but they sure do look good. At $28 bucks you really cant complain (unless you are a jerk). Thats the only philly one but they have some other football, baseball, nascar ones for as little as $14.

oldest current roster + least young talent = washington redskins

Link to an article from the Washington Post talking about ESPN Insiders new study that found the skins to have the least young talent in the entire league. How a team that has been so consistently bad over the last 10 years can only have 4 starters under 25 is mind boggling. Everyone knows Orakpo is a player but past him you have Trent Williams (rookie), Devin Thomas (bust), and Laron Landry (shook). If anyone has insider and a couple extra minutes I would love to hear what they have to say about the eagles (especially if anyone made the 25 breakout players list).

Lendale White cut from Seattle

The fact that Lendale White's former college coach Pete Carroll now has given up on him does not bode well for the running back's future. - Adam_Schefter That was quick. The Seahawks just released LenDale White saying he was "not ready to be a member of the Seattle Seahawks." - richeisen I've said it before, I'll say it again... Lendale White sucks. His lack of production has nothing to do with playing behind CJ and everything to do with him sucking. Now somebody order that guy a bigmac.


What we can offer that no one else can

Looking back at the season, my last fanpost (Potential 6-10 targets because there is no way we win the lottery) sure does look foolish. Leading in to the lottery I think we all had very similar...

Raiders prepare to cut Jamarcus Russell.

Seeing the raiders prepare to cut jamarcus russell makes me question that Kafka pick even more. I would take this guy over any of mid-late round QBs to be our 3rd string QB. Say what you will about him, he is as naturally talented as anyone in the league. Getting out of Oakland and a couple years of holding clipboards (and carrying equipment bags) might get through to him. Players we could have picked instead of Kafka (pick 122) that could have helped this squad. - Zoltan Mesko (pick 150) - wouldnt have even been a competition between him and sav - Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (126) - Who do we have returning kicks this year?? his potential play at CB would have been a bonus. - Matt Tenant (158) - a center that could have battled with cole to hold down the center spot until JJ gets healthy I know this post is going to be horribly received but the idea of drafting Kolb's backup plan before getting him any help pisses me off to no end.


Nicknames for our new draftees

  13 Brandon Graham DE Michigan McDougled again in oh-ten Darryl Tapps back-up tyrannosaurus rex #37 Nate Allen S USF No Potential Nate Nate Considine #86 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim DE Washington D...


CBs potentially available for trade

There are 4 words banned from this fanpost... brandon, graham, earl, and thomas... moving along   I was really hoping we were going to again move up, packaging 37 + late/futures, to get into the...


the most unpopular mock draft youll read all year

  1/24 - The worst kept secret in the draft is that the Eagles want to move up from this position... If I was in charge there would be two choices 1) we move up alot and go for earl thomas (berry...


Finding the RB to complement McCoy

I cant think of a player I have been more up/down on in such a short amount of time. I went into the draft with him being a distant 5th of the RBs I was reaally interested in (Moreno, Wells, Brown,...


Just eagles mock draft

Surprised I havent seen more of these... Let me know if this is in the wrong place.


The Guy No One is Talking about @ 4

With the third pick in the 2009 NFL draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Tyson Jackson, Defensive End, Louisiana State University


The most logical FA target for 10-11

I was responding to another BFer in my potential draft pick thread when I started to notice just how young our locker room could potentially be next year. This got me thinking on who we could...


Potential 6-10 picks in the 2010 draft

A year that started out so promising... Thought that this year was finally OUR year. The year where we shock the world and prove to the doubters that we can do what we have failed at doing sooo...


With the 65th pick of the 2010 NFL draft...

With the first pick of the third round, the65th overall Pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Philadelphia Eagles select Tim Tebow, Quarterback, University of Florida. The eagles acquired this pick (and a...

"Son of Joe" signed to coach in Seattle

Reasons he should have been your OL coach. 1) that whole last name thing isnt a coincidence. 2) Shannerpuss and Gibbs were the mastermind behind Denver's "add water and make your own 1000+ yd rusher" offense 3) Buge Retired

6 reasons I still want lagarrette blount on the eagles next year.

6 reasons I still want lagarrette blount on the eagles next year.

Horton Benched

The Washington Times (via twitter - has reported that Chris Horton has been benched for Sundays game vs Tampa and Reed Doughty will be starting in his place.

Cooley's acting debut

The long awaited... The much anticipated... acting debut of... TANNER cooley Pleased to present a shaky knee joint, the Undead World Order versus the Main Event Mafia.

"Not Good" Rod Hood + Edge get Cut

Dont get me wrong... I was a Rod Hood fan when he was with the team but my buddy coined the nickname a while ago and it has just stuck. Either way I am surprised to see the move, thought he was playing well for them out there. I guess DRC's emergence changed alot of things for them. Am I the only one that would like to see both of them in Philly (especially if Sheldon forces his way out and MachoMan is moved to safety)??


dt3 mock draft

This is an older mock I did (before the cutler trade and drug test fiasco aka pissgate) in the first week of March. I know there are some players who (surprisingly) didnt appear (Wells, Oher) I...


The one player who could make help the Wiz turn the corner is...

The one player who could make help the Wiz turn the corner is...


The worst off season in NBA History

Some are going to say this topic is worded too strongly, others are going to say the whole idea is just ludicrous. 3 years from now when this team has missed the playoffs for a third straight year...


EliteXC Announcing team... gotsta go

I mean really... can we please have someone do something about this? It was nice to have Ken Shamrock be able to throw that little jab towards Ken in the opening moments but the rest of the show...


We get the point... ESPN no likey MMA

"When is Carson Daly going to get a clue?? TRL sucks!! No one wants to see this Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera garbage. The streets want to see that new Dead Pres joint. Where's the new...

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