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I still hate Milton Bradley with the fury of a thousand suns


"Two years ago, I played, and I was good. I go to Chicago, not good. I've been good my whole career. So, obviously, it was something with Chicago, not me." Milton, not sayin' I want you to fail, but I want you to fail. Dan

Yanks sign Randy Winn; I lol'ed


Damon's on the market, let's be certain to NOT even talk about him.

Recommendations needed for Rooftops Mets @ Cubs 09/03 Bachelor Party Planning


In planning for a good friend's bachelor party, I could use some assistance from BCBers. Approximately 25 of us will be attending the game. Many of us live in the midwest, others, the east coast. This being Labor Day Weekend, the Mets series, and the end of the season, we understand it will be both a busy weekend at Wrigley and pricey. We're looking at renting a rooftop across from Wrigley. I have never done this, and not living in Chicago, am unfamiliar with the process and do's and don't's. If you could provide some recommendations as to specific ones to check out, the process, or any other suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Dan Disclaimer: The link goes directly to the rooftop website; I have no affiliation with the company.


OT: BCS Championship Thread

I don't like either of these teams.  I don't care for Nick Saban at all, and "Hook 'Em" is just about the dumbest thing I've ever heard.  Oh, wait, no, that's "Roll Tide", which doesn't even make...

SI makes Jeter its 2009 homer pick for Sportsman of the Year


What exactly did Jeter do this year to win this? Play and win on the most expensive team in history?

OT: Jason Whitlock writes the dumbest column I've ever read. 


I'm a grad student at KU, and apparently there's all sorts of hell breaking about Mark Mangino. Granted, none of this was a problem when we went 12-1 and won a BCS game, nor was it a problem last year. Of course, it's a problem now that we've lost 5 straight (and are gonna lose to Texas this weekend). It matters naut, I'm not here to discuss our head coach's team. I'm here to discuss Jason Whitlock's column today, with this little gem: If he spent two years away from football addressing his weight problem, applied for a job at 270 pounds, he would be a can’t-miss BCS candidate. Heck, he would be a terrific choice to coach in the NFL. I'm speechless. Dan

Jeter wins Gold Glove, &#(#&^$*@!!


AL Gold Gloves announced. Apparently Jeter had a positive UZR/150 this year, but if I may, that's because his range sucks so much he cleanly plays every ball he gets to. Also, Mauer is a stud, and that outfield looks like one hellva impressive defensive collection. Dan

Gomez to drink your Brew, Hardy to eat your Twinkie


Brewers get Gomez, JJ goes to the new Target Field. I like this trade for us, because JJ is better offensively, plays more positions, and well, frankly, is just damn better than Gomez. Now JJ is out of the NL Central, albeit, he had a rough 2009. Go Twins. Dan

Think Milton Bradley is just playing board games to pass the time now?

  1. Battleship - friendships, SUUUNK!
  2. Crossfire - greatest commercial ever
  3. Monopoly - plays until he passes GO, collects $200, quits
  4. My Little Pony Game - you can see him playing this, no?
  5. Downfall - lolz

Rick Reilly makes random Cubs diss


I usually enjoy the man's entertainment journalism, but the last reason on this list is silly. Sorry if we're too loyal, Rick. Dan

When was the last clean W.S. winner?


White Sox blog giving a team-by-team breakdown of World Series winners and their team's juicer. Interesting. Dan

Hi, I'm Dan, and I spend too much time on BCB.


...and with this post, I have hit 10,000 posts on SBN in the nearly 4 years I've been here. Here are my steps to long-term BCB health: Step 1 - Walk away from the computer. Step 2 - Punch something constructive (and non-breakable) when dealing with blown saves, throwing the ball into the stands with two outs, back spasms, etc. Stay away from water coolers. Step 3 - Drink 6-23 beers. May also substitute Jamo. Step 4 - Walk MVP, Madison Vic (Mackey) Pollitt, my 3 year old beagle. Step 5 - Find somebody to poke on Facebook. Step 6 - Reload BCB What are your steps to long-term BCB health? Dan


Separated at birth - Derrek Lee & Paul Konerko: Who would you rather have on your team?

Hi SSS, I'm Dan, a Cubs fan and regular on BCB.  Here's a copy of the post I put up yesterday, and thought your site should get a chance to respond, too...   My roommate, a die-hard White Sox fan,...


Separated at birth - Derrek Lee & Paul Konerko: Who would you rather have on your team?

My roommate, a die-hard White Sox fan, and I were discussing the value of Derrek Lee & Paul Konerko.  Both of us agreed that our respective first baseman is the better choice.  I'll let Bleed...

OT: Only in Kansas do football players get bit by zebras


Sooooooo, lemme get this straight: A guy playing for the Gorillas (?!) at Pittsburg State (?!) gets bit by a zebra (?!). I did not know there are gorillas, a Pittsburg, or zebras in Kansas. But what the hell do I know, I just live here. Words cannot describe this story. Rock Chalk Zebra. Dan

I never knew Charlie Manuel was such an interesting fellow


Damn good article in the June 22 issue of Sports Illustrated about the skipper of the Phillies. Sounds like a fun guy to get a beer with, walk the outfield and learn a few tips, or just watch him fight Ted Williams. Dan


What's your 2009 All-Star ballot look like?

What's your 2009 All-Star ballot look like?  Here's my 2009 ballot.  Whether you like it or not, the voting process is in the hands of the fans, and as such, I take my vote seriously.  I vote based...

Towel throwing employee shares insight of being first round pitching phenom


The latest issue of Sports Illustrated gives about a dozen different perspectives from first round pitching phenoms. With Stephen Strasburg being the first pick this year, guys like Tim Belcher, Andy Benes, Floyd Bannister, and Mark Prior give their takes on the pressures of being The Next Big Thing: "The Hype", "The Expectations", "The Show", "The Fall", and "The Aftermath". Here's what Prior said: The Show - When I got called up, I was replacing a guy who was 1--7, and Don Baylor was getting fired and we were on our way to losing 95 games. Joe Girardi was my catcher and he said, "Be professional, know your job, know your responsibilities on the field and off." My transition happened so fast, I don't think I appreciated what it took to get there. The Fall - Injuries make you look at the big picture, at what it means to be in the major leagues. It's not like I was one of those guys who was drafted high and never made it or barely made it. I made it, performed at a high level and because of injuries wasn't able to maintain that level. The Aftermath - Unfortunately, there's no timetable for my return right now. It's good, it's bad, it's rehab. The Padres are giving me the time I need. The more I'm away from the game, the more I appreciate the intricacies of it. That's what I miss. I miss watching guys and knowing, 'This is what I would do in that situation.' I just want to play again. Dan

Question about pitcher abuse statistic


Group-- I'm fairly new here, so if this question has been asked elsewhere, please feel free to direct me. I'm looking for a measure of pitcher abuse points for relievers. Specifically, I'd like to look at Carlos Marmol's usage over the years. I've tried looking at BP's PAP, but I don't see any metric for relievers. If you could help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks. Dan


The break of the curveball (1st prize) - Best Visual Illusion

Why can't you hit a curve ball?  Why can't major leaguers hit a curve ball?  This visual illusion helps us understand the pitch a bit more.

Yet another reason MLB is run by mindless idiots - Padilla is fined, Burnett is suspended 6 games


I'm having a hard time understanding why Padilla--who hit Teixiera twice, seemingly on purpose--was fined for an undisclosed sum, whereas Burnett was suspended 6 games for throwing--and missing--at a hitter. It is quite clear to me that Padilla started this whole thing and Burnett was simply protecting his batters. The only justification for this I can remotely understand is that Mark got plunked in the butt & back, but Nelson Cruz received a "high and tight" pitch, closer to the face. Still, it boggles the mind that Vincente received no suspension (granted, he doesn't have a team at the moment). Furthermore, it is somewhat odd that Burnett is receiving the same suspension Carlos Zambrano received, and I do not perceive the two incidents to be on the same level of stupidity or detriment to Major League Baseball. Just another reason MLB head officials are mindless idiots. Dan

Mr. T sings @ Wrigley - What do you think?


Mr. T. sung the stretch @ Wrigley Monday night. I thought he was fantastic--he had Len & Bob cracking up the entire time, he put his own impassioned twist on the 'old classic, and he took pictures with just about every one that asked. The questions - What did you think? Did you like Mr. T's performance? Do you like the tradition of having a celebrity or IL sports team sing the stretch every game? Would you rather have Santo sing it every time? Weigh in, BCBers. Dan

Delaware about to pass gambling law


Looks like the fine state of Delaware will be taking your legal bets in no time. I don't gamble and don't really have an opinion on this either way. Get your Cubs' WS bids in now. Dan

Carpenter could be back May 23


Slow news day, but considering how well the Cardinals have been doing (third best record behind Dodgers & Blue Jays), it's important to note that our biggest division rival could see their ace returning shortly. Chris Carpenter was scheduled to throw off a mound today and could return as soon as May 23rd. I'd link to VEB, too, but I don't see any posts from them at the moment. Cubs @ Cardinals 05/19-05/21, and not again until the last series before the all-star break. Dan

One fan's already fed up with GameBoard


I've been complaining about the signing of Bradley since it happened, and this pretty much summarizes how I feel over 14 games. I said I'd withhold judgment until the season started...and well, we are almost at 10% of the season now. Not a fan. A significant change in the signing of GameBoard, as the poster notes, is how much his absence changes our lineup. The middle of the lineup really suffers without Lee performing, Micah playing (at all), or a solid #4-5. Not to mention our RF defensive troubles. Meh.

Jerk umpire to report Bradley for contact


I think we can all agree yesterday's umpire is a jerk. Now he says Bradley made contact with him, which could result in a suspension. Thanks, bud, for your bad umpiring and your report!

Caple discusses the decline of newspapers through the lens of baseball


Great write-up by Jimbo about how the decline of the newspaper is hurting baseball knowledge (a la THE WIRE's season 5). He's right about one thing: reading box scores online sucks compared to reading it in the morning paper. Dan


OT: NCAA Tourney Day 2

Day 2 of the NCAA tournament looks like the day to watch.  Although there were some highlights from yesterday, it was, for the most part, upset free and went to the higher seeds.  The VCU/UCLA game...


OT: NCAA Tourney Day 1

Day 1 of the NCAA tournament does not look nearly as intriguing as Day 2, but I'll be discussing the games all day.  A few other doc students and I hooked up two big screens and will have one game...

Mike Scioscia's managerial style article


Good article on Scioscia. Mike's just a stand-up guy and ambassador for the game of baseball, completely unlike Bud Selig.

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