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Why not take a chance?


Seems like Sean Williams may finally have his head on straight. He's got a world of talent and he's as good a big man that a team will ever find in the D-League. He's averaging 15.3 ppg on 58%, 10 rpg, and 3.3 bpg. I guarantee he would help this team more than Biedrins if his head is on straight. We need someone who can defend the basket at center, and Biedrins can't do it. This guys athleticism could complement Lee really well. We have an open roster spot, so why not? We have bigs, but they are really ineffective most of the time. Amundson is playing lousy, Udoh is still learning and isn't rebounding or defending particularily well, and Lee and Biedrins aren't defending well at all. We need a guy like WIlliams. At worst he gives us a Turiaf type presence, and at best, if we keep him around and let him grow, he could be a poor mans Stoudemire(with more defense) down low next to Lee. Here's a recent article from draft express about him. D-League Showcase Profiles: Call-Up Candidates (Part One) January 17, 2011 Matt Kamalsky Former first round draft pick Sean Williams had a solid week on the floor, but the feedback we heard about him off it may have caught our attention most. On the court, Williams remains the same highly athletic defensive presence that he was in the college game, but word is that Williams has been a model citizen off the court for the Texas Legends. Becoming a first-to-arrive, last-to-leave type, Williams seems to have matured past the issues he had off the floor in the past to focus on his basketball career. An effective complementary scorer thanks to his length and athleticism, Williams still hasn't developed a terribly polished post repertoire. However, he has shown that he hasn't lost a step as a rebounder and shot blocker. Whether he's rotating over from the weakside, defending the midrange, or crashing the boards, Williams makes an impact with his physical tools and energy. A top-call up candidate due to his terrific combination of size, athleticism, length and shot-blocking ability, Williams will earn himself a roster spot in the NBA sooner rather than later if he can continue to make good decisions off the floor. From DraftExpress.com http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Sean-Williams-392/#ixzz1BqQoE0KV http://www.draftexpress.com

Nnamdi says he would love to come back


Sounds pretty optimistic for us. I think he's going to stay. I think Al is going to probably give him a longer contract this time, but for a little less money per year. Something like 5 years for 60 million maybe. My prediction is that Al is going to try and go all out in free agency once the CBA mess is all settled. He's 81 and he's going to try and do whatever it takes in his mind to get a Super Bowl.

This guy is a beast. I wish we could say he was a 1st rounder and DHB was a 4th rounder. The guy is...


This guy is a beast. I wish we could say he was a 1st rounder and DHB was a 4th rounder. The guy is making great plays and is the only reason we even had a shot on Sunday. DHB and Murphy should be trying to step their games up and should be pushing a lot harder, since Ford is flying by them.

Jeremy Lin Summer League highlights


Jeremy Lin Summer League highlights

The multi talented David Lee.


The multi talented David Lee.


Players to consider at number 6 and lower

These are guys that the Warriors could and/or should consider taking if guys don't drop. The talent after the top 5 is a big drop off, so a lot of these guys are in the same boat, but some make...


Have a little more patience with Randolph

Why are people so quick to put Randolph on the trade block, just because he didn't average a double-double in 22 minutes a game this year? People are expecting too much from Randolph too soon in...


Warriors Backcourt Situation

Night in and night out Curry and Monta always seem to put up big numbers. But it is hard to tell if they really have any playing chemistry going between them. Curry seems get excited and lead the...


Warriors Should Go After Iguodala

Since there have been a whole lot of Iguodala rumors, I thought I would throw out an Iguodala to the Warriors trade idea.Maybe a trade like this h...


Looking Forward to Montas Return

It's been a pretty tough first quarter of the season and it doesn't look like we're gonna have any shot at the playoffs. But if you think about what this team has gone through and the transition...


J-Rich Movement

How about this crazy idea. The Warriors trade Maggette, Azubuike and or Randolph, to the Bobcats for Richardson. It makes sense because it would make the backcourt less crowded, it would send...

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