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Did you see what I saw????

Yeah, it is almost X-mas and the tunes have a way of becoming posts, sorta. I was going off after that last game we lost to the Donks, just flat out pissed and bummed out. As I sat there watching...


I want a Live Arm.........among other things!

All this bruhaha over quarterbacks is sometimes quite a bit of fun. Questions abound with where we go with that #1 pick. I am not here to tell you where to go (with your choices) because of right...


MIZZOU FA's Anyone??

Right now I am more interested in Free Agency than the draft, after all it comes before the draft. We have some obvious needs that could see a Mizzou grad come to our Chief's as a FA. 3 of them...



Reading how some are writing off Ricki Stanzi before he even get's a chance from Reid and Associates. Just Wow! Yeah I know he might never amount to something, but he MIGHT Yet. Yeah, that's...


Time for an inventory

Okay, you know what "they" say, right? If it ain't broke don't fix it! BUT if it is BROKE, take an inventory so you don't try to fix the wrong thing. It is evident our team-THE KANSAS CITY...


A few observations about the KC NFL team.

I feel like I have been sold a bill of goods. The Right 53? Just look at that high character squad playing with emotion and heart-total horse shit sans the ex-coach. Not only does a starter...


National Football Post has OT as the Chief's #1 overall Draft Pick!!!!

Ain't it amazing how my favorite draft resource is mocking a player who I thought was a distinct possibility and which was referenced by me in a comment a few days ago. This guy, Luke Joeckel, is...


A thought from the TROLL

Like many of us on this site, opinions are varying and strongly asserted, sometimes rudely. Like our politicians these days, trying to force those assertions down the throats of others begets...


Did you see what I saw?

Big Shout Out to Donald Stephenson, baby!!! It looks as if our hometown boy will displace Brandon Albert at LT. That gives us great flexibility in the off season. As I watched all the posts of what...


Some things never change as time marches on ...

As I sit at this infernal contraption (computer) and listen to some music (David Crosby's "If I could only remember my Name) from the era when we won the Super Bowl, and think here we are again,...


With the First Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft------- the KC Chief's trade that pick

Yep, you heard right, trade the pick because we need some help AND there ain't no QB worthy of the #1 overall as of right now. There are a few players that merit the #1, and we could use them,...


Inspiration for Optimism??????

Well here goes another post about what if? Inspiration? Optimism? That's right, no pictures or videos, just a pure speculative what if as it already happened this season to the team that last...


OK, it's your turn-Be the Scout! Find a QB to draft.

Welcome my brethren fans, us die hard Chief's fanatics. We all know and understand that this team has to find a QB to have future success. The problem is whom we select to lead the franchise. So I...


An Observation or Two

Thinking about some what if scenario's that could happen to the Chief's Kingdom. I am not the best writer or explainer so cut me some slack---or not. Firstly is the idea that Cassel may decide he...


Trampled Under Foot

OOP's this is a football post, not an old Led Zeppelin song. Or one current bad ass Blues band. But it is our teams current demise, our kingdom's dilemma, to be tied to an antiquated scheme that is...


To Clark and Scott

To paraphrase a wonderful document which is the basis for our form of government, some things are self evident. You boys are really good at selling the snow job that we fans eat by the spoonful....


Observations and Expectations

This happened last night watching the Utah/Utah State game, when it was tied up and before I fell asleep, and I was so frustrated seeing the lack of down-the-field passing attempts. This college...


My favorite bets for week 1

I'll start out by stating I learned the hard way and never bet my home team. It seems I lack the objectivity to give them an evaluation that warrants money to be risked. With all the various...


How Bad is the Defensive Backfield?

I keep seein' all the fuss that we need another DB and wonder why? I thought we had a pretty good group of players, still thinks so too. So explain to me what is so bad about the guys we have. I...


MY Chief Concern

Wow, what a roller coaster ride we are having with our most talented players. Will Bowe go or will he stay? Asked and answered! Now a top dog get's suspended for having an illegal plant,...


Bowe for Blackmon????

Ah yes. another speculative fantasy for a way to resolve the Bowe situation. The other day another poster presented us with some teams that might have pressing need of a of proven WR who is capable...


Strategy versus Tactics

Good morning my fellow lunatics, excuse me, fanatics.In the world of professional football we see the results of good strategy and tactics. Some teams do really well melding them together. Some do...


special teams looking up!

As most of us around here already know, we have discussed to the nth degree, both offense and defense that will appear this year in our beloved chiefs uniforms. New coaches on offense, player's as...


Introducing the starting Tight End, Kevin Boss

Wow, Kevin Boss, ex-raider is the starter at TE over our beloved Tony Moeaki? You betcha! Why you ask? Well for me it is an obvious leap. Yes, I know you do not lose your spot as a starter on the...


Remember Year 1 of Pioli, Haley and Cassel?

I've commented a few times about this and decided to make it a post since it is a slow day. Remember Haley being touted as an offensive whiz kid? Remember Matt throwing the ball all over the field,...


Slaying the Ghost of Playoffs Past

Yup, we have seen it happen with with this team time and time again. We get to the dance and voila', we get sent to the cheap seats as we were unable to keep the "Ghost" in his chamber of horrors....


Which Chief's player's improved enough to get to the Pro Bowl?

OOPS!! What the hell am I doing discussing the idea of individual accomplishment when it is a TEAM effort that get's the ring? Well to be honest, the accolades that the Pro Bowl recognition...


Questions abound in the Defensive Backfield

What's up with the team and the defensive backfield? Looking at a couple of discards from other teams at the Safety position. Drafting another guy who is projected as a Safety. Signing some free...


The next Gronk????

Greetings to all my AP comrades. Noticed the use of the word comrades, I'm getting a tryout on the current guy in the White House attempt to take us down the socialist path. As most of you know,...


Dontari Poe versus Phil Taylor

That's right, another post about our Nose Tackle and who is now filling the position. A couple of drafts ago there were many folks here who wanted Big Phil Taylor from Baylor. It was no secret that...

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