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A Double Whammy moment for Scotty Pioli

A Double Whammy? Is our beloved Gm, who I think of as SCotty, prepared for a rain on the Chief's Parade Moment? I have been a harbinger of disaster on this site for awhile, to many conspiracy...


Players Beware the 4 year plan!

After reading some news on the CBA, I know I said I wasn't going to, and the 4 year plan for free agency that is getting bandied about, I think the players should be skeptical of their futures....


Savvy old Vet, Marc Bulger, as back-up QB in the Chief's Kingdom?

Of all the talk about free agency, we discuss back-up/competition for Matt Cassell less than any other priority. We do not even know if this is a position of need to the front office, but most...


Which Chief's player makes the JUMP and becomes Heroes?

This post is derived from hmills110, who suggested in a comment from a post recently, what we could see is a player or two take that next step into becoming an elite player which would helps propel...


Tough Duty - Repeating as AFC West Champs

I was going to entitle this post as, "An analysis of the AFC West", but decided most of us are pretty clued in on how tough this division is. And while we had a better record and were given the...


Simple Math? B.Carr and Gunther reunite in Detroit?

I know this has been bounced around some already - that being Brandon Carr might not be a Chief next year. However, the reality is his position is in high demand around the league. There are...


Unsung Heroes

There are always, always, players who go about their jobs in a very professional way and are under-the-radar media wise. Other players know who they are, coaches know who they are and the...


You all want Football? Here's how!

This is a simple yet effective way to end the impasse between the owners and players. I do not understand why it wouldn't work as it's so simple. Are you fans with balls? Do you have enough...


What about Waters at Center?

I know this has been discussed often enough in the past, but I recently did an about face with this idea. Why? I had a dream in which he played the Center position. In this dream we were running...


It's a done deal already.......ain't it?

Another speculative and somewhat cynical post for your perusal. While I do not try to get to caught up in the endless Bull Excrement that surrounds this CBA issue, I do have a viewpoint that is...


Fillin' theHoles on D

Pre draft, many spoke of NT as being the primary need on D. I was in disagreement and so I speculated that we needed to fix Vrable's spot first, the McGraw's, before finding a NT. Post draft and...


Who sucks? It ain't Succop!

What is the deal with folks here at AP who are talking crap about our kicker? I do not get it. He has exceeded expectations in my mind of a seventh round draft choice and is pretty damn accurate....


I need something to read! Non football post.

Help me out friends and foes, I going bonkers without football and I need something to read. I am a poor so I go to the library for my reading material. And I am not interested in looking at a...


The Obfuscatory Scott Pioli And The Kansas City Chiefs Center Position

Recently after the draft our GM Scotty Pioli was heard to utter words that had everyone talking as if the second round draft pick from Florida State would be our new center. I missed the comments, but from what I understand he adjusted what he said about Hudson, but everyone is thinking he will be our new center.


Introducing our next Swing Tackle

Wonder who? If I told you I'd have to kill ya. Ha Ha, an old joke that been around in certain groups. Caution: This post is entirely speculative and guaranteed to piss off some Chief's fans. Oh...


Collusion by Parcells and his son in law????

We recently went threw the draft process and were given large quantities of information from a multitude of sources. I was looking forward to ESPN's interview with the old coach whom most everybody...


Could Haley turn Vince Young into a professional TE?

Just for fun I was wondering how VY is going to stay in pro football if no team wants him as a QB. Surely some desperate team in need of a QB will try him. But unless he is willing to be a student...


Adios Tamba!

While many, if not most, here at AP think that Hali is the best player on the team. I am not one of those folks. If you use simple math of what Pioli is doing in the last two drafts it would lead...


Forget the Lockout BS, let's look at what has been going on.

While evertone seems overwhelmed with the labor situation, not me as it's just business as usual. Some Owners and the Commish getting airtime trying to sway public opinion and the courts, the...


Would Hoodie "steal" Hali from Pioli?

The story line from NE was they didn't get the edge pass rusher so greatly needed. This was a common theme on the ESPN draft show.  In my paranoid thinking, and with our multi picks at pass...


So long Brandon Carr ???

What can I say, after following the news from around the NFL and seeing that the TB Buccaneers cut their star CB Talib, I began to think that finding a replacement may be as easy to them as signing...


They were Expendable, drafting with the CBA in mind.

We are often discussing this draft regarding the "holes" we see in the lineup. Basically we are just looking at the Offense and Defense. Which is a pretty good scheme since the Special Teams were...


Will we find a starter at pick 21?

Having the unfortunate draft position in picking in the top 5, which gives us a shot at some studs who were able to start from day 1 in the last few drafts, spoiled us into thinking we will find a...


Gamblers Beware the rule changes

After seeing the new rule changes the league has put in effect I was extremely pissed off about what the owners are doing. Talking about manipulating the outcome of the game. If you can get by the...


Collusion with the draft?

Anyone think that without Free Agency and being restricted to deal players, some GM's and/or Coaches may decide to do a picks swap, colluding to deal players for picks before the deal is done just...


Salary cap and the draft, any connection?

With all the various things going on, I was thinking about salary cap in relation to the draft. If you are the GM of a team and have a player or three lined up to get tall dollars in the next...


Same conference Games?

I was playing around with this idea because of old memories I guess. Way back when I first became a fan of pro football the foes within the separate leagues were  what kept it interesting, just...


We think we KNOW the teams needs, but the Primary need is ?

While we have been bandying our opinions around quite a bit here at Arrowhead Pride on what the Chief's should do with the twenty-first pick, we are far from anything like a consensus. I would like...


Kansas City Chiefs: The Team Versus The Player

It is Sunday and for many a time to worship their Diety. For some of us we worship the Kansas City Chief's every day. Now I have been a Chief's Fan since the arrival from Dallas way back when. All the while I have loved the team as a whole, even after many fruitless and frustrating years.


Strategic Overveiw

What the Hell? What in the the name of (^%*#%) is he talking about now? Another friggin head scratcher. This not a war game but the National Football League. Still here? come on and take the Jump...

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