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Rumor - Dwight to Miami for Bosch/Wade

Stephen A Smith (I know), says that Miami should (may?) go after Dwight if they don't win this year, offering Wade and Bosch for Dwight. h...

for Squid - cosmo names jj sexiest


I a poll, cosmo readers named our very own jj sexiest is nba. sad that's the best award any if our players win this year


Which pair?

I posted this idea in response to an article, but thought I'd post it broader to get people's thoughts. The conventional wisdom is that Dwight is the most dominant player in the NBA (or top 2 or 3)...


Starting SG: Who should it be?

After the 3 game trial run of JJ starting, what are people's thoughts on who should start at SG? I could only listen to the games so couldn't judge things like defense and ball defense, just raw...


Undiscussed Dwight trade dilemna

**caveat** I hope Dwight chooses to stay, but this post is addressing an aspect the various trade packages that may need rethinking To date, all of the rumored/proposed trade packages in the press...

peaches cut

  1. any chance magic get him?

Nets out of Dwight Trade - Lopez broke foot

Brooke Lopez broke his foot. NJ Nets weren't getting much Orl intertest before, definitely out of Dwight Howard running now! Looks like Dwight is staying in Orl more and more every day. Wonder...


Out of thte box question...

Is there any prohibition on the number of picks that can be traded in one trade? If not, the Magic should offer Jameer and up to the next 10 years worth of 1st and 2nd round draft picks for Chris...


Statiscical comparison of J. Rich and JJ (offensive)

  Note:  When I was able, I used J. Rich's numbers on the Magic versus his season numbers.  I have noted with an asterick when I used his season numbers.  The first numbers are J. Rich.  The...


The sky is fallin!

First, I say this somewhat tongue in check based on a lot of the commentators here, but also a bit seriously as the Celtics are potentially going to make a move that Orlando should make and it...


Magic to feature new starting lineup for awhile?

Early word is that Bass' ankle could keep him out for a while.  It is "only" a sprain, but ankle sprains can be serious (just ask Grant Hill).  This will require the Magic to feature a new starting...


Magic obviously maneuvering for CP or Melo..

  Remember these dates:  2/18/11 and 2/24/11 The recent moves by the Magic are not the final moves of the season, that part is obvious.  What is the end game then? Most observers think it's...

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