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Clips nearing deal with Byron Mullens


Looks like a 2 year deal. Not a bad pickup.

Bledsode + Butler for Afflalo rumored to go down on draft night


Found this on the Orlando Magic blog. Not sure how true this is.


Trade Proposal

Hey Brew Hoop, Greetings from Los Angeles. I actually was thinking over trade proposals given the recent Mike D'antoni hiring. My feeling is that Gasol will be gone at some point if things don't...


Eric Gordon Trade Scenarios Revisited

Back in early December of 2011, 3 days before the Clippers would shock everyone and land Chris Paul, rumors were swirling about potential trades involving CP3 and Dwight (who knew the Dwightmare...


Jeremy Lin and the Poison Pill

Ok so I've been reading more about the whole Jeremy Lin - Knicks - Rockets saga and one of the main sticking points is obviously the whole "poison pill" exception which Houston took advantage of...

Clippers Pursuing Lamar Odom?


"...the deal, sources said, could hinge on the willingness of a third team to take on the contract of Clippers veteran guard Mo Williams..." Interesting...

On Rajon Rondo


Not sure if this was ever posted on Clipsnation, but I read this a while back and found it to be rather enjoyable and shockingly well written for Ball Don't Lie. Thought it was apropos given how well Rondo's been playing lately. Also the girl who wrote this seems to be a babe.

Phoenix's Training Staff


I thought this was a fun read about how their training staff works its magic.

Lamarcus Aldridge gets heart surgery + Greg Oden's done again?

4 Two injury reports for the Blazers in addition to B-Roy's retirement. Tough week to be a Blazer fan. I thought the Clips were supposed to be the cursed franchise. Luckily, Lamarcus' heart surgery seems to be a rather minimal procedure as far as heart surgeries go. Will Greg Oden ever play again? It looks like he's following B-roy down the same path...

Bill Simmons on Clippers and CP3 trade


Long article but here's the gist of the Clippers part: Here's why the Clippers shouldn't give up Gordon and Minnesota's 2012 no. 1 pick for Chris Paul, especially if Paul won't promise to sign an extension. Look at that landscape. Our best four shooting guards are over 30 years old; only Wade still qualifies as being "unquestionably in his prime." I watched Gordon in person for three years — he's the no. 2 candidate to make a gigantic, Westbrook-like leap this season. (No. 1: John Wall; no. 3: James Harden.) Why trade a cheap player who has a chance to be THE BEST GUY at his position in three years AND a fantastic asset (Minnesota's pick in a strong 2012 draft) for a point guard with a sketchy knee who makes four times as much money? What am I missing? Even if Paul says, "I'll sign an extension," I wouldn't do that trade. I love Eric Gordon. Total gamer, total stud. Gordon for a promises-to-sign-an-extension Paul, straight up, is a fair deal considering New Orleans doesn't have a ton of options for him. Anything else is lunacy — especially when you factor in the part where the team with the tortured history is giving up the farm for a superstar with a possible knee problem. Sorry, I had to vent.


Poll: Would you trade Eric Gordon for...

Dwight Howard or CP3? I thought it'd be fun to poll the Clipper nation to gauge how everyone feels about this. EJ's obviously a top SG in the league and is only getting better, but I get the...

Caron Butler wants to play for Clips or Bulls


According to Adrian Wojnakzisdirjeaiejqle ... I'm not terribly excited about Caron. He's 30, coming off knee surgery, and was never a great shooter (last season's 3 point numbers seem to be an anomaly). That being said, if he's healthy, it'd be a great signing and I would eat my words.


Are we screwed for the Olympics?

With the lockout ongoing, isn't the U.S. going to be at a disadvantage at next year's Olympics if the worst case scenario plays through and there is a full season lost?  I don't know how many...


Who is your ideal free agent for this offseason?

Now that it's officially the off-season for the Clips, I was wondering who you guys thought would be the ideal free agent pickup for next season.  Obviously the glaring hole for the Clips is the 3...

Chris Paul to the Bobcats?


CP3 talks about his relationship with MJ and the possibility of returning home.

Steve Nash's baby's daddy is former teammate


Unbelievable story about Nash's baby's daddy's identity, not unlike Tony Parker's situation not too long ago.

Blake, Taylor, and brothers dominating sports


Short article on siblings and their performance in sports.

The Curse of the 3-Point Shootout


"Over the past 10 seasons, winning the 3-point shootout has been a harbinger of doom. During that span, the contest champion shot an average of 7.24 percentage points worse from behind the arc after the All-Star break than before it." Thought this was a fun read.

Baron talks about protecting Blake


Interesting read about the Clippers' need to protect Blake.

NYTimes praises Blake's passing and playmaking


Nice article detailing Blake's playmaking abilities. Good to read an article that praises the other nuances of his game and not just his dunking and athleticism.


Chris Kaman on the mend No more walking boot needed for the Kaveman.  I know it's baby steps, but it's something right?  He's already effectively...


Aminu the starting SF from now on?

Just wondering if VDN is going to be starting Aminu from now on.  I'm assuming this is a given since he played so well against NOH.  I was confounded by VDN starting Gomes against the Knicks.  I...


What's eating Chris Kaman??

Ralph alluded to this yesterday: the Kaveman's poor play this season has been extra baffling because of the great preseason he had.  Anyone know what's going on with him?  Is it the beard?  Is...



Should the Clips make an effort to trade for him?  Rudy can play the 3 (a position we need) and is a great shooter and ball handler.  Unfortunately, with the spate of new signings, we don't have...


Predictions for Blake?

Thoughts and predictions on Blake's "rookie" year?  I've been going back and forth about what type of numbers to expect from him and still don't know where I stand.  On one hand he is coming off...



Thoughts or predictions on the upcoming road trip?  Washington Boston (Back to back) New Jersey Minnesota Cleveland Chicago Atlanta (back to back) Thankfully there's only two back to backs...

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