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Big Shot at Tribeca


Was anyone planning to go see Big Shot at Tribeca next Friday? Tickets are $16 + $3.50 fee. Maybe we can get a small LHH group together for this.

Season Competition Idea


Over at Lighthouse Hockey, we have a friendly competition called First Islanders Goal. For each game, all who choose to post in a Fanshot the first goal, the assists, and a time (or shutout with a number of shots) and there's a points system for getting each part right. I am thinking about doing something similar for Mets games. Something like First Mets Run, where you would identify the batter, the run scorer, the inning, and number of outs. For example, a David Wright solo shot in the first could be written as follows: Wright (Wright, 1st, 2) I'd like to gauge interest in the AA community for this. If people are interested, we can come up with a final format and scoring system and have it ready for opening day. I'll volunteer to keep track of the results if this goes forward.

Miller Ale House Viewing Party 2/16/12


I received an e-mail regarding a viewing party for the Islanders vs Blues game. This will be at Miller Ale House on Hempstead Tpke in Levittown. If anyone is planning to go, we should do a LHH meet up.

Blue and Orange Army


I guess they have a website. It's got all the lyrics to their songs. So this is better than that crappy fanshot I tried to do last month.


Isles '92-93 Team Autograph Session

I can't find a link on the Islanders team site for this, but here's the text from the e-mail they sent me: "This Saturday, October 29th we will be celebrating our 1992–93 Conference Finals team...

Islanders Army Songs


Islanders Army songs: Fight song: We are the Islanders Fighting for New York We are taking on the world The New York Islanders WOOOOO Long Island song (name the tune, I can't remember): Oh Long Island Is wonderful Oh Long Island is wonderful We have the best beaches and the best hockey Oh Long Island is wonderful Josh Bailey song (pop song I can't name): Hey Josh Bailey (ooh, ahh) I wanna know Will you score a goal? Love Islanders song: We love you, we love you, we love you And where you play we'll follow, we'll follow, we'll follow Cuz we support Long Island, Long Island, Long Island And that's the way we like it Hate songs: We hate the New Jersey Devils Buffalo Sabres too (they suck) We hate New York Rangers But Islanders we love you Score a Goal: Come on guys let's score a goal It's really very simple Put the puck into the net And we'll go fucking mental Referee Chant: I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref A rope, a tree, hang the referee __________________________________ I've never heard them do the gang bang song in the link... Here's another one they do: This is entertaining: (this includes a number of the songs from above) I don't remember this one either: Victory lap including the fight song:

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