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xkcd on the Steroid Scandal


Baseball is not mentioned explicitly in this comic, but it still fits.

Height of MLB Players [Flip Flop Fly Ball]


This infographic makes it pretty clear: we need taller players in order to contend.

The MLB logo - what I see every time


Warning: once seen, this cannot be unseen. Seriously - consider yourself fairly warned.

Blue Jays are second only to Yankees...


...in terms of the number of hats appearing in Justin Bieber's videos. Does that mean we win the wildcard?

Astros to move to AL in 2013


I'm just wondering what kind of impact this will have on the Blue Jays. Any thoughts? I guess things like the number of wildcard spots and whether the schedule will be more balanced or not will determine a lot, but Is this something worth getting excited over?

Teaser video about new uniforms.


Looks like the blue is back. I can't wait for Friday!


OT: Movember

I have decided to do Movember this year.  For those unfamiliar with Movember (as I was until it was a little too late to start doing anything about it last year), here is an excerpt from the...


OT Chat Thread

There haven't been any game threads lately, but I wanted to mention something about last night's game. I only caught the last 3 or 4 innings, but the announcers were TERRIBLE! Any time the...


How do I .500? Let me count the ways.

This season, the Blue Jays have been 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, 13-13, 20-20, 21-21, 22-22, 23-23, 24-24, 26-26, 28-28, 29-29, 30-30, 32-32, 34-34, 35-35, 36-36, 39-39, 47-47, 49-49, 50-50, 51-51, 52-52,...

Blue Jays Designate Brian Tallet For Assignment


To the surprise of no one, I'm guessing. Is there a rule that a player has to appear in at least one game before being DFA, or does it just seem that way?

Essay: The Little Things


A very well-written article about last night's game, touching on the Canadian takeover of Safeco Field, personalized handshakes, and the multiple ovations given to John McDonald.

Bautista calls dying fan to wish her happy birthday


You might want to keep some Kleenex nearby as you read this one. I love Bautista and I love this team!

Jays' future suddenly now


I just love articles like this. "As a nine-year-old [Lawrie] travelled to Toronto as part of Team British Columbia for something called the Hit, Run and Throw competition. While some of his buddies were playing in the dirt at SkyDome, he was collecting some of it. He looked under the seats, found a small empty Glosette’s Raisin box and filled it full of stadium dirt. The plan, as a nine-year-old, was to put the dirt back when he returned as a big league player. Lawrie showed up Tuesday night to play. The dirt remains in the raisin box in his parents’ home, a box now representing less dream than reality." That's so cute. I wish he would have actually had the box with him tonight - it would have been quite the sight to see him sprinkling it around third base when he took the field.

Brett Lawrie’s rise is a family affair (Globe & Mail)


A great article on Brett Lawrie from the Globe & Mail.

And the National Post's pick for MVP is...


...Adrian Gonzalez. "The tiebreaker, for now: Gonzalez was essential in turning Boston from a 2-10 mess to the best team in the American League." I could have sworn that Gonzalez was with the team during that "mess", but whatever. *sigh* Bautista really doesn't have a chance, does he?

Blue Jays games now available on Rogers on Demand


"Telecommunications giant Rogers — owner of the baseball team — announced that starting with Tuesday night’s game versus the Tampa Bay Rays, fans will be able to watch live streams of the rest of the Jays’ regular season on mobile phones and over the internet for the first time. Available to Rogers customers through their Rogers on Demand service and its mobile counterpart — which has a $5 surcharge — customers have to sign up to access the service. Unlike Rogersondemand.com services, which allow existing Rogers cable customers access to TV shows depending on their level of cable package, Blue Jays games will be available to all customers across Rogers’ various products." Works for me. I'm rarely near a TV when the Jays are playing, but I'm almost always at the computer.

Know Your Thameses: Eric, Marcus, and River


A very helpful chart illustrating the differences between the two MLB players with the surname Thames and also the river of the same name.

The 2011 All-Flub Team


Both Kyle Drabek and Jon Rauch made this "team". I was actually rather surprised that Rauch has a lower WAR than Frank Francisco, but apparently he does. Oh well, it could be worse - the White Sox have three players on the team.

Ricky Romero the real deal


Great article on Ricky Romero. I love the fact that this team seems to be made up of a bunch of great human beings who just happen to play baseball.

Refocused Davis expects production to soar


Very nice article from today's Post. "Both Rajai Davis and John Farrell agree on this: Davis stopped hitting a month ago because something sidetracked him from his plan. Farrell is talking about Davis’ approach at the plate. Davis is talking about God."

Who's that young Farrell guy that keeps giving up homers to Olerud at about 1:30?


Who's that young Farrell guy that keeps giving up homers to Olerud at about 1:30?

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