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Savage's legacy - by the numbers

    I've been a Savage apologist and I was not happy to see him go, but there has been an ongoing debate about how well or poorly he did his job.  A simple metric that has been used on this site...


Can we audible?

I don't want to start the DA vs BQ debate up, but I do have a question that I hope someone can offer some intelligent insight into.  Does DA audible?  Is he capable?  Is he allowed? I don't ever...


Rumored Vikes Trade?

I have seen on a few sites that the Browns were supposedly offered 2009 and 2010 first round picks from the Vikings for Quinn and we declined.  Is there any legitimacy to this?  If (most likely)...


Chicago based Tribe Fan with Tickets

So last year, I plopped down my deposit for season tickets for this year so that I could go to the playoff games.  So now I have 2 tickets to 20 games which would normally be quite awesome except...


First round bye?

As I'm sure everyone knows by now, we can earn a playoff appearance with either a win over Cincinnati or a Tennessee loss.  Note that this is not the same as a Brown's win or a Tennessee loss or...


Quinn's debut?

I'll save the playoff scenarios for Chris, but should we defeat Buffalo on Sunday there is a strong possibility that we will have clinched a playoff birth before week 17 against San Francisco....


Can someone please help me?

Is anyone going to the game tonight and is willing to check out some seats for me?  I live in Chicago, and I'm looking to get tickets to the entire Yankees series.  However, I'm afraid that the...


Carmona and Kruk

As I sit here and watch Baseball Tonight, I'm wondering if anyone else saw it last night when Kruk was yelling at Philips that it made no sense at all that the Tribe was sending down their "best...


Baseball Etiquette

With one out in the 7th inning, runner on first, down by 7 runs.  Do you hold the runner?


No such thing as clutch?

There has been some discussion on this site about the fact that the 2006 Tribe is not "clutch".  The discussion usually divides into those who have watched this team under-perform in tight...


Return of the Tribe

This is a new day of hope!  Long sought after changes are happening, and it is time to believe again.  With my apologies to Jay for plagiarizing his "Why We Will Win" post, this is why we are still...

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