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I'm the EIC of The Sports Fan Journal and a contributor to SLAM Magazine.

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User Blog

Wiggins is the perfect man to carry the pressure

With the Cavaliers drafting Andrew Wiggins, the former Kansas wingman must now prepare to put Cleveland, Canada and the 2014 Class on his back.

Klay Thompson isn't a max player


Is the Golden State Warriors' shooting guard good enough to be the centerpiece in an offer for Kevin Love? We don't think so.

Dwyane Wade is the Heat's biggest problem

Dwyane Wade's decline and paltry performance in the NBA Finals has put the Miami Heat in a tough spot. The best person to get the Heat out of it is Wade himself.


'Old man game' is real

The 2014 NBA Finals give us the opportunity to watch three future Hall of Famers show us what having an "old man game" is truly all about.


Boris Diaw: The reluctant X-Factor

Boris Diaw can be unusually timid, but then he shocks you with amazing, quick moves. His unique style caused lots of problems for Oklahoma City, especially in Game 5.

Brooks has taken the Thunder as far as he can

Scott Brooks has done a wonderful job getting the Thunder to the doorstep of a title, but now is the time to find someone who can take them through it.


OKC's defiant playoff journey

Nothing ever comes easy for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and we're beginning to think that's exactly how they like it.

Warriors withstand war of attrition

The Golden State Warriors found a way to win ugly on Thursday night, giving their unit one more chance to keep the old gang together.

Putting Golden State's 51-win year in perspective


The Golden State Warriors won 51 games this season, good for fourth-best in the franchise's 68-year history. For many fans, this isn't good enough. Fair or unfair?


Worst playoff team ever? Not so fast

Believe it or not, whoever ends up as the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference will not be as bad as these three forgotten playoff teams of yesteryear.


The Bucks should be ashamed of themselves

The 76ers have lost 26 games in a row ... and they still have a better record than the Bucks. That's quite an accomplishment.

Here, gone and quickly forgotten


Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf was on his way to a long career as one of the league's most electrifying guards. Then, he took a stand on something he believed in and he quickly faded into obscurity.


Carlos Boozer is too subdued these days

Chicago's big man has been beaten down by his own declining play and his team marginalizing his contributions. But for the Bulls to be a threat in April, May and June, they need to get his state of...

Phoenix rising: On Gerald Green's revival

It took nine professional teams in 10 years, including multiple stints overseas, but one of the last players ever drafted straight out of high school is finally coming into his own.


A Forum for second chances

With all their stars aging and/or injured, the once-proud Lakers have instead been the team that's rehabilitating the NBA careers of players that were cast aside without getting their chance to shine.

With Russ back, pressure shifts to Brooks


With the return of Russell Westbrook, Scott Brooks now has eight weeks to figure out just how to optimize his roster for a playoff run.


How Joe Johnson can steal the show in New Orleans

One could say that Joe Johnson doesn't deserve to be in the 2014 All-Star Game. To that, I say hogwash! Here are three ways the quiet and probably-undeserving Nets shooting guard can steal the show...

The Big Game, Basketball Edition

Stanford and Cal squared off on Wednesday night, and for one person's first experience of The Big Game, it made him feel young and old simultaneously.

The Thunder as Dragon Ball Z characters

Because if you can't see the comparison between Kevin Durant and Goku, this article might not be for you.

Standing up for Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins certainly isn't the most coordinated offensive player, but critics of his play overlook his importance to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Why isn't Ty Lawson a star?

The overlooked Denver Nuggets point guard continues to improve, but stardom has eluded him, for whatever reason. We try to understand why Lawson is often a forgotten man.


The Thunder without Westbrook are depressing

Watching the ups and downs of Oklahoma City without Russell Westbrook only makes us miss him more. Remember when some thought they'd be better without him? So much for that.


Terrence Jones, the difference maker

Should the emergence of Terrence Jones make the Houston Rockets reevaluate their roster needs? We think so.

Why players don't like Blake Griffin


No NBA player seems to get disrespected more by his peers than Blake Griffin. Here are three reasons why we think this happens to him all the time.

Everybody loves Draymond

Thanks to his developing court sense and improvement from three-point range, Warriors' second-year man Draymond Green is making everyone feel bad for passing up on him in the 2012 NBA Draft.


LeBron James needs new (old) shoes

LeBron James apparently doesn't like to wear his latest signature shoe and Kevin Garnett vs. Andrea Bargnani in a steel cage match needs to happen.

CP3 and loving the conventional

Chris Paul is a great player, but his game still largely escapes scrutiny because it aligns so well with what we expect point guards to be. But would it benefit Paul and his teams if he took a page...

The imperfect perfect game

The Golden State Warriors' 115-114 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder automatically ranks as the 2013-14 game of the year thus far, but should we expect more from both teams?

OKC's new and replaceable parts

With the emergence of new young players into the Oklahoma City Thunder's rotation, is it time to think about replacing some of the older parts in the machine?

Boogie is growing up

From the growth of the beard to running wind sprints, DeMarcus Cousins may finally be growing up.

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