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My name is Eric Griffey, staff writer for the Fort Worth Weekly newspaper.

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  • MLB Texas Rangers
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User Blog

The Onion Chimes in on Tony Romo


It kind of hurts, but it sure is funny.

Sickels' Ranger Top 20 Prospects Pre-Season Review


For those unfamiliar with Sickels, it's not a new prospect list, but a look back at his preseason list.

Ratliff Will Stay at Nose Tackle


Per Brian Baker, via NFL Trade Rumors.

Rangers Extend Kinsler


Per multiple sources: "It's a five-year deal worth $75MM with an option for a sixth year. That's $70MM in salary and a $5MM buyout of the option."

Baltimore Signs Ryan Drese


Because that organization hasn't suffered enough

Grading Trades by WAR


Via BTB. The Rangers have lost 60.8 WAR since 2006 (The JD era) -- the biggest loss of any team. The methodology is a little flawed, but it's still pretty fun to look at and think about. I'm not sure if the author is continuing to count the accumulative WAR of a player who has signed a new contract since being traded or not. But in a very boring offseason, it's something to talk about. At the risk of flogging a dead horse: Over one-third of that lost WAR comes from the Adrian Gonzales trade. A-Gon, who was traded during the 2005-2006 offseason, accounts for 22.7 WAR. Chris Young, who was also involved in that trade, accounts for 4.7 WAR since 2006. Terrmel Sledge is the only piece that Texas gave up who accounted for negative WAR, -0.3. Overall, that's 27.1 WAR that was traded away. Adam Eaton gave the Rangers a whopping 0.6, making for a total loss of 26.5 WAR. So, to answer JD's question from Newberg night: yes, you are still the guy who traded Adrian Gonzales.

Jacoby Ellsbury Might be Available


Are you interested? And, if so, what do you think it would take to bring him here? And, would the asking price be too high?

Nolan Ryan Expects the Yankees to Outbid the Rangers on Lee


Per MLB Trade Rumors, who linked a Wall Street Journal writer's Twitter account. According to the tweet, Ryan will try to sell Lee, an Arkansas native, on the idea of playing in Texas.

Onion Article About A-Rod


And how he led the Rangers to their first World Series.

Sickels on Thomas Diamond


Apparently he has a good change up now.


Ballpark Ushers

As some of you know, I am a journalist for a newspaper called the Fort Worth Weekly. I convinced my editor to allow me to do a story on the ushers at the ballpark, and would like to get in contact...

Schep Getting Some Sickels' Love


Sickels predicts he'll be in Arlington by the ASB, if not sooner. What's going on in my pants?

Robbie Erlin is a Stud


getting a little love from Sickels...

Royal's Prospect Dan Duffy is Quitting Baseball


This only interests me because he's on most top 100 prospect lists.


OT: Gil LeBreton Compares Canadians to Nazis...

...and people are all pissed about it. The  He stopped short of actually calling Canadians Nazis, but, in his Feb. 28 column, the Fort Worth Star Telegram sports writer did compare the Canadians'...

Sickels' Plemininary Rangers Prospect List


Good news for all of you Craig Gentry and Mike Bianucci fans.

Catcher block percentage projections by BTB


Interesting stuff. As it turns out, BTB thinks Tea will be a better blocker than Salty. Go figure. Also, I love you.


Not OT: Things Get Worse at the DMN

According to a memo received by the Dallas Observer, the Dallas Morning News has "integrated" sales and edit. In other words, the sales managers will be dictating content. One of the sections that...

Grabow to the Cubs


I was hoping to see him in a Rangers uniform, but he got a little expensive for a set-up guy. Oh well.


Salty's Back, Davis at 3rd, and Hank at 1st

Per Newberg: "According to at least one local report, Jarrod Saltalamacchia will be activated off of the disabled list today.  The report indicates that Saltalamacchia plans to have thoracic outlet...

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