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Evaluating QBs in the only department that matters

So when trying to evaluate QBs and how effective they will be through their career in the NFL, there is only one thing that needs to be examined closely: their names. Though this may seem obvious...


Bengals off season roster

After thinking about the draft, it seems amazing what kind of team the Bengals will be bringing on to the field. It would take hours to write about what each player brings to the table. So instead,...


Pre-draft musings

A week before the draft and I'm tossing about some thoughts about what is going on with the Bengals before heading into the big day. 1. Andre Smith: This is an interesting scenario to me. Of...


What are the Bengals doing really?

There is a lot going on in free agency everywhere right now except for Cincinnati, right? Seems like all the good players are getting picked up by good teams. Man, time to bash the front office!...


I Hate Free Agency

I read something on NFL.com, where Adam Rank listed the biggest busts in FA history. He opened it with talk about how free agency is a time when fans get excited about the new year of Football....


Don't Tavon me Bro!

I just came across a mock draft (because I've been drinking and and I'm a freakin' mock draft JUNKIE!) on Yahoo sports, and they came up with the idea of drafting Tavon Austin. The only thing I...


My off-season state of mind

I am putting down something that has been building inside me for about a month now, ever since the last playoff loss. Prior to the start of the 2012 season I proclaimed that 2013 would be the one...


Why, as Bengals fans, supporting Dalton makes sense (Drawing on lessons from other QBs)

This is a long post that took a lot of time. I would ask out of respect for that that you read through it in it's entirety prior to commenting or please reserve your comment, as premature...

Quality draft pick value post over at Cincyjungle

At Cincyjungle, there was a post that received little attention, but I thought some people here might enjoy it. Some guy named the "draft douche" wrote an article in which he charted his theory of...


Mike Wallace considering holding out

The Steelers off-season keeps getting worse, as Mike Wallace "has no plans to sign his tender". Between this and the report that he wants to be paid like Larry Fitzgerald, it seems like he is...

"Bengals winners in Rivers trade"


"How lucky are the Bengals to get a fifth-round pick? The Texans got a fourth-rounder for middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans, who was the franchise's all-time leading tackler and a two-time Pro Bowl selection."


PFT: Bengals one of the "losers" in free agency

Pro Football Talk went over a review of winners and losers from free agency, and they had the Bengals ranked as the last team of 5 in the loser category. Now, this is a pretty liberal rating, as...

Evan Mathis stats (w/ picture)


Evan Mathis signed with the Eagles, again leaving the Ravens in desperate search of a guard after they gave him a solid offer. I thought the picture was funny because despite being on the Eagles for a year and re-signing with them, he is still wearing a Bengals jersey in the shot.


Review of Travelle Wharton

I, like many of you, have never heard of Travelle Wharton before today. There seem to be some who are excited about this, and some who have problems with his pas protection. I know that scrambling...


Who's left? (with list)

So while some people are getting all worked up, others on the site are yelling from the treetops to relax. Strange times in Cincy, as that's what one would presumably have to do in order to be a B...


That was impressively stupid

What an insane day of freeagency. The Bengals did absolutely nothing, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I've never seen so many mediocre players go so quickly on the first day of free agency before....

NFL.com's "draft cheat sheet"


This is fun. I like that Quinton Couples is comparable to Carlos Dunlap. Tannehill's comparison is unfortunate to say the least. Trent Richardson has the best nickname, but Ingram wins overall IMHO.


Filling holes in the roster: Guard

Hello Bengals Nation! It's an exciting time, as the fortunes seem to be shining brightly on the franchise. Out went the old, with high expectations and seemingly endless disappointment, and in came...

Miami Dolphins fight song


The Miami Dolphins have the worst fight song ever. I warn you, do not click the link unless you want a terrible song running through your head every time you see that team play.


Even more proof that the Players care for nothing other than money

I know, like we need any more proof.  Let's face it, both sides are earning ridiculous sums of money that come directly or indirectly out of the fans pockets. It's almost astounding that they are...


My rant on the way negotiations are going

I just read an article on the NFL home page and I'm fucking pissed. I'm so tired of hearing about how far apart the sides are on this and that, but for the love of Jebus I feel like neither side...


Make a choice Sixers fans

Some of you may know that I'm a Blazers fan having lived in Portland for a few years and am going to go to grad school there come August, eventually making it my home. But I grew up in Philly, and...

My only Mock Draft

I love reading mock drafts, but really I only like it to get a valuation of the players. I can't watch college ball easily, and don't study film. I read enough to get an idea of where picks land,...


Hate game Final thread: You can be the biggest hater ever!

 So this game is dragging on for much longer than I thought it would. It started off so quickly, but I guess when it comes down to a bunch of teams you don't care about then there's no point in...


The hate Game thread 3! Now with more hate added for the teams you dislike the least!

This was adapted from SBNation's Music City Miracles, the Titans blog, by natidawg. Credit should be given to him.   This is kind of the evolved game since everyone who is still playing regularly...


The Hate Game 2nd Thread

  This was adapted from SBNation's Music City Miracles, the Titans blog, by natidawg. Credit should be given to him.   Basically, each NFL team will be given a certain number of points. Each...

Redskins blog debating trade for Steve Slaton


I was curious what you guys think about this. I love Slaton simply because he's a Mountaineer, but was curious how he is coming along after his injury. As for the blog, the debate seems to be if he is worth a 5th rounder. Your thoughts?


A little CBA history and reading the tea leaves

I have been following the CBA pretty near to obsessive status for a while now, and I just wanted to highlight what seems to be happening what what I am extrapolationg from all of this. I don't...


If you want season tickets...

So this season I had 6 season tickets on my account. One person bought the entire pair of season tickets straight through me, and another pair of season tickets was divied up pretty well between a...


Save next season

I read in the comments of the "Carson Palmer selling his house" post that some of you would like to start a petition to save next season. Actually, one has already been started. I don't know how...

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