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User Blog

Glutton For Punishment: Quick Second Day Mock.

We've all experienced how futile mocking the draft is (perhaps it's best to say that it mocks us) but it sure is a fun thought experiment and for that I'm going to give it one more shot.  Once...

Mocking The Draft's AFC Team-by-team Analysis


"• Denver made a league-high five picks on the first day. Knowshon Moreno was a good pick at 12, even though it was panned by some. Robert Ayers will have to prove he can transition to the 3-4. Cornerback Alphonso Smith was a steal at pick 37. Darcel McBath is underrated at safety. It's a wonder why the team traded for pick 64 to take Richard Quinn, a blocking tight end. It's hard to imagine he wouldn't have been available at some point in the third round." ~ Mocking Dan


Trading A Future First Round Pick.

A future first round pick is not worth nearly as much as some people on this blog seem to think.  Even the most cursory look at past trades involving such selections illustrates that fact.  The...


Official Broncos Mock.

Hopefully it's not too late, but here goes: styg, this is my official entry into the Full Broncos Mock contest.  You'll notice that it's a bit different than my full first round mock (by the way...


EJRuiz's Offical Mock First Round.

Just to be sure: styg, this is my entry into the official MHR mock draft contest.  Now, I put in everything from minor wrinkles to major curveballs, so it should be fun to see what you all think of...


My Personal Broncos Big Board (Rough Draft)

Hey guys!  Thanks for taking the time to look at this project for me.  The idea behind this is simple: create a master list from which to make our first round choices.  In other words, the Broncos...


Help Me Help You.

Hello, Philly fans!  I'm a member of Mile High Report (SB Nation's resident Denver Broncos blog) and I have the honor of representing your beloved Eagles in our internal interactive mock draft. ...


BREAKING: More Cutler-McDaniels Drama (SATIRE ALERT, Just In Case).

A source close to the situation has informed me that the seed of recent tensions between Broncos' star QB Jay Cutler and new head coach Josh McDaniels was planted all the way back in early...


Quick Mock Broncos Draft.

Now that the bulk of free agency is behind us, I decided to take a look at the upcoming NFL draft.  Using the March 4th version of Draft Tek's computer-generated mock draft as a template, I set...


2009 Line-Up "Projections".

Well, I figured we could use a little distraction right about now and what better way than to provide my completely non-scientific "projections" for what our current line-up might be able to do in...


If Knowshon, Then What?

This will be brief  - at least compared to my usual FanPosts - but I thought I'd put it out there now so you can help me think it through before I go any further.  A lot of the debate regarding...


Calculating Our Needs.

Though I will frame this FanPost in the context of my own ideas, I hope it becomes a repository of thoughts regarding our needs in this reloading season.  It was evident that we would have to focus...



When the dusts settles, we'll see that this team was lucky to finish 8-8.  We won five games by a combined 14 points (none of those by more than four points) and never lost a game by fewer than...


My Case Against Playoffs

I am not necessarily a BCS proponent, I just play one on this site defend it against arguments that I feel are flawed or unfair. One of the most frustrating and perhaps baffling aspects of this ongoing debate is that the supporters of a move to a playoff system never have to defend their "solution".


Tip Of My Hat: Better Late Than Never.

I wish I would have visited this site before your team faced mine in the instant classic that was the 2008 SEC Championship Game, because you clearly have a vibrant, informed and classy community...


A Few Radical Ideas to Improve College Football.

The "BCS v. Playoffs" debate is always intense (if not fun) but it rarely gets us anywhere.  I think it would best be described as WWI-style trench warfare.  Every once in a while one side takes a...


My Offseason Plan.

Tis' the season to rosterbate, I suppose.  This is the offseason we've all been waiting for as Braves fans.  Finally, we have the money to sign elite free agents, the prospects to trade for quality...


If We Trade Yunel...

I know a great number of members here hate the idea of trading our young shortstop, but I'd like to make an argument against that sentiment.  Yunel Escobar has been a solid performer for us and...


Where We Stand: Roster, Payroll, Etc.

Now that we're in full offseason mode here (I hate not watching our Braves play October baseball) I figured I'd post a little conversation starter.  Most of us are well aware of the key aspects of...


MLB Awards.

Since our boys are no longer playing games but others are, I think it's a fine time to debate more general topics in MLB.  This season, a pair of transports made huge impacts in the NL and have...


My Impressions: Game One.

As a baseball fan, I'm partial to that game's terminology.  That said, our Broncos just played a perfect game.  Playing the final game of the NFL's opening week, Denver put on a show and...


Crystal Ball: Broncos Week One Box Score!

Well, here goes nothing.  It's early Sunday morning and I'm already bored, so I felt like trying something a little silly just for fun.  The following are my ridiculously specific and almost random...


A Little Help: Fantasy Football Question.

Well guys, I hope you don't mind my posting an off-topic question in a Fan Post.  It's not entirely of topic because it does involve a Bronco.  Basically, I was unable to access a fantasy draft on...


Top Ten Prospects: Starting Pitchers Edition.

RP Tommy Hanson: We've been burned before by apparent aces in the making, but there's no reason to punish this kid for the failures of others.  He's more highly regarded than any of his recent...


Stark on the Braves.

The more I read his stuff, the more I think ESPN's Jayson Stark is a Braves fan.  That said, he had a couple of things to say about our franchise that I found interesting.  His full article is...


Roster Judgement: Concerns.

I realize that this point in the season is one in which most fans are either overly optimistic or far too pessamistic and I wouldn't pressume to be above that.  Instead, I just wanted to present...


Top Ten Prospects: Hitters Edition.

CF Jordan Schafer: Shocking 50-game suspension (HGH) to kick off the year was a huge, unexpected setback, but he's seemingly overcome that and looks to be every bit the cornerstone we thought he...


Under the Radar: Top Minor League Performers

We all know about the Hansons and Heywards in our farm system, but there are a few guys out there whose numbers have caught my attention.  I've never actually seen any of these guys play nor have I...


Yeah, I'm Still Thinking About the 2008 Draft.

We've talked up the Broncos 2008 Draft haul here at MHR for a while now.  The Draft itself was a bit shocking, but as several contributers stepped up and shared their well-researched opinions on...


Another Look At The Draft (1996-2005)

As Broncos fans, we've suffered through what feels like an inordinant ammount of weak draft classes over the last dozen years, but was that actually the case?  There is no denying that our choices...

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